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  • Kim Hye Jin
    Fashion Advisory
    With an A.A. Degree at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Hye Jin started as director in Forever 21, an American fast fashion retailer handling textile and prints. She proceeded to being a planner for Africa Pictures, planning manager for Bluemarble Group and couple other programs after.
  • Kim Young Do
    Fashion Advisory
    Mr. Youngdo Kim has experiences not only in fashion but also jewelry and cosmetics industries. Futhermore, he is a top industry expert in trade operation and the Southeast Asian markets.
  • Choi Hyun Ho
    Fashion Advisory
    Hyun Ho spent 13 years with KOLON Group, starting as Team Manager and later Executive Secretary and managing marketing strategy. He became consulting president to M.P.I. and helped establish brand management and marketing strategy.
  • Jeong In Ki
    Fashion Advisory
    In Ki is a reporter and auditor since his early working years, previously working at TexHerald and at present the managing editor and head director at Fashion Insight. In Ki is currently a Member of SFW Organizing Committee and the Seoul Fashion Industry.
  • Jeremy Khoo
    Retail and Blockchain Advisory
    Jeremy Khoo is an international business operator, founder and blockchain entrepreneur who successfully exited 3 venture funded companies. He is currently Group CEO of iFashion - a leading regional retail enabler and conglomerate.
  • Naveen Kapoor
    Blockchain Advisory
    Naveen is founder of “The Times of Crypto” and a blockchain & ICO consultant with more than twelve of experience in project management and business analysis and more than one year of experience in ICO implementation, cryptocurrencies, ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL, PSM 1 & CSM.
  • Jeon Jong Shik
    Data Science Advisory
    Jong Shik graduated from Seoul National University with a BA in Business. His business portfolio includes networks manager at SK for almost 10 years, local director at Veristar Corp Milano, and CEO to Big Leader & Company. He then started his teaching stint as assistant professor at Kyunghee University and is now professor at Kyungnam University.
  • Park Soo Min
    Data Science Advisory
    Soo Min is currently the COO of WizIoT and VP of Publishing TF of Bluehole Inc. He previously held several other executive roles including COO of En Masse Entertainment Inc, VP of Technology at Nexon America Inc as well as Director of Business at Nexon Korea.
  • Heo Jae Hoon
    Data Science Advisory
    Besides being a Professor and Dean of Digital Art Department at Seoul Institute of Arts, Hur Jae-hoon has also been appointed advisor to OHWE Blockchain and Nynja Blockchain.
  • Jin Kyo Young
    Data Science Advisory
    He first started as an R&D engineer at Samsung before being promoted to team manager of the electrical engineering team. Kyo Young subsequently became vice president to several companies including Clarisay Inc., Gridline Comm. Inc., Moreens, Disol and now Energy Holdings.
  • Kim Duk Min
    Data Science Advisory
    Duk Min holds a B.S. from Seoul National University’s Mineral and Petroleum Engineering, as well as an M.S. and Ph.D. from Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering. He started as general manager to Daesung Industrial Petroleum Development Division before becoming Team Chief of Kumho E&P.
  • Yoon Suk Ho
    Accounting Advisor
    Graduating with an MBA from Seoul National University, Suk Ho spent 10 years at PWC Samil as account director and is now CEO to Nemo Partners NEC.
  • Jeong Chang Yong
    Accounting Advisor
    With an MBA from Seoul National University, Chang Yong past 20 years in the accounting field working for multiple global consulting firms such as PWC Samil Accounting, A.T. Kearney, Deloitte Consulting.
  • Kim Yong Il
    Legal Advisor
    Yong Il is a partner of the Real Estate/Family Team. He is a Korean-licensed Real Estate Expert Attorney since 2010 and Inheritance Expert Attorney since 2016. Prior to that, Yong Il served in the Judicial Research & Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea.
  • Kim Sang Min
    Legal Advisor
    Sang Min became an adjunct professor at Sungsil University Welfare Management Department in 2017. Prior to that, Sang Min was a leading lawyer in Seogyo Legal Advisory Service, Daesung Law Office and LS Law Office. He also sat on the Tax Office Taxpayer Protection Committee.
  • Kim Seung Ryul
    Advertising and Marketing
    Seung Ryul spent seven years with Mus&Mas, where he produced VB Program featuring popular Korean celebrities such as Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min Ho. Previously, Kim has held several other positions relating to media production and design, including Bluemarble Group Planning Manager.
  • Yoon Ji Woon
    Advertising and Marketing
    Ji Woon was the head director of platform business at Cyworld in 2017, where he managed business planning and operation for social networking and new curation service. He was also appointed as the managing director at NEMO Commerce in 2014, where he supervised e-commerce integration management solution service “Shop Linker”.

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Team: 12

  • Hong Kang Shik Eddy
  • Lee Sang Soo Brandon
  • Lee Ki Hyun
  • Oh Chang-Ryong
  • Park Sung Hee
  • Jang Young Wan
    Sales Manager
  • Lee Seung Bin
  • Son Joo Yeon Gloria
  • Ju Sung Hye
  • Jin Seon Mi
  • Cho Hyun In
  • Hwang Soo Hyun


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  • 1
    Technical Phase
    - ICO Token Sale. - MVP UI/UX development. - KYC onboarding system.
  • 2
    Technical Phase
    Proof-of-concept launch with smart contracts integration with BlockCart legacy app.
  • 3
    Technical Phase
    - Beta test of recommendation engine and user signup. - Internal Actionable Commerce Engine testing.
  • 4
    Partnership phase
    - Staking system launch. - Recommendation engine launch. - BlockCart app commercial launch as a platform. - Beta merchant signups and campaign launch.
  • 5
    Partnership phase
    - Actionable Commerce Engine implementation. - Integration with initial partner sites for beta testing of engine.
  • 6
    Partnership phase
    Merchant network Module rollout (full scale permissionless decentralised roll out).
  • 7
    Partnership phase
    Full scale Merchant signups and campaign launch.
  • 8
    Ecosystem phase
    - Full scale ecosystem launch (Block Commerce Initiative) - BlockCart network. - Research, test of Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • 9
    Ecosystem phase
    Major partnerships signup with top tier ecommerce sites.
  • 10
    Ecosystem phase
    Introduce revenue model (go to market).
  • 11
    Ecosystem phase
    Rollout of ML/AI module.

Full description

BlockCart is an open, permissionless, e-commerce enabler powered by blockchain, with a vision towards establishing a trustless e-commerce framework where data can be openly shared for seamless consumer experiences. With AI and blockchain as the key to aggregating and distilling quality, relevant data for use, transactions are done through a secure open-source decentralised network, promising greater security and transparency for all.


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