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01/08/2019, 12:00 PM
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5 000 000 EUR
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18 000 000 000 CRES
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1 May 2019
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  • Didi Taihuttu
    Didi is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of the IT branch. Started mining Bitcoins in 2013 and has since been involved in blockchain and crypto 24/7. After having sold all belongings to invest in Bitcoin he and his family are traveling the world as The Bitcoin Family, living a decentralized life solely with cryptocurrency. A true Bitcoin evangelist supporting the poor and charities.
  • Carlos Duat
    Carlos Duat, as well as analyst and content creator of the crypto market, is founder and CEO of Crypto Digital Group (a firm that provides advice on crypto coins and blockchain to all types of companies) in Spain.


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  • Arturo Jiménez
    Founder CRESIO, systems developer, programmer, market analyst
    Creator of the Cresio platform. Passionate about the Blockchain technology, Web-master, Programmer and specialist in the development of computer applications with many years of experience. Extreme capacity of actions oriented to quick solutions. He has logical thoughts and is a good communicator.
  • Marcos Paredes
    Founder, marketing, RR.PP, market research
    Marketing and PR specialist of Cresio and very experienced analyst of market studies. From people to companies, the construction of business relationships is the core of his career, all facilitated by his command of 4 languages.
  • Alfredo Simón
    Founder, spokesperson for Cresio, financial director and development consultant
    Very enthusiastic and always dedicating maximum passion to their work, it will be because as they say ... "I dedicate myself to what I like". Speaker of Cresio and financial director, in addition to development consultant in the development, research, design and implementation of the Cresio platform, contributing continuously new ideas to the programming team, ensuring an intuitive experience for users.
  • Daniel Pons
    Founder, market analyst, IT specialist System integration, mining specialist
    Total dedication in reference to the planning, development and maintenance in the network structure, servers with their respective operating systems. Great understanding about the constant change in new developments within the computer industry. Extraordinary knowledge of market analysis and everything related to mining.
  • David Maeztu
    Founder, audiovisual media designer, graphic designer
    Without a doubt he is the one who puts the humor note to the company. Professional in the field of design and editing in audiovisual media, always leaving his particular touch. He emphasize his innovative techniques and unusual ideas, experimenting with new techniques being reflected in his work. Passionate about the world of new technologies related to photography and video.
  • Diomira Barrueta
    Director of communication, public relations
    Our link between technology and people, humanizing the technical language of our company, generating a relationship of trust and credibility between Cresio, its users, advisors and collaborators. Fulfilled cultural code and experienced communicator in different social networks. Ease in the execution of tasks in a creative, productive way very naturally.
  • David Jiménez
    Copywriter and text editor, content analyst
    Always very motivated, intuitive and with great patience. As a content editor he also stands out for his personality.
  • Joel Durán
    Analyst of Airdrops and ICO projects
    With the arrival of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain system, he specialized in the analysis of ICO projects, concentrating on the execution of the performance of the Airdrops and the viability of the ICO projects that launch them.
  • 1
    Birth of the idea and creation of Whitepaper v.1.0.
  • 2
    Registration in social networks, logos, web and market research.
  • 3
    Meetings of project founders and shareholders.
  • 4
    Start of platform development, server system and trader survey.
  • 5
    Alpha 1 of the multi-exchange platform (1 exchange).
  • 6
    Alpha 2 of the multi-exchange platform (3 exchanges) and Beta user platform.
  • 7
    Alpha 3 of the multi-exchange platform and WalletHold Beta platform.
  • 8
    System updates of the multi-exchange platform, WalletHold and user control panel.
  • 9
    Token Features Agreement, Airdrops rewards, WalletHold terms and conditions.
  • 10
    Improved multi-exchange platform design, translations and Roadmap creation.
  • 11
    Legal issues in Spanish territory and preparation of the ICO.
  • 12
    Recruitment of the law firm.
  • 13
    Contact with the CNMV for the regulation of the ICO, social networks, opening of web page, update of Whitepaper v.1.1.
  • 14
    Opening of registration and launch of the 1st Airdrop Round.
  • 15
    Interviews for the expansion of the team.
  • 16
    Launch of the 2nd Airdrop Round, the user control panel and the Whitelist.
  • 17
    Launch the 1st Bounty program, update of staff on the website, advisors and collaborators.
  • 18
    Launch of the 3rd Airdrop Round and sale of the 1st ICO Round.
  • 19
    Sale of the 2nd ICO round.
  • 20
    Sale of the 3nd ICO round, launch of the 4th Airdrop round, hiring of human resources and infrastructure and launch of the 2nd Bounty program.
  • 21
    Requests to exchanges to list the CRES token.
  • 22
    Launch of the 5th Airdrop Round, activation of the WalletHold rewards system.
  • 23
    Opening of the multi-exchange beta testers platform and launch of the 3rd Bounty program.
  • 24
    Launch of multi-exchange platform v.1.0 and launch of the 6th Airdrop Round.
  • 25
    Upgrade of multi-exchange platform v.1.5.
  • 26
    Upgrade of multi-exchange platform v.2.0 and launch of the 4rd Bounty program.

Full description

The main mission of Cresio is the creation of a platform that encompasses, in a single space, the possibility of operating simultaneously in multiple exchanges, obtaining in real time information on the state of the markets, controlling the balance of wallets, monitoring work in pools of mining, notification and registration to new airdrops, as well as a large list of signals to with operate in the markets. The purpose is to create an agile and control experience, regardless of the degree of user experience, all linked to a high level of security, guaranteeing an unprecedented experience.


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