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01/11/2019, 03:00 AM
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74 d. 14:09:49
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29 600 000 USD
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1 Jun 2019
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  • Mohamed Mousa
    Business Strategic Advisor
    An active entrepreneur, Co-founder and blockchain enthusiast with more than 11 years of professional experience in sales, business development, human resources, and operations roles for major multinationals and start-ups in the tech, telecoms and aviation industries globally.
  • Richard Trummer
    Ричард является энтузиастом блокчейна и призван помочь вернуть власть «маленькому парню».
  • Sydney Ifergan
    Marketing Advisor
    Digital marketing veteran with more than 20 years of experience in online marketing, SEO and web analytics.
  • Mohammed Sallam
    Astronomy Advisor
    The only Egyptian/Arab astronaut candidate in Mars One a program that targets sending humans to the red planet and establishing a permanent settlement by 2031.
  • Michael Christensen
    ICO Advisor for TOP ICOs (strong team and real usage of blockchain).
  • Yasser Abdel-Hadi
    Astronomy Advisor
    B.Sc. of Science (Physics) from Faculty of Science - Ain Shams University in Cairo.
  • Mauro Andriotto
    Financial Advisor
    Mauro Andriotto is a professor and a former professor of Corporate Finance and Enterprise Risk Management at SDA Bocconi University, University of Pisa and University of Genève – UBIS.
  • Alecos Colombo
    ICO Advisor
    Ideas and Solutions Developer in the Blockchain field with proven direct experience in 35 succesfull blockchain projects.


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  • Ahmed El Desouki
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, AAST Alexandria.
  • Essam Yousry
    Chief Operational Officer
    achelor degree in Mechatronic and Robotics Engineering, AIET Alexandria.
  • Marina Boules
    Chief Technology Officer
    Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Alexandria University.
  • Noha Yousry
    Director of Public Affairs
    niversity degree in the Faculty of Arts - English Department (Linguistics and Translation).
  • Osama Shehata
    Chief Information Officer
    Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, AIET Alexandria.
  • Seif Sabry
    Financial Analyst
    Bachelor degree in Financial and Administrative Science, PUA Alexandria.
  • 1
    Developing Telescopia Idea.
  • 2
    - Solving Telescopia Technical Challenges.
  • 3
    - Finalizing and Testing Telescopia Financial Model and Marketing Strategy.
  • 4
    Finalizing and Reviewing Telescopia White Paper
  • 5
    Private Sale.
  • 6
    - Object Observation. - MVP Development.
  • 7
    Pre-ICO Launch.
  • 8
    Pre-Sale Launch.
  • 9
    ICO Launch.
  • 10
    ICO End.
  • 11
    Alpha Release.
  • 12
    Beta Release.

Full description

Telescopia is a live telescope streaming platform, offering educational market and online entertainment a window to explore the universe using simple telescope remote control with AI assistance, available 24/7 in live UHD video stream with narrated guidance, supported on multi platforms including computers, mobiles, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Telescopia operates in a peer to peer fashion where all services are provided from a network of telescope owners (provider). The providers are managed in democratic approach where all services are handled based on an election algorithm to effectively normalise the earnings among Telescopia providers.


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