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15 Apr 2019
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  • James Kuo
    President Epox International
  • Ivan Ramirez
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Connie Tang
    President & CEO Princess House
  • Paul Sri
    Blockchain Advisor
  • Steve Raack
    Ex C.O.O. Of BeautyCounter
  • Ted Hong
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • William Hsu
    Co-Founder, Mucker Capital
  • Tudor Stomff
    BountyHive CEO
  • Michael Terpin
    Founder, Transform Capital
  • Jason Hung
    Founder, Crypto Fund


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  • Jay Cheng
    CEO, Chief Executive
    Jay is a serial entrepreneur who grew his family business, J. Good-In, as employee number five into an international company with over 250 employees.
  • Joseph Lau
    CRO, Chief Revenue
    Joseph has worked with Jay for over 12 years. He led sales and business development at J. Good-In.
  • Janelle Mitchell
    CFO, Chief Finance
    Janelle has held financial leadership roles at The Los Angeles Times, Wired, and - a company acquired by Target in ‘12.
  • David Odere
    CTO, Chief Technology
    David has been the Chief Technical Officer for Jay at JewelScent, and has held lead technical roles for BaubleBox and Knowy.
  • Rodrigo Lalama
    Lead Engineer
    Rod has worked with Jay for over 8 years and held both creative & technical roles at JewelScent, BaubleBox, and Knowy.


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  • 1
    Boutiques Marketplace
    Seeded with 200 influencers and 2 Brands.
  • 2
    Boutiques Marketplace Continued
    Reached 1000 influencers and 4 brands.
  • 3
    Idea: Astra Infrastructure
    White paper drafting and deck building.
  • 4
    ICO Seed Round
    White paper V1 draft and Raising SEED round.
  • 5
    Private Sale
    Tokensale App & Dashboard. Merged Boutiques & ICO sites.
  • 6
    Develop first Module in ASTRA
    KNOWY - Social influence reviews app.
  • 7
    KNOWY App Alpha (iOS)
    Invite early alpha testers to install Knowy via TestFlight.
  • 8
    Token Presale (IEO)
    Launch presale of GEMS Token on Cobinhood Exchange (IEO).
  • 9
    End Token Presale
    End presale and identify strategy for public sale.
  • 10
    Exchange Listings
    Put GEMS on first (2) exchanges - previously signed in 2018.
  • 11
    Knowy App - Full Release (iOS), Gemstra Boutiques - Influencer Growth
    - Release v1.0 Knowy to public on iOS (Apple devices). - Growth phase of Gemstra Boutiques (Becomes free for Influencers to join).
  • 12
    Gemstra Boutiques - Brand Growth
    Growth phase of Brands (Becomes free for Brands to join). Add no more than 20 Brands.
  • 13
    Knowy App - beta (Android)
    Release beta v0.5 Knowy for Android.
  • 14
    Gemstra Boutiques (Asia)
    Realize the partnerships signed late 2018 for China and SEA (South East Asia). Localize in China and Singapore.
  • 15
    Knowy App - Full Release (Android)
    Release v1.0 Knowy to public on Android devices.
  • 16
    Merchants for Knowy
    Knowy reviews can be published on Merchant sites and paid per impression.
  • 17
    ASTRA for Businesses
    API / SDK platform for Businesses to integrate ASTRA and become their own Merchant (host a platform). Gemstra will make the Boutiques software open source.
  • 18
    Gemstra Governance
    Foundation level staking to vote on macro strategy.

Full description

Gemstra connects businesses with influencers & KOL to drive sales through a blockchain-enabled ecosystem. Influencer commerce is growing rapidly as social media has taken over the world by storm. Nearly $10Bn will be paid to influencers for marketing by 2020 - a number that is growing 20% year-over-year. Gemstra is developing a suite of modules on a blockchain-based infrastructure so businesses and influencers can easily interact. The GEMS token provides governance through staking mechanisms to promote fairness between businesses and influencers.


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