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31/07/2019, 02:00 PM
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15 Jun 2019
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  • Dr. Imran Khan
    Dr. Khan Ph.D in Netowrks and blockchain expert. He is helping Zoptax team to provide highly optimized network to its users.
  • Dato' Norhisham
    Dato' Norhisham is an angel investor and blockchain enthusiast running his own blokchain based products in Malaysia.
  • Shehzad Khan
    Khan is professinoal blockchain advisor and highly experienced marketing manager. Khan has advised successful 10+ Blockchain projects.
  • Emanuele Ferrari
    Linux System Administrator using Debian-based systems and got into blockchain development, and now he develop blockchain using Django and Flask.
  • Juan Carlo
    ICO/IEO advisor of more than 20 successful project. Currently working as listing officer and admin of different community.
  • Cedric
    CEO & Co-Founder of NorthernCapital investment company. Cedric is professional blockchain finance advisor and helped multiple startups.
  • Ashish Sharma
    IEO Advisor and having Expertise in Digital Marketing from core concepts like SEO, SMO, PPC to Media Outreach & Public Relations.


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  • Rao Naveed
    Founder & CEO
    Naveed is professional blockchain developer and leading industry developer. Founded 10+ startups and advised over 50 blockchain projects.
  • M.Umar
    Blockchain Engineer
    Umar recently left Oracle and joined Zoptax. His job is to optimize decentralized web to provide users with fastest call connection.
  • Daniele Dimitrov
    Design Ninja
    Daniele is is professional UI/UX expert and digital designer. His skills helps Zoptax to provide best user expereice and app interface.
  • Mr. Memon
    Blockchain Guru
    Memon is blockchain engineer and decentralized app developer. Recently finnish DEX exchange and now joined Zoptax for decetralized VOIP.
  • Usman Khan
    DApps Ninja
    Usman is DApps and smart contract Expert, worked in leading firms. He is currently working on web based Zoptax decentralized VOIP model.
  • Arslan Mumtaz
    Blockchain Ninja
    Blockchain and Javascript Developer specializes in building blockchain applications with Hyperledger Fabric and/or Hyperledger Composer.
  • Saima Nadeem
    Community Manager
    Saima is community manager and professional writer. Her communication skills help zoptax to keep our community up to date.
  • M. Shoaib
    DApps Ninja
    Linux System Administrator using Debian-based systems and got into blockchain development, and now he develop blockchain using Django and Flask.


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    Zoptax Idea Evaluation and Documentation
    Conducting comprehensive idea management and innovation management to draft a plan for the future of Zoptax.
  • 2
    Start of Zoptax Communication and Blockchain Development
    Executing the plans for the entity by engaging in the development of Blockchain infrastructure and an effective communications strategy.
  • 3
    Initiation of Crowdsale and Launch of Zoptax Application Prototype
    Formally launching the Zoptax application prototype to test usability and functionality while proposing any necessary amendments for modifying the product and improving its current performance along with intital crowdsale of Zoptax coin.
  • 4
    Launch of Zoptax Desktop And Web Application
    In April, 2019 the Zoptax system will witness an expansion as a desktop and web application shall be integrated within it.
  • 5
    International Events
    The Zoptax brand will be positioned in international events, trade shows and fairs featuring other companies that are making waves in the Blockchain arena. The Zoptax leadership will network with professionals, influencers and key decision makers to promote the service and its unique selling point.
  • 6
    Launch Of Zoptax Mobile Apps
    Formal launch of Zoptax mobile apps for iOS, Android and windows phone which are expected to add value to the service and improve the experience of customers by benefitting from a range of features and add-ons.
  • 7
    Launch of Zoptax Mobile
    Formal launch of Zoptax mobile with embedded Zoptax will be conducted in 2020. The premise of launching this solution is to enable users to make completely secure calls.
  • 8
    Public Launch of Zoptax’s Blockchain Source
    Public launch of Zoptax Bone Blockchain source will be performed in 2022 to act as a foundation for the expansion of our services in Zoptax community and promote the benefits that come with the Zoptax Blockchain Source.

Full description

Being one and only true decentralized VOIP network Zoptax subscribers stays connected with their loved ones without any interuption form cenralized authorities. Solving security and central authorities control issue on VOIP Zoptax is taking the next step of launching its Mobile Phone which will only have zoptax embedded application which makes it first of its kind 0% security risk-free phone.



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