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16/10/2019, 03:00 AM
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2 300 000 USD
1 DEXA = 0.00005 USD
50 000 000 000 DEXA
Start date
6 Oct 2019
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  • Shehzad Khan
    Key Advisor- ICObench Expert
    Shehzad is well know in the Crypto Space and acts as a Key Advisor for various reputed blockchain projects.
  • Muhammad Kashif
    Advisor- Marketing & Brand Awareness
    Kashif is know for undertaking great marketing campaigns and bringing exposure to well known blockchain projects. He is also an advisor at ICObench and has a network link with some of the top blockchain influencers & well know community members in this space.

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  • Adnan Altaf
    Chief Executive Officer
    Adnan leads the team. He holds a vast amount of knowledge in blockchain and foreign exchange markets. He has a good understanding on how technical and fundamental analysis plays a crucial role in affecting market sentiments in the FX & Cryptocurrency Space.
  • Thomas F. Forsch
    Chief Legal Officer
    Thomas looks into all legally relevant aspects of the business. He is a seasoned qualified attorney-at-law with more than 25 years experience in international business law. He worked in private practice in the UAE, Germany, France, Cyprus, and Lebanon and held different in-house positions in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Perry Whang
    Corporate Finance & Token Asset Manager
    Perry Whang has experience in leading teams in the management of high value projects.
  • Jill Foster
    Senior PR & Marketing Manager
    Jill graduated from “Liverpool John Moores University” where she received her degree in Journalism. She also has experience in retail management having worked with some of the top luxury brands in Dubai & U.K.
  • Stivan Pinto
    Senior Operations & Digital Marketing Manager
    Stivan Pinto comes with over 13 years of rich operations & marketing experience in the digital space. He has worked with global retailers and manufacturers such as BenQ Corporation, Landmark Group, and Specktron.
  • Yasha Bali
    Communications Manager
    Yasha has over 12 years of experience in media and communications where she has worked with some of the biggest broadcasting networks in UAE and India. Her experience ranges from content production to project management, from brand awareness to public relations.
  • Zeshan Ejaz
    Senior Graphics UI/UX designer
    Zeshan specialize in Mobile Software UI/UX Design. He has worked with some of a top players in the market and has successfully executed and completed various projects in the blockchain space.


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  • 1
    DEXA COIN Idea & Concept was born.
  • 2
    Product Fundamental & Core Technology was designed.
  • 3
    - Official Website Created. - Official Whitepaper Published.
  • 4
    - (DEXA) Token Created. - Token Verified & Updated on
  • 5
    - UI / UX Product APP Designed. - APP Functionality & Design Integration.
  • 6
    - Company Incorporation: DEXA COIN FZ LLE / Dubai, U.A.E. - MVP. - IEO Private Sale. - IEO Pre Sale.
  • 7
    - IEO Public Sale. - Exchange Listings.
  • 8
    Final APP MVP & Trials.
  • 9
    DEXA Coin App (Alpha).
  • 10
    - DEXA Coin App (Beta). - Community Members & Public APP Test.
  • 11
    DEXA COIN OFFCIAL APP LAUNCH (Google Play Store / Apple Store).

Full description

A revolutionary APP that will simplify the way we send and receive money around the globe, and at the same time allow people to communicate with each other through a built in "Social Messaging Feature." The main goal of Dexa Coin is to make the process of sending and receiving money faster, more secure with easy accessibility to anyone who can operate a smartphone device. This is done by harnessing the power of blockchain technology which will aid in facilitating remittance & money exchange like never before. By eliminating the middleman and with blockchain as its core technology, we simplify the whole process and provide a cost effective method of moving money.


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