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16/08/2019, 12:00 AM
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850 000 000 MIG
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1 Mar 2019
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  • Warren Whitlock
    Influencer, Blockchain & Digital Marketing Advisor
    Warren Whitlock is CEO of Stirling Corporation and is a digital business development strategist who has been named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. He has been featured in countless interviews, media appearances and live speaker panels as one of the world’s most recognized authorities on social media and online business strategies.
  • Alex Martyniak
    Executive Director, European Union Chamber of Commerce
    Alex has been appointed as the Executive Director of the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada - West in 2014. In addition, he has 20 years of experience with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada as a Commercial Attaché and a Director of Trade Development & Marketing Department combined with 8 years of prior diversified business experience while establishing and managing private companies in Europe and Canada.
  • Kerry Gibson
    President, ECO Century Technologies – Planet 5050 Champion, UN Women
    Kerry Gibson is the President of EcoCentury Technologies, which is a socially directed developer and distributor of clean Technologies such as LED lighting and Hydrogen powered amphibious vehicles.
  • Sid Sharma
    CEO, CryptochainX – Blockchain Advisor
    Sid is a strategic thought leader who understands the global complexity of today’s organizations. He has over 10 years of experience leading teams for large publically traded global organizations, with billions in gross revenue.
  • Richard Krawczyk
    Co-Founder ASAP Immigration Marketing & Blockchain Influencer
    Richard Krawczyk is one of the Top 5 Global Blockchain Influencers, #ICO Advisor, a digital marketing agency executive, former investment banker, digital marketing consultant, social media influencer, startup advisor, author, and speaker.
  • Toni Lane Casserly
    Blockchain Influencer, Co-Founder of Cointelegraph
    Toni Lane is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry who co-founded CoinTelegraph and CULTU.RE.
  • Joseph Gates
    Brand Consultant
    Joseph Gates has been developing and marketing brands for over 20 years. He has worked with global companies such as MillerCoors, Adidas, Jack Daniel’s and other household names.
  • Greg Shannon
    Partner, Gowling WLG – Legal Counsel
    Greg P. Shannon, QC, is a partner in Gowling WLG’s Capital Markets, M&A and Private Equity groups, as well as the Tax and Private Client Services groups, based in the firm’s Calgary office.
  • Jonathan Denis
    Former Minister of Justice & Attorney General – Legal Counsel
    Jonathan Brian Denis is a former Solicitor General, Attorney General and Minister of Justice for Alberta.
  • Gisela Curi
    Counsel Immigration
    Gisela Curi practices Canadian Immigration Law and specializes in economic migration servicing individual and corporate clients.
  • Alexander Aranda
    Events Advisor
    Alexander Aranda is one of the leading search engine experts in the UK, with vast experience in a wide range of industries he has over 20 years of hands-on understanding in the field of marketing, business, and entrepreneurship.
  • James Hinton
    Advisor, Flashcoin
    A master student of Proximal development, serial entrepreneur and lateral thinker.
  • Chen Si Yuan (Cedric)
    Chen Si Yuan (Cedric) is a Chinese Consultant/Marketing Advisor/Financial Advisor/Securities trader and Investor of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.


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  • Murtaza Khan
    Founder, Migration Specialist
    Khan is a migration specialist with 16 years experience in the industry. He is an immigration consultant in Canada accredited with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).
  • Andres Villalobos
    Andres is a founding and Managing Partner of Atlas Trust & Escrow LLC, a duly registered financial services corporation, providing investment and capital services to local and foreign national clients.
  • Pamela Garro, CPA
    Pamela is appointed as Managing partner of ILA Accounting for the last three years, Pamela is a registered CPA before the Costa Rican Public Accountants Board, with several years of experience in accounting and tax related advisory for national and international clients, both individual and corporate.
  • Victor Zapata, MBA
    Víctor is a Business Administrator, Project Manager, and Attorney at Law. He is a project manager with substantial legal experience regarding tech related and TIC companies.
  • Zeeshan Mallick
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Guillermo Solorzano, MsC in Business Law, with senior experience as advisor within the Costa Rican financial system.
  • Omar Ayales, LLM
    VP Business Development
    Omar is Louisiana State University Alumnus.
  • Guillermo Solorzano, MSc
    Corporate Legal Counsel
    Solon Ardittis is the Chairman and Managing Director of Eurasylum Ltd, the only European research and consulting company focusing exclusively on immigration and refugee policy affairs on behalf of public sector agencies.
  • Solon Ardittis
    International Migration Policy Cooperation
    Dr. Saeed Arasteh is a Ph.D. Candidate and an Engineering Science Faculty.
  • Saeed Arasteh
    Data Scientist – AI & Machine Learning
    Omar is a Sr Software Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the industry.
  • Ignacio Bonelli
    Project Manager
    Ivan is a senior engineer with over 10 years of experience in commercial application development.
  • Dave Well
    Back-end Developer
    Alex has over 6 years of development experience with iOS, Solidity (Ethereum), Node.js, Objective C, C/C++, Javascript, and HTML. Alex has developed applications and solutions for key companies like SocialTables, Viber and Blackmoon.
  • Ismael Bejerano
    Blockchain Developer
    Rap Joseph has over 6 years experience in Full Stack development, having worked at a number of different companies over the years.
  • Nicolás Boskovic
    Blockchain Developer
    Ric has over 10 years experience in product design and has worked as a Web Developer and Digital Marketer at a number of different companies in Canada and in the USA.
  • Ariel Sanchez
    QA Specialist
    IT geek who is interested in mobile & web apps, I also have a deep knowledge of software and QA skills. Fine arts and music enthusiast. Formerly known as noob gamer.
  • Rap Joseph Aliño
    Sr. Full Stack Developer
    Rap Joseph has over 6 years experience in Full Stack development, having worked at a number of different companies over the years.
  • Hernan Di Pietro
    Full Stack Developer
    Enjoys low level programming, system internals, and hardware architectures. Open to learn and abuse new technologies. Vintage computer enthusiast. Amateur musician.
  • Ric Colindres
    Web Developer
    Ric has over 10 years experience in product design and has worked as a Web Developer and Digital Marketer at a number of different companies in Canada and in the USA.


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    Platform Development, ITO Ends.
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    Migranet Platform Launch

Full description

The world’s first Immigration Platform combining artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, biometrics, and blockchain technology - “A company that celebrates and appreciates the importance of international immigration, believing it is a right to all, not a privilege to some.” Migranet presents a one-stop solution to migrants and accredited migration practitioners by automating the processing of migration applications. It also assists refugees with their skills assessment, so they can be integrated into their host country post selection.



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