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31/07/2019, 08:00 PM
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9 000 000 USD
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210 000 786 VIMX
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1 Jun 2019
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  • Adi Hermanto
    Founder & CEO
    VIMee is the brainchild of Founder & CEO Adi Hermanto.
  • Andress Y. H.
    Chief Legal Officer
    Graduating from Pasundan University (UNPAS) with a law degree, Andress began his career at Bank Artha Graha.
  • Cipta Ekadyat
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Desi Suardiastuti
    Chief Ops Officer
    Desy you could say is a pioneer, she is the first manager at Bank Artha Graha to wear a hijab, something she fought long and hard for.
  • Hariansyah
    Chief Tech Officer
    Hariansyah is the smart kid on the block at VIMee, or you could call him our resident geek.
  • Aam Amalia
    Chief Comms Officer
    Aam is VIMee’s Miss Congeniality. Her experience as customer service and personal relationship manager at Bank Artha Graha and Bank Mega are proof of her public relation skills.
  • Shehzad Khan
    Project Manager
    Shehzad is a professional Blockchain developer from Dubai.
  • Taufik Rizal Arbai
    Community Manager
    Rizal is VIMee’s official bitcointalk’s Indonesia representative.
  • Panji Maulana S.
    Junior Developer
    Although still quite young, Panji has been involved in many free lance programming projects which mostly involve PHP and CSS, but also masters the basics of Javascript.
  • Nizar Ramdani
    IT Support
    Nizar’s strong religious background and also his degree from the Indonesia’s National Islamic Institute has been VIMee’s source of Shariah Law.
  • Ali Ahmad
    PR Liaison
    Ahmad is an experienced cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast.


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    - Initial idea & concept of VIMee. - Building the team.
  • 2
    - Market research. - Technical & strategic development.
  • 3
    - VIMee token private sale, pre sale & ICO. - Infrastructure development. - Listing VIM on exchanges. - VIMee alpha and beta launch. - Marketing and Promotion Indonesia. - Continued development of the VIMee application. - Product evaluation.
  • 4
    - Official launch of the VIMee application. - Marketing campaign South East Asia, India, and Middle East.
  • 5
    - Further research & development. - Continued evaluation. - Begin development of VIMee sister applications.
  • 6
    - Development end launch of new applications. - Continue registration of VIM token on more exchanges.

Full description

VIMee is a social network being developed on the Waves high speed blockchain technology that supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. VIMee combines the simplicity of centralized social media, with the security of decentralization, and the flexibility cryptocurrency brings. Decentralization is the future of the internet. Our mission is to help smoothen the migration process of re-privatizing user data, providing users the opportunity to monetize their own content, protecting the right for freedom of expression and whilst providing a lucrative cooperation reward system based on content quality and popularity.


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