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29/08/2019, 02:59 AM
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40 d. 02:20:26
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5 000 000 USD
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52 000 000 PCC
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20 Jun 2019
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  • Mr. Ian Scarffe
    ICO Advisor

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  • Mr. Sezgin Aydin
    Founder / CEO / Director
  • Mr. Akin Aydin
    Co-founder / Marketing Manager
  • Mr. Vang YangPao
    Co-founder / Development Manager
  • 1
    - Pre ICO bounty. - Within our marketing campaign we have considered the effectiveness and influence of social media content creators. - We Have decided to pay selected social media influencers within the crypto community based on their content engagement and promotion of Pcore (PCC). - Working with security auditors to finalise ICO contract.
  • 2
    - ICO. - 20 million (PCC) will be on offer for token sale. - ICO sale coins released. - PCC sold in pre-sale and ICO will be released to investors. Further information and updates will be announced through twitter. - Exchange listing.
  • 3
    - New office site. - Reaching the end development of the invoice trading platform with the hired software developers to perfect the functionality and use for business and investors.
  • 4
    Launch invoice trading platform.
  • 5
    Start of building invoice software for China.
  • 6
    Pcore software launch date.
  • 7
    - Start market research for penetration of Pcore into China. - Integrating and testing Pcore software into Chinese invoicing market.
  • 8
    Marketing campaign start for Pcore platform in China.
  • 9
    - Explore new markets. - Explore new software development for invoicing.

Full description

Pcore is an end-to-end platform that will provide SMEs easy access to short-term financing by turning their accounts receivables into tradable assets. With a 24-hour turnaround available, the interest rates allow lenders to earn profits while sellers gain vitally important liquidity for their daily operations. The Pcore platform supports issuers, owners, and payers. Invoices can, therefore, be made available as a shared source of liquidity for factoring. Uploading the income date, lenders would have the option to choose the length of factoring and interest rate involved through smart contracts. Tokens would connect parties from around the globe, disregarding borders in the process.



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