Blockchain infrastructure
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20/04/2019, 02:59 AM
7 500 000 USD
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15 000 000 USD
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10 000 000 000 GBT
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15 Apr 2019
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  • Hajin Jhun
    Chairman of the Blockchain Association
    From 1998 to 2001, served as the CEO of HAMCOM, and as the 19th National Assembly member in 2012, and now serves the development of blockchain industry as the chairman of the self-regulation committee of the Blockchain Association.
  • Leo Liu
    President of IDCM
    Leo was previously an ultra high net worth director at UBS. He has 10 years experience in asset allocation for wealth management, fund establishment and equity investments. Leo holds a DBA from Grenoble École de Management, France. He is currently the president of the IDCM Exchange.
  • Duksoo Kim
    Over 20 years of experience in IT and security services. Currently in charge of CTO of AMO team that wants to utilize blockchain and establish a platform that shares values of vehicle data.
  • Minwoo Nam
    Over 17 years of IT development experience and is currently the Head of Blockchain Development, Assistant Director of Cloudbrick Project.
  • Junwoo Kang
    As a co-founder of Hexlant, responsible for the development of Token Bank and Hexbp, and is involved in various developments.
  • Sunghyun Moon
    Over 13 years has been in IT-based service and solution business, and has worked for Pentasecurity.
  • Leon Kim
    Founder and CEO of Bolt Lab. Partner of BitSonic Labs and is in charge of investor relations on the BitSonic Exchange.
  • Harold Kim
    Harold Kim is the founder and CEO of Korea based blockchain platform HSBitC.


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  • Jangwon Lim
    Founder & CEO
    Graduated from Seoul Science High School and majored in biotechnology at Indiana State University in the U.S. as a 10th year entrepreneur in IT security, consulting and trade."It's the most attractive art to be good at business," said Andy Warhol, who dreams of becoming an artist who makes new works with his teammates.
  • Junho Lee
    Co-Founder & COO
    Since he was interested in start-up in his early 20s, started his business career when he was a student at Soongsil University.
  • Eddie Bak
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Firmly believe that IT services, which are new, meaningful, and fun, are increasing their chances of success based on a number of failure experiences in the startup industry, which has become attracted to changing the world.
  • Jacob Park
    Develop Lead
    Majored in medical engineering. Since I was a student, entered the current business and worked as a developer.
  • Keunyeong Yun
    Software Engineer
    Graduated from the IT department of the Ministry of Information and Communication.
  • Se-il Jeong
    Software Engineer
    Although majored in law, started studying as a developer because curious about the IT industry.
  • JeongHyun Choi
    Android Developer
    Studied development by myself for two years because I couldn't solve the question of development by school alone.
  • Kyusong Moon
    iOS Developer
    Since I was a student, I have become interested in programming with various experiences such as game programming, media art, 3d modeling, micro controller.
  • Dona Kang
    Design Lead
    Majored in Digital Art, a department of media creation.
  • Jack Lee
    Chinese Marketing Manager
    Three years of experience in the development department of China's Nike OEM company, and has experiences such as exchange of Korean, Chinese, and other activities.
  • Ji Choi
    Marketing Manager
    Ji Choi is a blockchain enthusiast dreaming a true decentralized world.


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    Winner of World's First BlockChain Survival "Block Battle".
  • 2
    - Smart contract Deploy. - ERC20 based Token issue. - Grabity Pre-Sale.
  • 3
    - Grabity Public-Sale. - Listing of exchange.
  • 4
    - Planet Wallet Launching. - Network Layer Development.
  • 5
    Data Layer Development.
  • 6
    Consensus Layer Development.
  • 7
    - Application Layer Development. - Toolkit & SDK Development. - Block Explorer Development.
  • 8
    - Testnet Launching. - Management Layer Development.
  • 9
    Mainnet Launching.
  • 10
    DApp Store Launching.

Full description

Grabity is a public blockchain that makes it easy to deploy a large number of blockchain businesses in mobile environments. Grabity’s platform allows to solve the limitation in the speed of authentication and the size of the distributed storage accumulated in each node increasing equally, thus reducing the efficiency of the entire network and reducing node scalability, through Orbital Consensus and Genesis Hoisting.


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