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29/09/2019, 02:59 AM
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24 206 000 USD
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318 500 000 AGT
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28 Jun 2019
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  • Brenton Smith
    Advisor Board member
    Brenton is a proven, energetic IT application and system software company leader, having worked with a diverse range of large multinational firms in senior leadership roles, including VP and GM Symantec, CA, SAP, Siebel, Dell/Quest and Business Objects and SoftwareAG.
  • Samaneh Movassaghi, PhD
    Advisor Board member
    Samaneh is an award-winning technical expert who is working on great projects.
  • Zachary Reece
    Advisor Board member
    Zachary Reece is the Managing Partner of BlockTrade Investments.
  • Nikzad B. Rizvandi, PhD
    Advisor Board member
    Dr Nikzad is a data scientist and has a Phd in Distributed computing and data mining from University of Sydney.
  • Gita Gitli
    Advisor Board member
    Gita is highly proficient in banking industry and financial markets and with over 20 years extensive experience in major financial Institution including the Australia’s biggest bank Commonwealth Bank Australia (known as CBA).
  • Ehsan Fallahi
    Advisor Board member
    Ehsan is a principal at MistryFallahi Lawyers. Ehsan has a wealth of experience in advising businesses, start-ups and high-net-worth individuals across a range of industries, including technology, e-commerce and professional services.


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  • Hamed Taghvaei
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Hamed is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with a tech and business background.
  • Hamid Ostad
    Hamid is highly experienced in bank-grade payments and authentication solutions for online financial transactions.
  • Ali Dorri, PhD
    Dr Ali Dorri is among the first PhD candidates from UNSW University (Australia) who specifically focuses on blockchain technology and has been involved in many different successful blockchain projects for government and private sectors in smart home, e-health, smart grids and so on.
  • Ehsan Jadandarpour
    Ehsan is one of the world’s most famous tech influencers and has been listed in Forbes magazine as one of the top 20 growth hackers in 2016.
  • Steve Nouri
    AI Lead
    Steve is an award-winning technical leader specializing in machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced analytics.
  • Ashkan Tashvir
    Ashkan has a sound passion for bringing technology and business principles together.
  • Ariya Chittasy
    With four start-ups in the last 8 years, including one being awarded Fastest Growing Company Asia-Pacific (Business Excellence Awards 2014) and another growing into a 55+ employee company in under 2 years, Ariya thrives on materializing ideas into real businesses.
  • Meysam Naseri
    Software Architect
    With over 12 years’ experience as senior software developer, Sam helps us to seamlessly develop our user and merchant apps for both Android and IOS.
  • Anand Chellanadar
    Director of Software Development Team in India
    Anand has 13+ years of experience in Software design & development, web applications development, system security, mobile apps development and ERP solutions.
  • Nathan Sabherwal
    Investors Relations Manager
    Nathan has over 15 years of commercial experience in Australia managing enterprise clients and investors.
  • Kalith Ahamed
    Technical Lead
    Kalith has over 12 years of experience across various stages of the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Naz Shams
    Project Manager
    Naz has 7+ years of experience in technical Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information services industry.
  • Odette Abrenica
    UI/UX Designer
    Odette is a dedicated and skilled designer with a strong background in design and a sound proficiency in IT.
  • Navkiran Kaur
    Business Ananlyst
    Nav is Business Analyst experience in analysing business requirement and translating them into the functional and non-functional specification, user stories and detailed test plans in agile and waterfall projects.
  • Jaemie Dela Pena
    Product Design Lead
    Jaimie is an experienced product designer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
  • Ali Asgher
    Business Ananlyst
    Ali is a problem solver who takes pride in understanding a person's, or businesses, needs.


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    Idea realization and market research.
  • 2
    $480,000 first round investment by BID Group.
  • 3
    Architecture design and Whitepaper.
  • 4
    Starting MVP development.
  • 5
    - Mobile App alpha version. - $1,000,000 private investor.
  • 6
    Agate Blockchain Test-net live.
  • 7
    App Beta version released.
  • 8
    White listing & Private invest EOI.
  • 9
    ICO Pre-Sale.
  • 10
    Agate Blockchain Main-Net.
  • 11
    - Agate blockchain Smart Contract. - DEvelop Plugins/app for WooCommerce.
  • 12
    Multi Currency & Multi language.
  • 13
    Agate Banking Licence.

Full description

AgateGhain is a new decentralized blockchain with a comprehensive crypto-infrastructure for everyday banking operations and trade transactions. AgateGhain has the highest (instantaneous) transaction rate on the market, as well as very cheap transaction fees.


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