Crypto Potential (Pre-sale)

End date:
31/01/2020, 12:00 PM
Brief information
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9 000 000 CHF
1 QCP = 0.01 USD
1 800 000 000 QCP
Start date
1 Jan 2020
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  • Jason Meng
    Blockchain Advisor
    4+ years experienced cryptocurrency investor and analyst, blockchain expert with 2+ years of smart contract development and auditing specializing in Solidity.
  • Filip Zolota
    Business Advisor
    10+ years of experience in business, management and Information Technology. Business owner and lecturer with strong communication skills with expertise in building a client base for growing businesses.
  • Cyril Claire
    Investor Relations
    7+ years of experience in founding teams and early ventures. This includes connections with VCs, angel investors and accelerators from Silicon Valley, San Francisco, London and Zurich. Participated in over 1000+ startup pitches to raise rounds of investment.
  • T. K. Hamed
    Strategy and General Advisor
    Throughout his 5 years in crypto, he has been involved in nearly every coin process, from: inception of the idea, to funding, marketing, maintaining later stages of growth, legal information and all-encompassing tasks that pertain to crypto.
  • Mihai Bisnel
    Marketing and PR Advisor
    Owner of, benchmarking the overall social feeling and buzz to connect ICO's with crypto news websites and influencers. Vast experience in PR and Marketing strategy as well as community management.
  • Pratik Gandhi
    Marketing Advisor
    8+ years of Experience in Marketing & Tech (5+ years in a Leadership role), led a team of 15, worked with 100+ Brands in 6 countries, drove Growth initiatives at a Blockchain company based in Silicon Valley, CA


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  • Dario Sagud
    Co-founder and CEO/CTO
    Experienced in start-ups, mid-size companies and big corporation. 8+ years of experience in software development and 2+ years of experience in business and offshoring.
  • Nikola Roginic
    Co-founder and COO/CRO
    2+ years of experience in business and offshoring, 3+ years of graphic design and gaming industry experience.
  • Helena Sagud
    Co-Founder and CMO
    2+ years of experience in sales, internet marketing and social media marketing.
  • Sandeep Shukla
    Lead Architect/Developer
    A highly motivated individual with over 10 years of experience in software technology.
  • Parham Lilian
    Social Media Strategist
    Experienced Social Media Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history.
  • 1
    Entering market.
  • 2
    - Prototype. - Customer development. - Community feedback.
  • 3
    - Core team and advisors. - Platform development.
  • 4
    - Whitepaper. - Mining v.1. - Private funding.
  • 5
    - Partnerships. - Product-Market fit. - Pre-sale.
  • 6
    - Roadshow. - Public sale. - Token distribution.
  • 7
    - Exchange listings. - Featured bidding. - Mining v.2.
  • 8
    - User interactions. - Events and networking. - CP v.2.

Full description

Crypto-Potential is due diligence and quality control platform for blockchain projects. Projects are evaluated and tested for specific parameters and awarded with badges according to their achievements and contribution. The badges stand for credibility and transparency, prove that the project has undergone the evaluation and quality control and will serve to incentivize qualified projects with QCP token. With large-scale adoption of blockchain technology increases the number of blockchain projects and with it, demand for quality information.


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