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15/08/2019, 09:00 AM
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6 000 000 USD
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20 000 000 TJA
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15 Mar 2019
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  • Michael Terpin
    Advisor Blockchain Expert
    Michael Terpin has more than 25 years of PR agency management.
  • Manny Alicandro
    Advisor Legal Compliance
    Manny Alicandro is an attorney with broad expertise in compliance, risk management, regulation, controls, surveillance, supervision, and governance.
  • Captain Bob Hans
    EVP Air-Carrier Safety
    Former Captain of United Airlines with 50 years of aviation efficiency and logistics experience.
  • Sergey Baloyan
    Advisor Investor Relations
    Mr. Baloyan is a founder of X10 Agency, top 5 ICO/STO marketing agencies globally (according to HackerNoon rating), entrepreneur and marketing expert.
  • Bo Fan
    EVP of TapJets™ Asia
    Mr. Bo Fan has 30 years of experience in international investments and entrepreneurship.
  • Harvey Nusz
    Advisor, Privacy and Security Compliance
    Harvey has enabled companies to become compliant and secure in Sox, PCI-DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, NY Department of Financial Services CRR500 Cybersecurity Regulation, and Privacy Shield, and he is now focusing on the California Consumer Privacy Act, the NYDFS regulation, the EU GDPR and other major privacy laws and efforts.

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  • Eugene Kesselman
    CEO & Founder
    Eugene Kesselman is founded TapJets to revolutionize the way you acquire private air travel.
  • Robert Klumb
    Founder & EVP of Operations
    Robert Klumb is a 42-year veteran of the aviation industry beginning as a first officer in Frontier Airlines.
  • Audrey Kiefer
    EVP of Sales
    Ms. Kiefer is a seasoned sales professional with close to 10 years in HNW and Luxury segments.
  • Vladimir Shuklin
    Vladimir has 13 years of hands on experience in enterprise class software development.
  • Dmitry Eryshov
    EVP of Mobile
    Dmitry is a mobile application creation guru with 15 years of experience.
  • Ivan Andreev
    EVP of Software Development
    Dr. Ivan Andreev has over 10 years of professional Software Development experience.


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  • 1
    Aha Moment
    Bob Clumb, United Airlines captain and Eugene Kesselman discuss the logistical nightmare of private jet travel.
  • 2
    Founded TapJets®
    With a goal to apply cutting edge technologies to streamline private jet travel experience and logistics.
  • 3
    Apple and Android Apps Released
    We became the World's first platform that allows instant booking of private jets in North America.
  • 4
    Flight Auctions, Crypto Currency Accepted Here
    - You can Name Your Own Price for empty leg or repositioning flights using Flight Auctions. - We became the first company to accept Bitcoin as instant payment for flights. Later added Ethereum and LTC.
  • 5
    Rewards Program
    We have implemented the first Private Jets rewards program that competes with Jet Cards.
  • 6
    Smart Contracts
    We will expand the use of Smart Contracts to include air-carriers, and charter terms, for increased transparency and collaboration.
  • 7
    Plane Factor 2.0
    We will release a major update to this industry changing product that instantly connects clients to dispatch and crew, increasing communication, efficiency, and utilization for air-carriers and improved convenience for flying clients.
  • 8
    You will be able to Join your co-workers, social media friends, or our client community, on the same flight and share the costs and perks.
  • 9
    Universal Jet Card
    You will be able to enjoy the convenience of a Universal Industry-Wide Jet Card, powered by blockchain stable coin (TJT), accepted by brokers and air-carriers at the speed of light. Reduces reliance on credit cards or wire transfers.
  • 10
    Virtual Private Airline
    Acomplish true jet-on-demand global fleet by combining all of the air-carriers into a one single virtual private airline with systemwide aircraft access and sharing on one platform.
  • 11
    Payment System
    Expanding our Universal Jet Card, a blockchain powered payment system, for use by Fuelers, Private Terminals (FBO), Handlers, and Contract Pilots.

Full description

TapJets® announced an STO (security tokens offering) of Company’s common stock with dividends. Available for US Accredited Investors and non-US investors worldwide. TapJets® is a platform that instantly connects our clients with a private jet that is ready to fly to your destination. While existing solutions are trying to improve communication between the person needing a plane with brokers and plane operators, TapJets® makes the entire process of booking a private jet very simple (Uber simple). We have built an easy to use mobile and web technology that allows you to instantly summon a private jet, bid on empty flights, and interact directly with the plane operators. This end-to-end technology removes the middle man, allows plane operators to effectively offer their planes that are best positioned for the time of your departure. The results are the cost-effective purchase price for the buyer, and fleet optimization for the sellers. A win-win platform that is not just an idea but a working product with real revenue from bookings.



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