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10/07/2019, 12:00 PM
2 671 200 USD
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50 000 ETH
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750 000 000 ZUC
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9 Jul 2019
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  • Nick Ayton
    Blockchain Thought Leader, Crypto Entrepreneur
    Founder & CEO of Chainstarter, Chairman of Platinum Circle, and Co Chairman of Crix Security Token Exchange. A globally recognised name in the world of decentralised business, a Blockchain thought leader, crypto entrepreneur and investor.
  • Ian Maddison
    Chairman European Blockchain Association
    Blockchain and cryptocurrency veteran; Supported many successful TDE projects during his time in EPA such as: Bitgame, Neurochain, Gimmer, Xtrade, Biotron, Coti, TPP, Cashaa, etc.
  • David Parker
    Chief Executive Director Polymath Consulting
    CEO of Polymath Consulting and Co-founder of Konsentus. Payment industry veteran, particularly well known for his work on E-money & Emerging Payments.
  • Andrew Dawson
    Chief Executive Director Dawson Global
    CEO of Dawson Global (a C-suite advisory firm, working across FS, PE and technology), with previous leadership roles at PA Consulting (Head of FS Strategy) and PwC.
  • Alexandre Dube
    Head of Financial Markets TOTAL
    Senior FX derivatives trader, IR derivatives trader, commodity derivatives trader, managing all financial market exposure risks in all asset class for TOTAL.
  • Tahir Adam
    Advisor to CEO
    Former Managing Director of Travelport, Chief Operation Officer at DXC Technology Financial Services, Head of Strategic Initiative at Mahindra, and Chief Financial Officer at WNS


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  • Frank Zhou
    Chief Executive Director
    Former derivatives trader for the past 9 years. Running G10 FX Options books in Europe for 7 years in reputable investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and Societe Generale.
  • Tim Mak
    Head of Marketing
    Former Head of Projects at Big Group, 13 years of experience in advertising industry in renowned marketing agencies such as Oglivy, VCCP and Wunderman.
  • Nathan Liu
    Chief Technology Officer
    Senior software tech lead and lead engineer, 16 years of software development and management experience in various tech leader and financial institutions such as Just Eat, Investec, Bookatable and Logica.
  • James Zhao
    Senior Software Engineer
    Co-founder of Thought & Function. 8 years of experience in software development while working in both banks and tech consulting firm such as Barclays and KPMG.
  • James Bearsley
    Website Designer
    9 years of experience as digital and graphic designer with various advertising and marketing agency including Big Group, Decibel Digital, and Bloodybigspider.
  • Fanny Da
    Project Manager
    20 years working experience of enterprises in market retail and FMCG, Internet applications, business analysis, project management, IT management, marketing technology, new media and social media research and other aspects.
  • Bruce Xu
    Senior Software Engineer
    Former Alipay full-stack developer, senior lead engineer with 15 years of experience in software development and project management.
  • Anatoliy Malinovskiy
    Senior Software Engineer
    Former Alipay and Microsoft backend developer, senior software engineer with 13 years of software development and tech consulting experience, deep knowledge of technology ecosystems in the bank industry.
  • Davis Huang
    Full Stack Developer
    Business Development Analyst and hardcore Fintech enthusiast, currently working towards her BA Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford.


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    Alpha version completed.
  • 2
    Key payment partnership agreement signed.
  • 3
    Ten asset management partners signed.
  • 4
    FCA authorization for investment arrangement.
  • 5
    Beta Product soft launch in UK.
  • 6
    FCA authorization for AISP, PISP.
  • 7
    Official launch in the UK with crypto payment and banking functions.
  • 8
    Complete tokenization of all platform financial transactions.
  • 9
    Integration with investment providers via blockchain based KYC.
  • 10
    - Official launch in UK with investment products. - Soft launch in the rest of the EU.
  • 11
    Official launch in Europe with crypto payment and banking functions.
  • 12
    Official launch in Europe with investment products.
  • 13
    - Soft launch in US. - Connect to more than 50 financial services partners on the platform.
  • 14
    - Official launch in US for crypto payment and banking. - Official launch in rest of Europe with investment products.
  • 15
    Soft launch in Asia.

Full description

Zeux is a blockchain based financial ecosystem company, building the world's first crypto mobile payment app that uses the world’s first integrated crypto & fiat investment platform. By partnering with a long list of financial institutions in both the fiat and crypto worlds, we are merging these different financial services combining mobile payment, banking, and investment services into one application.



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