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01/08/2019, 02:59 AM
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42 d. 11:56:51
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20 000 000 USD
1 TCR = 1.75 USD
210 000 000 TCR
Start date
17 Jan 2019
Ethereum, Bitcoin
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  • Krystian Kowalczyk
    Marketing Advisor
    In the IT world since 1997, in the crypto world since 2012, in marketing for 10 years. Engineer, entrepreneur and enthusiast of blockchain technology. He is strongly committed to everything he does, precise, results-oriented.
  • Michał Zielinski

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Team: 26

  • Robert Anacki
    Bachelor of Computer Science, enthusiast of new technologies, entrepreneur and social activist.
  • Łukasz Gromek
    A conscious man with extensive interests, a programmer, IT specialist with many years of experience especially in independent projects, a specialist in blockchain technology.
  • Przemysław Karda
    Since 2006, he has been associated with the IT market.
  • Krzysztof Podolski
    Trained manager and certified business trainer with many years of experience in the implementation of projects, B2B sales and networking.
  • Prof. Dr hab. Wiesław Strek
    Science expert
    Head of the Department of Excited State Spectroscopy at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wroclaw (since 1971).
  • Prof. Krzysztof Piech
    Blockchain & Legislation expert
    Krzysztof Piech obtained a postdoctoral degree in the field of economic sciences in the discipline of economics.
  • Filip Pawczynski
    Blockchain Expert
    He is the only Pole who gave interview to the printed version of the prestigious “Bitcoin Magazine”.
  • Prof. Andrzej Jezowski
    Science expert
    Andrzej Jezowski is a graduate in physics at the Faculty of Mathematics-Physics and Chemistry at the University of Wroclaw.
  • Dariusz Hreniak PhD
    Science expert
    Research associate and Deputy Director for the Implementations at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Anna Wedzynska
    Science Expert
    Master of chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Wroclaw. Scientific activity: synthesis of graphene composites.
  • Przemek Zatylny
    Medical expert
    He graduate Zielona Góra University of Technology in the field of electro-energy information systems.
  • Krzysztof Kielec
    Business Expert
    Entrepreneur, economist and lawyer.
  • Andrzej Kail
    Business Expert
    A 47-year-old graduate of the Faculty of European Law at the Viadrina University in Frankfurt (Oder) and the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan.
  • Robert Brandt
    Legal Expert
    He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw.
  • Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód
    Legal & Tax Expert
    Tax advisor & advocate, founder at MSZtax.
  • Filip Nasiadko
    IT Project Manager
    He has been involved in the IT market for 6 years.
  • Maciej Partyka
    Blockchain Developer
    Senior Full Stack Developer & Blockchain Developer.
  • Daniel Borowski
    Blockchain Developer
    Working in software engineering industry since 2006.
  • Radosław Struniawski
    Senior Programmer
    Biotechnologist and IT specialist. For many years, he has been involved in research in the field of human genetics.
  • Michał Tomaka
    Art Director
    Graphic Designer/Art Director.
  • Krzysztof Łosiak
    Frontend Developer
    He has been involved in the technology industry since 2007.
  • Marcin Godlewski
    Marketing Expert
    Martin Godlewski has been involved in online marketing since 2006.
  • Piotr Marcinik
    Media expert
    Blockchain enthusiast, Absolwent Devry University.
  • Kaja Kretschmer
    Community Expert
    Kaja has years of successful experience in marketing, copywriting and social media.
  • Anna Karda
    Community Expert
    A graduate of the University of Warsaw in the field of English Philology.
  • Justin O'Donnell
    Blockchain Expert
    Justin is a former US Marine, a certified Boiler & Power Plant Technician and an advocate for honesty and transparency.


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  • 1
    Launch works on TecraCoin Blockchain.
  • 2
    A letter of intent with INTBiS
    Signing letters of intent with the Institute of Low Temperatures and Structure Research.
  • 3
    First TecraCoin Testnet
  • 4
    Establishment of TecraCoin company, Testnet
    - Signing a notarial deed and establishing Tecra sp. z o.o. (Ltd.). - Second TecraCoin Testnet
  • 5
    Launch TecraCoin Mainnet
  • 6
    Private Sale
    Start a private sale.
  • 7
    Public Sale
    Start a public Sale
  • 8
    Change of hashing algorithm
    Change from lyra2z to MTP.
  • 9
    Change rewards + Mining, New wallet
    - Public mining. - New design for mobile, desktop and web wallet.
  • 10
    Listing on crypto-exchange.
  • 11
    MN program
    Preparation of one click MN program.
  • 12
    Listing on another crypto-exchange
  • 13
    Investment, Deposit
    - Preparation of graphene laboratory. - New deposit system for investors.
  • 14
    Investment platform
    Start Tecra investment platform.
  • 15
    Voting program
    Community voting program will help to choose a future science projects.
  • 16
    Change rewards
    Change of rewards from each block.
  • 17
    TecraСoin blockchain
    Start working on Tecra blockchain.

Full description

The mission of Tecra project is to compose a research and investment holding, which will create conditions for the research and commercialization of future technologies. Currently, we are at an advanced stage of research on patented graphene technologies that radically change the desired properties of many technologies commonly used today, such as hydrophobicity, barrier properties, biocidal properties, thermal and electrical conductivity, and increase in sliding properties. We use our cryptocurrency TCR to make it happen, and distributed ledger to make investment more transparent and secure.



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