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20/05/2019, 10:00 PM
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3 000 000 EUR
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5 Apr 2019
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  • Dragos Visan
    Balms & Asociatii
  • Felicia Smarandache
    Tax Adviser
  • Simona Ghita
    Financial Adviser
  • Silvia Frusina
    PHD Child Psychology
  • Andrei Vasile
    Marketing & Social Media
  • Raluca-Ionica Ciuperca
    PHD English Teacher & Authorised Translator
  • Mariana Barac
    PHD Child Psychology
  • Anubhav Pundir
    Consulting CMO (ICO FLOCK)
  • Raghav Sawhney
    CMO Adviser
  • Deri Septian Nugroho
    Media Community Manager
  • Ishi Kawa
    Asia Community Manager
  • Anthony Abunassar
    Anthony built his career in the world’s most prominent financial institutions. PWC Banking Advisory, Rothschild & Co, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. His expertise now being the world of cryptocurrency and ICO investing. His pedigree in finance is unparalleled.
  • Shaban Al Ghazali
    Business Consultant & Arabic Translator


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Team: 8

  • Razvan Boarta
    Chef Executive Officer
  • Alexandra Al Ghazali
    Chef Operation Officer
  • Eugen Bugoiu
    Chef Information Officer
  • Dan Smarandache
    Chef Legal Officer
  • Cosmin Meleca
    Chef Finacial Officer
  • Adelina Stan
    Senior Legal Officer
  • Mihai Grancea
    Blockchain Developer
  • Radu Stanciuc
    Crypto Exchange Specialist


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    Based on our experience with crypto world, mining, exchanging and working with different projects on blockchain, we start developing the idea of a new coin based on scrypt algorithm, witch aims at supporting a platform for child’s development stages. This is the origin of Venoty platform idea. We create the infrastructure to sustain blockchain Venoty platform.
  • 2
    - Development of the concept and business plan. - Engaging with advisors and preparing financial, marketing and social research study.
  • 3
    We start developing the Venoty coin including wallets for linux, windows and macos, pool software, block explorer, paper wallet and begin stress testing.
  • 4
    - We are launching pre-bounty campaign and releasing Venoty white paper. - Launching Venoty ICO campaign. The coins will be delivered to the owners at the end of the ICO campaign to prevent mining before the official release.
  • 5
    - Releasing the main website, Venoty coin with Block Explorer, Wallets and Official Pool. - Beginning coin distribution. - Preparing to open discussion for exchange market and payment gateway.
  • 6
    - Continue developing the Venoty platform and market. - Secure the Venoty network by encouraging users to mine and establish their wallets. - Upgrade and maintain Venoty core. - Develop and release wallets for web and mobile. - Continually improve functionality and increase hardware.
  • 7
    - Releasing the Venoty platform and market in closed beta version, and opening registration for 2000 users for testing and debugging. - Follow us on telegram channel for upcoming registration for close beta..
  • 8
    Final release for Venoty platform and marketplace.
  • 9
    - We hope that the Venoty platform will grow into a community that will make the world a better place, linking people to a different culture faster than the distance between them. - Further development of the ecosystem (2000+ partners, 2.5 million active users).

Full description

Venoty is a digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. The Venoty platform was customized in accordance with the needs of the child, with its own content, and it was created by educational and IT specialists. Venoty will become, in time, the perfect tool to guide the child into his or her own personal development process. Venoty is designed for responsible parents who want to educate their children in a creative way and provide them with correct, balanced and well-structured information according to their needs from birth (or even earlier) until teenage years.


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