OATH Protocol

End date:
30/05/2019, 03:00 AM
Brief information
Get money
10 000 000 USD
1 OATH = 0.0015 USD
10 000 000 000 OATH
Start date
1 Apr 2019
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  • Jia Tian
    Bitfinex investor. Bitfund chief scientist. Venture Partner of Zhenfund. Cortex chief scientist. Senior technical expert on blockchain.
  • Huawei Kong
    Director of the Institute of Computing Technology in Shanghai, Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and partner of Qidian Capital.
  • Xiahong Lin
    Founder & CEO of Bodhi. Partner of Continue Capital. Senior engineer of traditional internet and blockchain.
  • David Hong
    Founder and Director of Business Development for Heyi Blockchain, an affiliate of the Chinese world-renowned law firm King Wood and Mallesons. Juris doctor from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.
  • Dafeng Guo
    Co-founder of EOSAsia, one of the 21 BPs, EOSAsia. Co-founder and CTO of Strikingly. Contributed in trading system at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.


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  • Yin Xu
    Co-founder & CEO
    - B.S. in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin. - 10+ years of internet experience. - Started coding at age 14. - Former Trip.com Lead Engineer. - Series Entrepreneur.
  • Jenny Vatrenko
    Co-founder & COO - US
    - Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center. - B.B.A. Summa Cum Laude from Baruch College. - Former high-stakes commercial litigator at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP and Assistant District Attorney at Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Hongwei Wang
    Co-founder & Head of Engineering
    - B.S. from Tsinghua University. - 10+ years of engineering experience. - Former Google Senior Engineer. - Expert in parallel computing and algorithms.
  • Will Zhang
    - B.S. from Peking University. - M.S in Computer Science from Chinese Academy of Sciences. - Founding partner of crypto-exchange ‘ex-btc.com’. - Serial Entrepreneur.
  • Danyao Zhou
    Head of Design
    - M.S. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. - Graphic/UI/UX Designer. - Expert in crossdomain design.
  • Alice Fu
    Head of Quantitative Modeling
    - M.S in Math from University of Oxford. - Years of experience in venture capital. - Serial Entrepreneur.
  • Michael Wurzinger
    Head of Business Development and Community
    - B.S. from Konstanz University (Germany). - Visiting scholar at Jiaotong University. - Business Manager at Mercedes Benz and Siemens. - Co-founder of CM Crypto Events. - Ambassador @AION.
  • Xiaoyu Huang
    Content Manager
    - B.A. from University of Miami. - M.A. from Columbia University. - Rotterdam OMA, Haiti’s Urban Renewal and Tourism Development Project, and 7th Art.


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    OATH project concept market research.
  • 2
    - OATH white paper. - Proof of concept.
  • 3
    - OATH fundraising/team building. - Partnership development.
  • 4
    - Private sale. - Product design/product development. - Community building.
  • 5
    - Test sdk/api protocol launch. - Oracle services/smart contract. - Deployment. - Juror community building.
  • 6
    - OATH mvp web client launch. - Partner integration.
  • 7
    - OATH mobile client launch. - Business development.
  • 8
    - Protocol feature updates. - OATH chain testing.

Full description

OATH is a blockchain-based alternative dispute resolution protocol. It is an infrastructure layer between chains and dApps. By using a decentralized juror community with a complete new consensus mechanism, Proof of Common sense, OATH provides a robust, fair, transparent, and extensible dispute resolution protocol. OATH serves as a blockchain governance system that provides an effective warranty for smart contracts. If one side is dissatisfied with an outcome, resulting in a dispute, there will be a decentralized third party with no conflict of interest to resolve the dispute. The availability of a dispute resolution mechanism improves the reliability of smart contracts and provides a dependable protection mechanism for blockchain users. OATH acts as an insurance protocol for dApp users, protecting them from undesirable counterparty behavior. Once the OATH protocol is initiated, OATH jury community will vote on the verdict to resolve the dispute.



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