Synapsecoin (SYP)

End date:
01/06/2019, 02:59 AM
420 000 USD
Brief information
Get money
18 000 000 USD
1 SYP = 0.05 USD
990 000 000 SYP
Start date
1 Apr 2019
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  • Timo Trippler
    ICO Advisor - Fund Raising
    Timo Trippler is an ICO advisor and entrepreneur with experience in the FinTech and InsurTech industry.
  • Naviin Kapoor
    Asesor de ICO y Blockchain.
    Blockchain ICO Consultant and Advisor with extensive knowledge of ICO Investment, Marketing, PR, Blockchain and ICO.
  • Murat Ali
    Expert in digital marketing, rewards campaign manager
    Founder at, has experience in Digital Marketing and bounty campaign manager.
  • Zhezad Khan
    CTO and Counselor
    Experience for 7 years. Expert in Generating Sales and building relationships with investors.


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Team: 8

  • Edwin Saul Flores
    CEO Chief Executive Officer
    Founder and Executive Director. Specialized in Blockchain, cryptocurrency and trading technology solutions.
  • Elmer Torres
    Businessman, organizer and Personal Coach. Passionate about the organization within the most influential communities nationwide.
  • Suimer Pareja
    Investor- Blockchain Market research director, crypto and ICO. 2 years of experience in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Jose Antonio Paredes
    Business аnd Corporative Image V.President
    Community Manager, Marketing professional, Synapsecoin community developer and SEO and SEM positioning expert.
  • Vladimir Chachi
    Criptowasi V.President
    Entrepreneur and consultant in Information Technology, Passionate about technology and innovation.
  • Kevin´s Choque
    Product Development Director оn Synapsecoin
    Coordinator of research and development activities on Synapsecoin. Expert in cryptoworlk and Blockchain.
  • Karina Garrafa
    Front-End Developer
    Specialist on front-ends development of websites and mobile applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Maria Flores Vega
    Dir. En desarrollo de producto en Criptowasi
    Coordinador de las actividades de investigación y desarrollo de Synapsecoin. Experto en criptográfia y Blockchain.
  • 1
    Team conformation and community expansion.
  • 2
    Analysis of traditional Crowdfunding market, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
  • 3
    Crowdfunding design and its implementation with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
  • 4
    Whitepaper development.
  • 5
    "CriptoWasi" exchange development.
  • 6
    Creation and SYP tokens verification.
  • 7
    Development of SynapseCoin website.
  • 8
    - Implementation of Marketing Strategy, Bounty campaign starts. - Private sale campaign.
  • 9
    Ends of private sale.
  • 10
    - Public sale campaign. - “ProjectSYP” and SYNAPSECOIN development as collective financing system.
  • 11
    - Final sale campaign. - Launching of “Criptowasi” Exchange.
  • 12
    Beta phase of Synapsecoin as a collective financing system.
  • 13
    Official launching of synapsecoin as collective financing system.
  • 14
    - Official launching of “projectSYP”. - Expansion and execution of innovative projects on synapsecoin platform.

Full description

Synapsecoin is a project which has as the main objective, use of crowdfunding system and Blockchain technology in all its splendour. One of the problems found around the world is the financial of entrepreneurs and businessmen looking to expand to international markets. Synapsecoin found this problem, raises this crowdfunding financing system, through it, entrepreneurs and businessmen will have the opportunity to get financing and run their project, and for those who want to invest we will present a range of fully qualified projects in our crowdfunding, providing all our users with the advice indicated in the area. Synapsecoin is made up of a solid professional team who are passionate about innovating, and aware of new technologies (Blockchain), sharing a philosophy of teaching, helping people, making them discover their own talents and live from it. In our Crowdfunding system, the user will should to register, verify and approve the KYC, once these requirements are fulfilled he will have access to the services we provide, each service will have a reference link on our page. The SYP cryptocurrency will be used for exchanges in our own Exchange Criptowasi.


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