Warrior Token

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15/07/2019, 02:59 AM
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10 000 000 USD
1 ETH = 360 WRT
100 000 000 WRT
Start date
15 May 2019
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  • Jason Daniel Paul Philip
    Founder and CEO of ABBC COIN a blockchain based payment solution platform & cryptospehere specialist. An ambitious blockchain admirer having 8+ years experience as a developer & tech entrepreneur.
  • Jim Shaw
    CEO of the Las Vegas Film Festival. Graduated form University of Las Vegas, College of Hotel Administration. He has 40 years of expeience in all kind of marketing and promotions and has worked in culinary arts and some comedy film projects.
  • Ace Navone
    Graduated form St Mary's College in the San Francisco, California, Bay area. Has 40+ years of experience in banking & finance and stock market, commodities and options trading.

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  • Damian T
    Chief Executive Officer
    Business analyst, Blockchain enthusiast, BA, MD, MS 9 + years in the field of Crypto currency. Experience in featured films. Currently working with the team of animation specialists.
  • Avinash Chauhan
    Chief Operating Officer
    Blockchain technology enthusiast and Tech firm co-founder. 6+ years' experience in leading programming teams & providing technical consultation to blockchain based solutions & Initial Coin Offering projects.
  • Anish Chauhan
    Artist Consultant
    Tech firm co-founder with 7+ year's experience as ad tech advisor with particular interest in video on demand industry.
  • Deepak Roach
    Creative Director
    7+ years in IT industry. Enthusiast in film making. 7+ years' experience in animation and editing.
  • Raman Saini
    Senior Software Engineer
    5 + years in IT and Research and development with technology.
  • Ankur Sharma
    Senior Software Engineer
    Cryptography expert with 7 + years of full stack development experience.
  • Aditya patial
    Software Engineer
    4 + years in IT and Research and development with technology.
  • Ramandeep Singh
    Software Engineer
    3+ years experience in programming. Expertise in C#, Node JS, Express JS, React JS programmer.
  • Dhyan Singh
    Quality Control Head
    Quality Control Head, Expertise in planning, directing and coordinating Quality Assurance Programs.
  • Sujata Sharma
    Technical Writer
    3+years of experience in technical writing.
  • Akshita Sharma
    Lead Digital Marketer
    Lead digital marketer having expertise in ICO promotions, content strategy and branding


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  • 1
    - The origin of WC platform idea. - Development of the concept and business plan.
  • 2
    - WC Originals augmentation and concept formulation. - Building up characters and comic storyline.
  • 3
    ICO development and other documentation (Whitepaper, Fact Sheet, Terms and Conditions).
  • 4
    - WC web portal basic features development. - Frontend Development. - Backend Development. - WC Wallet Development.
  • 5
    - Continuous development on WC web portal. - Wallet Release. - First Ever: Art rating system development. - Marketplace for content creator. - Comic series launch. - Active marketing campaign. - WC community development.
  • 6
    ICO Launch (Presale).
  • 7
  • 8
    Token distribution.
  • 9
    - Blockchain based development. - Content monetization. - Transparent rating system. - WRT economy building.
  • 10
    Entering animation and the 3D segment.
  • 11
    Marketing and promoting animation and AI enabled 2D and 3D content by WC Originals and created by artists.
  • 12
    Revolutionary blockchain based Animation Tube with 2D, 3D AI enabled content.
  • 13
    Development of AI enabled 2D and 3D characters.

Full description

Warrior Comics - a decentralized blockchain based platform in the comics & animation industry. It will be classified in two categories under “WC Originals” & user generated content. Viewers will get to read the epic stories of superheroes, supervillains & breathtaking wars. The creator can upload their digital creations on the portal. As Warrior Comics is based on the blockchain, so there will be control over the content piracy with transparency. The creators will also get royalty & rewards for their work. The ecosystem works on the internal digital currency- WRT (Warrior Token). As of now WRT will be used for such as leasing out the characters, downloading paid content, create & manage contests and managing the advertisement model. Warrior Comics team is constantly working on building a strong Animation Tube portal and AI enabled 2D, 3D animated characters. Warrior Comics will be the first-ever blockchain based business and advertising model in the animation entertainment industry.



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