GTEX Gaming Platform

Computer Games & VR
End date:
24/04/2019, 02:59 AM
Brief information
Get money
1 500 000 USD
1 GTEX = 0.0030 USD
600 000 000 GTEX
Start date
12 Apr 2019
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  • Mark Beliveau
    CEO at Unobstructed Reason Corporation. Director at Progress Software. Vice President at Software AG.
  • Mark Wang
    Lead Associate for UBS. Sr. Software Developer for CA Technologies. Sr. Director at S&P Ratings.
  • Michael Zimits
    Managing Director at Citi. Director at Merrill Lynch. Founder GlobeOp Financial Services.
  • Scott Mehlman
    Sr. Vice President of Trading at Jefferies Bache. Chief Dealer for Credit Lyonnais Rouse. CEO of Orebits Corp.


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  • Vlad Milosevic
    Vlad is an experienced marketer and veteran of the gaming industry. He graduated from Davis & Elkins College business school.
  • Lyn Zhao
    Lyn earned MS in Electronic Engineering from King's College London.
  • Ryan Ding
    Ryan is an experienced financial specialist, blockchain consultant and a professional gamer.
  • Gannicus Xu
    Gannicus is a University of Manchester graduate and marketing expert.
  • Albert Xu
    Albert is a veteran tech project manager, blockchain developer and entrepreneur.
  • Bryan Xie
    Bryan is a hardcore gamer with more than 12 years of work experience in the industry.
  • Quinn Zhao
    Quinn is an experienced full stack software engineer. He has worked for leading software companies, developed both enterprise and consumer million-active-user-scale products.
  • Giorgi Mtchedlishvili
    Giorgi earned his B.S. in Operations Research at Columbia University and B.A. in Physics & Mathematics at Earlham College.


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    GTEX was Born
    The business idea was formed after extensive market research. The right team was recruited to go after the opportunity.
  • 2
    Prototype development
    Development of GTEX POA Network, Smart contract, User account, Wallet, Game mall and Item Auction. GTEX Web and mobile application creation.
  • 3
    Product development & Prototype testing
    GTEX POA Network integration. GTEX Prototype is able to demonstrate basic operations, including smart contract, wallet integration, token release upon item delivery, etc.
  • 4
    Final product development & Internal testing
    - Cross-chain technology and Decentralized exchange development. - GTEX web and mobile app are ready. - Additional internal testing.
  • 5
    Platform Launch
    Platform able to facilitate seamless functionality amongst all aspects of the gaming platform – users will begin trading their game assets.
  • 6
    Expansionary Efforts
    Achieve a critical mass, recruiting teams and games that will allow for the GTEX ecosystem network effect to take hold.

Full description

GTEX PoA Network is blockchain designed specifically for gaming. By using Proof of Authority technology to validate transactions, GTEX PoA Network will have the fastest transaction speed and make our chain home of decentralized gaming. GTEX Token will provide a wide variety of benefits to its holders. Lower transaction fees, access to newest games and exclusive game token airdrops are going to be just some of the benefits for GTEX Token holders.


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