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01/04/2020, 01:00 PM
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1 Dec 2019
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  • Dr. Evan Luthra
    Angel Investor | StartupStudio | Blockchain Expert
    According to leading publications and organizations across the world, Evan Luthra is one of the top blockchain experts. He has been a part of numerous conferences where he guides and talks about blockchain and various new and emerging technologies.
  • Dennis Klein
    Investor| Philanthropist | Real Estate Developer
    Mr. Klein is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor across many industries and has decades of business experience that lend to advising dreamr in its mission. As president and owner of Klein Development, Inc., Mr. Klein developed the GE Medical Education Center in Pewaukee and Landmark on the Lake.
  • Joseph Bar Katz
    Legal Counsel | General Counsel of Pirate Capital
    Joseph Bar Katz, Esq. is a pioneer in Crowdfunding and U.S. Reg. A+ offerings. He was named Top 5% best Securities Attorney in NY by Super Lawyers in 2014.
  • Warren Whitlock
    Content Director at Coin Agenda
    Warren is the Content Director at CoinAgenda, one of the most exclusive blockchain and cryptocurrency conference circuits. He wrote the first book about Twitter and Mobile Marketing in 2008, and is the host of Social Media Radio.
  • Greg Thomas
    Managing Director at 375 Park Associates | Financial Modeling Expert
    Greg is the Managing Director of 375 Park Associates, a global M&A firm with offices in NY and Hong Kong. He has held management positions within Fortune 500 companies in the US.
  • Andrey Sergeenkov
    PR Specialist | Contributor to various publications
    Andrey has a great deal of experience in public relations in the crypto industry, and helped more than 30 start-ups to spread the word about their ideas in the media. With all of this, he strives to make things better and be the cause of the type of change he'd like to see in the world.
  • Andrew Hogue
    VP Partnerships at Pink Sky Group
    Andrew was an early investor in Ethereum and cofounded Totem in 2017 when he realized the need for blockchain advisory service providers while working with Pink Sky Capital.


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  • Chris Adams
    Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer
  • Ashish Bagrecha
    Co-founder | CTO & CMO
  • Markus Nielsen
    Creative Director
  • Angie Kelly
    VP Operations & Culture
  • Adam Amar
    VP Original Content
  • James Wilson
    VP | Information Security
    James brings technical expertise to the team that we are lucky to have. James received his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Networking Information Technology in 24 months. He has over 10 years experience developing systems architecture and managing end to end data transfer & security for the nations top Internet Service Providers, Cox and Frontier.


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    Worldwide invite-only beta test on App Store (dreamr social).
  • 3
    Begin R&D for financial tools to compliment dreamr social.
  • 4
    Begin exploring blockchain integration.
  • 5
    Incorporate blockchain technology into roadmap, form Advisory Board.
  • 6
    Pre-Seed Investment, UI/UX finalized, retain legal counsel for Securities Offeerings.
  • 7
    Conversion to C-Corp, U.S. Provisional Patent filed on dreamr ecosystem.
  • 8
    - Technical architecture finalized. - DRMR DS Structure Finalized.
  • 9
    Private equity round opens to accredited investors under U.S. SEC Regulation D.
  • 10
    - Dreamr Pre-registration opens. - Brand Ambassador Program, Key Team Additions.
  • 11
    - Initial Exchange Offering of DRMR DS on IDCM on October 1st, 2019. - Launch of dreamr v1.0 networking tools, rewards, digital wallet.
  • 12
    Launch of dreamr crowdfunding.
  • 13
    Launch of dreamr Peer to Peer Service Marketplace.

Full description

The dreamr app combines unique dream-oriented social networking features with blockchain powered financial tools; such as the ability to crowdfund, and monetize skills or hire talent in a P2P service marketplace. The company’s beta testing has shown that providing users a platform to build a like-minded community around their dream, as well as the tools to monetize their new network, dreams of all shapes and sizes will become much more attainable.



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