Dora Network

Blockchain infrastructure
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01/07/2019, 02:59 AM
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44 675 ETH
1 ETH = 14 000 DNT
400 000 000 DNT
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1 Jun 2019
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  • Guo Xiaohu
    Tenured professor at University of Texas at Dallas
    Tenured professor at University of Texas at Dallas. Received NSF CAREER Award in 2012.
  • Chen Yong
    Founder of Beijing BiYing Techconogy
    Former Senior President at Cheetah Mobile. General product manager at Jinshan Duba.
  • Blue Fox
    Founder of Blue Fox Note.
    Founder of Blue Fox Capital.
  • Allan Kwan
    Venture Partner, Oak Investment Partners
    Venture Partner at Eight Roads Ventures China (a Fidelity International venture fund).
  • Yu Wei
    Former Vice President of Microsoft (Asia)
    Internet Engineering Academy, Former Microsoft Global Partner.
  • Terence Lam
    Co-founder of Loopnest Accelerator Limited.
    Advisor of multiple blockchain projects. Lecturer of Chinese Business School at University of Hong Kong.


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  • Guo Xionghui
    Founder and CEO
    Former senior director at Cheetah Mobile Shanghai R&D Center. Special Class for Gifted Youth and PHD of Computer Science in USTC.
  • Tyler Kot
    Co-Founder and COO
    Former senior sales manager at AT&T. Former marketing manager of Greater China at Fastly.
  • Li Xing
    Co-Founder and CTO
    Former director at Cheetah Mobile. Cofounder of PowerMo.
  • Shen Jian Jing
    Senior Software Engineer
    Master’s degree from University of Electronics Science & Technology.
  • Qian Xing
    Senior Software Engineer
    Master’s degree from Northwestern Industrial University.
  • Wang Yue
    Senior Software Engineer
    Master’s degree from XiAn Transportation University.
  • Wang Ming Wei
    Senior Software Engineer
    Master’s degree in computer science from ZheJiang University, focusing in distributed algorithm systems.
  • Zhang Cong
    Senior Software Engineer
    Master’s degree in Computer science from USTC. Former Quantitative Analyst for Private Funds.
  • Chen Sheng
    Senior Software Engineer
    Graduated from WuHan University. Former R&D Core Engineer at Cheetah Mobile, Marvell Electronics, and JingCheng Semiconductor.
  • 1
    Preparation whitepaper.
  • 2
    - Proto-system prototype. - Proto-Test-Network 1.0.
  • 3
    - Formal Network 1.0. - Parallelized Smart Contract Processing. - Delegate Verifiable BFT Consensus (DVBC). - BFT - Parallelized Consensus Algorithm.
  • 4
    Proto-Test-Network 2.0.
  • 5
    - Formal Network 1.0. - Hub-Zone Chain. - Cross Chain Transaction.

Full description

Dora Network is a high-performance public blockchain dedicated to the execution of dApps with high-concurrency. Dora Network improves the performance from three aspects: Vertical Expansion, Horizontal Expansion and DVBC consensus. It is without transaction fees and compatible with EVM to enable fast migration of existing dApps. Through horizontal expansion, Dora Network’s performance can reach millions of TPS.


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