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11/01/2020, 02:59 AM
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12 500 000 USD
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30 000 000 WDX
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27 Nov 2019
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  • Temelko Dechev
    Business Advisor
    CEO at Prosperamo Consulting Group. Entrepreneur with extensive international experience in running global businesses. Experience spans across multiple industries and business disciplines.
  • Svetlin Nakov
    Co-Founder, Innovation and Inspiration Manager at SoftUni, Blockchain Trainer and Consultant. Chairman of Bulgarian Association of Software Developers.
  • Christo Peev
    Tech Advisor
    Founder and CEO of Motion Software. Christo is setting up elite software teams for multinational corporations operating in the areas of Asset Management, Fintech, Big Data, Automation and AI.
  • Ivo Georgiev
    Tech Advisor
    Co-Founder at AdEx network and CEO at Stremio. Ivo has extensive experience as a software engineer with a particular interest in the video-on-demand industry. Since 2012, he has been heading Stremio, a video entertainment startup.
  • Milen Radkov
    Tech Advisor
    Founder and CEO of Hack. Passionate about Privacy in the web, zk-SNARKs and Math. He is also very skilled in Solidity, JavaScript, PHP, Python, MEAN, C#, Java, Databases, Web development and Mobile development.
  • Petar Kiryakov
    Legal Advisor
    Lawyer at Sofia bar association. He has substantial experience in business transactions, liability claims, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits, or legal rights and obligations.
  • Verginia Kasheva
    Marketing Advisor
    Founder of MarketUp Consult, Founer at Training Academy Bulgaria and CEO at Course Lab. Skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Budgeting and Business Planning.
  • Veselin Georgiev
    Sales Advisor
    B2B Sales Manager at Trainig Academy. Consults organizations / companies / start-ups to grow and increase their revenue, sales, potential and make the diference in their areas.


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  • Tito Titov
    CEO & Co-founder
    A proactive and energetic person with a positive attitude and outside-of-the box thinking. Visionary and dreamer, with strong leadership and motivational skills. Blockchain enthusiast.
  • Krasimir Raykov
    CTO & Co-founder
    In charge of project delivery and solution architecture. 6+ years of experience in complex systems development, back-end development and a strong understanding of a statically typed languages like Java, C++ and Solidity.
  • Rali Ralev
    Experienced fullstack developer with never ending energy. Proficient in system administration and script languages. Ninja Ruby on Rails developer and automation expert.
  • Pavel Angelov
    Senior Developer
    Pavel is the Doer of the team. He is specialised in cloud integrations and full stack JS ninja. He has worked for companies like Telerik and Chaos Group.
  • Stiliyan Dimov
    Blockchain Expert
    A full stack web developer with 5 years of experience. Passionate about blockchain and the latest technologies. Great knowledge of Java, Solidity and Databases.
  • Yordan Titov
    Frontend Developer
    Frontend Developer with excellent knowledge in React and Node.js . Yordan is continuously adding new features in all weiDex dApps.
  • Petko Pavlovski
    Frontend Developer
    Petko has a solid knowledge of modern frontend technologies, as well as certificates for completing intensive blockchain courses. Has aspirations to soon become a master fullstack developer.
  • Polina Keremidchieva
    Marketing Lead
    Polina is building the whole brand of weiDex ecosystem. She is focused on the Content Marketing strategy of the company.
  • Georgi Doychev
    Marketing Strategist
    Georgi has marketing and technical background. He is focused on our social media channels - Twitter, Bitcointalk, Reddit and Facebook.
  • Stavri Georgiev
    Co-Founder and CCO at TICKEY | Founder & Head Of Design Department at EYAS DESIGN. Stavri is passionate brand developer and product designer.
  • Kalin Iliev
    Co-Founder and Creative director at EYAS DESIGN & founder of WonderSwamp. Successful international design projects for Mercedes-Benz & Oracle Bulgaria.
  • Ahmad Dewanto
    Bounty Manager
    Ahmad Dewanto is Campaign manager with multiple years of experience, handling successful bounty management projects. Efficient management skills and very enthusiastic about blockchain technology.
  • 1
    Forming the team
  • 2
    Decentralized Exchange Idea
  • 3
    Early development stage
  • 4
    Start Marketing Campaign
  • 5
    weiDex Beta Release
  • 6
    weiDex Official Release
  • 7
    Listing weiDex utility token and airdrop for loyal users
  • 8
    Neo and Neo based tokens integration with weiDex
  • 9
    Striving for Cross-chain transactions in weiDex

Full description

WeiDex Foundation’s ultimate aim is to fix the broken blockchain ecosystem on the application layer. The core team decided to start with one of the most fundamental applications for any given network — decentralized exchange. Since 2017, weiDex is working on modular blockchain agnostic DApp Ecosystem for exchanges. It includes not only smart contracts, js wrappers, APIs, but also working DApps for web, desktop, and mobile. These DApps are meant to be blockchain agnostic, device agnostic, with easy and simple interface plus built-in support for decentralized cross-chain exchanges.



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