Gambling and betting
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25/02/2020, 12:00 AM
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9 700 000 USD
1 UNTD = 0.01 USD
80 000 000 UNTD
Start date
24 Sep 2019
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  • Vincent Duben
    Betting Advisor
    Vincent is a founder and long-term president of the Slovak national lottery Tipos (member of INTERTOTO). He was also a member of board of directors of several gambling companies.
  • Roman Kucera
    Technology Advisor
    Roman is the CEO of the high-tech company 01People which develops diverse fintech projects and solutions.
  • Marek Bocanek
    Legal Advisor
    Marek is a business-oriented lawyer and economist, having wide experiences in the area of financial law (taxes, regulation), forex and crypto industry, working with brokers and exchanges.

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Team: 21

  • Michaela Bolerazsky
    Founder аnd Chief Executive Officer
    Michaela is a business woman with strong intuition and focus on transforming her visions into results.
  • Juraj Sulik
    Co-Founder аnd Creative Director
    Juraj is a true idea maker in the gaming industry.
  • Jozef Bolerazsky
    Chief Financial Officer
    Jozef is an entrepreneur and the main financial backer of the YOUnited gaming platform.
  • Branislav Chovancik
    Branislav as a well-experienced lawyer elaborates all legal issues and aspects and implements them into the YOUnited project.
  • Karolina Ottonellova
    Product Manager
    Karolina studied marine and molecular biology doing her scientific research up to now.
  • Kristina Benovicova
    Community Channels
    Kristina is an expert on channel communication management speaking fluently three languages.
  • Michal Tomcany
    Game Designer
    Michal works on multiple game projects as a creative director.
  • Katarina Ficova
    Social Media Manager
    Katarina is a talented writer.
  • Jana Loviskova
    Dynamic System Modeling
    Jana is a former university teacher and academician focused on dynamic system modelling and discrete optimisation via evolutionary computation and evolutionary game theory.
  • Matej Gregus
    Project Manager
    Peter is a real manager leader responsible for the most crucial project processes.
  • Jozef Knaperek
    Blockchain Developer
    Jozef is the key developer of the architecture for innovative blockchain systems.
  • David Belousov
    Data Analyst
    David is leading datateam, which combines technology and data science from marketing point of view.
  • Richard Cedzo
    Richard is an expert in crypto market with advanced analytical skills.
  • Jakub Kmetko
    Fintech Utilities Developer
    Jakub is a skilled programmer with solid knowledge of high performance programming languages and Big Data analysis.
  • Adam Ondrejkovic
    Back-End Developer
    Adam is a back-end web developer with a lifelong passion for gaming and for the entertainment industry.
  • Kristina Odziomkova
    Back-End Developer
    Kristina is an experienced back-end web developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry.
  • Marcel Bobak
    Back-End Developer
    Marcel is a senior software developer and tech leader primarily focused on developing ReSTful APIs.
  • Ihor Zhuk
    Front-End Specialist
    Ihor has extensive experience in designing, developing, and managing single-page applications.
  • Jakub Pastorek
    Front-End Developer
    Jakub is versatile Front-end Developer with 3+ years of experience in designing and developing complex webpages and e-commerce sites (JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, Git.).
  • Stefan Atanasov
    Product Designer
    Stefan is a skilled graphic designer specialised in product design.
  • Slavka Holubova
    Customer Care
    Slavka is a polyglot speaking fluently seven languages. Contemporary she is a Tour Director at Abercrombie & Kent with long-term experience in customer care for several companies. In YOUnited she is responsible for customer care issues.


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  • 1
    - Idea and technology. - Concept research.
  • 2
    - Ecosystem and platform. - Concept setting.
  • 3
    - Business plan. - Affiliate concept. - Development team.
  • 4
    - Blockchain solution. - MVP games concept. - Preliminary technology development. - ICO platform development.
  • 5
    - Demo gaming platform. - Demo Lotto testing.
  • 6
    - Website live. - Application for online gaming license. - Authorization security implementation. - Demo Gaming platform launch.
  • 7
    - White paper release. - Private presale. - Brand & Community building. - Demo games development & testing. - Public presale.
  • 8
    - ICO public sale. - Team & Community expansion. - Demo instant games testing. - Gaming platform features update. - Conferences & events participation.
  • 9
    - Blockchain launch. - Wallet launch. - Coin distribution start. - Lotteries on blockchain testing. - Brand & community building. - Additional license negotiation.
  • 10
    - UNTD coin Exchange listing. - Instant games development. - Partners integration - Ambassador. - Blockchain lotteries live. - YOUnited corporation expansion. - Conferences & events participation.
  • 11
    - Mobile App (IOS, Android) live. - Top instant games live. - Traditional casino games testing. - Conferences & events participation. - Sports & Events betting live.
  • 12
    - Top rated traditional casino games launch. - YOUnited - biggest players community.

Full description

YOUnited is the first truly fair, social and decentralized online betting and gaming platform with no house interactions. The primary objective is to eliminate the “house” (i.e. casino) involvement in this industry, in order to introduce real ‘player against players’ solutions with all winnings distributed among participated players. The YOUnited own native UNTD blockchain technology allows betting and gambling to advance with provably fair and auditable algorithm, fast and secure transactions and easy-to-use environment with built-in features.


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