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31/12/2020, 03:00 AM
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606 000 USD
1 ULED = 0.0181 USD
30 000 000 ULED
Start date
1 Aug 2019
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  • Hamza Khan
    Blockchain expert and ico analyst having 5 year experience in crypto world. And expert in Stellar Blockchain and worked with many icos and help them reach a successful position in the market. And also helped many non ico projects to get their communities and to be well known among the Stellar Platform. And also in contact with many well known exchanges for listing the projects after their successful ico.

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  • Alexey Storm
    Lauched several business projects with the total net revenue of $420,000. 30 patents and pending patents in OOH digital advertising. 14 years' experience developing IT system (Java, Python, Golang). 3 years' experience developing electronics (FPGA, ARM).
  • Alexander Abeldinov
    Over 14 years of experience in the development of IT systems. Fullstek developer, development of Frontend / Backend, HighLoad and BigData Analytics systems. Participated in the development of more than 30 IT projects.
  • Sergey Kulakov
    PCB Engineer
    Over 16 years of experience in electronic systems design. Routing of PCBs with up to 20 layers and frequency of up to 2 GHz. Designed more than 1600 PCBs (analog PCBs, digital PCBs, multi-layer dead-end/microvia/BGA PCBs). Designed multi-layer high-speed PCBs with LVDS, DDR, DDR2, PCI, PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet. Designed 3D PCB assemblies and engineering systems in Solid Works.
  • Stanislav Mischeryakov
    Design Engineer
    More than 17 years of experience in the development of engineering systems. Development of industrial robots and mechanisms, the calculation of loads. Participated in the development of 15 complex engineering projects, including more than 10 vessels. Performing R&D, patenting developments. CAD: Solidworks AutoCAD, T-Flex, Compass.
  • Evgeny Pukhtiy
    FPGA engineer
    8 years' experience developing high-performance digital systems based on FPGA and microcontrollers. Development in Verilog, VHDL, and C.
  • Anastasia Myaots
    Experience in graphic design, industrial design, web design, and interior design. Design and production of digital and print presentations, web sites, and 3D models.
  • Polina Meshcheryakova
    PR manager
    SMM, mass media promotion, copywriting.
  • 1
    PreICO holding
    - Creating a smart contract. - Creating a admin panel. - Create KYC authorization. - Bounty creation. - Conduct PreICO and PreSTO.
  • 2
    Preparartion for launch
    - Develop v0.1 of user profile, blockchain platform, and decentralized advertising platform. - Establish a company for creating a virtual advertising operator in Russia. - Incorporate Ledder Technology Corp in USA and open a bank account. - File 6 patent applications. - Move 2 patent applications from PTC to national phase in the USA and EU. - Create a financial reporting feature in user profile. - Grow the team to 8 people.
  • 3
    Launch the advertising network
    - Franchise platform. - Develop a NeuroEye v2.0. prototype. - Develop v0.2 of user profile, blockchain platform, decentralized advertising platform. - Connect the first 10 billboards via Ledder pilot franchisee. - Prepare legal documents and describe business processes for the franchise. - Search 20 franchisees in the targeted countries. - Develop Wigig transmitters and 20GHz transmitters. - File 6 patent applications. - Grow the team to 10 people.
  • 4
    Launch the franchisee
    - Create v0.3 of user profile, blockchain platform, and decentralized blockchain platform. - Make 20 contracts with 20 franchisees for $200,000. - Produce 300 NeuroEye v1.0 devices and supply them to franchisees and partners - Make a supply contract for 1,000 Nvidia processors, produce a test batch (10 devices). - Raise $200,000 of investments for DititalBlade development by Ledder Technology Corp - Connect advertising agencies to the advertising platform. - File 6 patent applications. - Move 2 patent applications from PTC to national phase in the USA and EU - Grow the team to 12 people.
  • 5
    Launch the franchise network
    - Integration with Yandex ADS. - Create v0.4 of user profile, blockchain platform, and decentralied advertising platform. - Produce and supply 1,000 NeuroEye v2.0 - Develop the Digital Blade technology- Place an order for Digital Blade prototype assembly. - Grow the team to 15 people. - Integration with advertising operators. - File 6 patent applications.
  • 6
    Integration with social networks and major advertising operators
    - Raise $10 mln in investments. - Grow the team to 60 people. - Connect 10,000 small-size billboards of advertising operators. - 10,000 sq. meters of Digital Blade billboards from 10 production partners. - Create electric power storage systems. - Add solar batteries to Digital Blade screens - Launch a new type of franchise whereby franchisees will own the billboards. - Grow the franchise network to 200 franchisees. - Integration with advertising platforms (Amazon, Facebook). - Develop our own chips. - File 48 patent applications.
  • 7
    Targeteted social media advertising through face identification
    - Raise $50 mln of investments. - Grow the team to 120 people. - Face identification and social media search. - Grow the franchise network to 400 franchisees. - 100,000 sq. meters of Digital Blade billboards from 20 production partners. - Connect 100,000 small-size billboards of major operators to Ledder Network. - Develop PHOLED and SolarPixel prototypes. - SolarPixel displays. - File 48 patent applications.
  • 8
    Launch production of low-cost PHOLED and SolarPixel billboards
    - Grow the team to 240 people. - 200,000 sq. meters of Digital Blade billboards. - 100,000 sq. meters of bilboards based on PHOLED and SolarPixel technologies. - Connect 200,000 small-size billboards to Ledder Network. - Grow the franchise network to 800 franchisees.

Full description

Ledder is a technological company that aims to integrate OOH advertising into the web. Any company or individual will be able to use our network to publish advertising content. Our ambition is to join individual outdoor billboards into a single decentralized network, substitute traditional billboards with digital screens worldwide, and connect our network to major advertising platforms, such as Google ADS, Amazon Advertising, Yandex ADV, and Facebook Business.



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