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31/12/2019, 03:00 AM
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2 000 000 EUR
1 ESW = 0.8 EUR
60 000 000 ESW
Start date
15 Mar 2019
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  • Quentin Herbrecht
    Top 1 France ICObench Expert
    ICO-STO Advisor | IMMO | Top 1 France & Top 50 ICObench Expert | Manager france Golden Currency
  • Vladimir DENIS
    General Manager - ABC Corporation / ICO Advisor
    Financial Investment Advisor in Cryptocurrencies / General Manager – ABC Corporation / ICO Advisor / Trader / Writer.
  • Qusai Sharef
    ICO / STO Advisor & Expert
    Research and Development | Blockchain Expert | IMMO HIGH 1000 | First Circle Expert in
  • Guillaume Micouin
    ICO Bench Expert | Blockgeeks Ambassador
    ICO Bench Expert | Blockgeeks Ambassador | IDACB Advisory Board | IMMO High1000 | Bitcoin Foundation Member | CEO-ABC.
  • Bryan Blaevoet
    Directeur Marketing | ICO Advisor
    With several years of experience in the digital sector, project management particularly through his professional experience in the aeronautics sector.
  • Florian Rézeau
    COO | ICO Advisor
    With several years of experience in the digital sector especially in the digital sector. Experiences in the blockchain sector as a consultant for several projects.

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  • Cyril Pierrefeu
    Founder & CEO
    Graduate of an engineering degree, the founder Cyril Pierrefeu is a passionate entrepreneur, methodical and visionary.
  • Christian Le Clech
    Director and CTO
    Always motivated by very ambitious entrepreneurial challenges, his meeting with Cyril Pierrefeu is quite natural.
  • Deepanshu Bhatt
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Deepanshu is an experienced professional in the domain of Blockchain Tech and Marketing. He has a knack for connecting with people.
  • Jonathan Flores
    Sales Manager
    Jonathan is a sales manager experienced in new technologies. He has an incredible sense of sharing the topics that interests him.
  • Serge Drevet
  • 1
    Creation of Easy Free.
  • 2
    Deposit of the eSwitch® brand with the INPI.
  • 3
    - Create website - Pre ICO. - ICO
  • 4
    - Mobile app available. - Multilingual available. - Expand to Europe.
  • 5
    - 500.000 users. - eSwitch® securized API available for other websites. - Expand to North America.
  • 6
    - Q1: 1.000.000 users. - Q2-Q3: 3.000.000 users. Expand to Asia, Africa and South America. - Q4: 10.000.000 users.

Full description

eSwitch will be the cryptocurrency of a new system of exchange and sharing of goods and services in which humans and these universal values will be the center. ShareMeAll Marketplace and eSwitch Tokens are an alternative community project for the exchange and sharing not only of skills, but also of objects, all or part of their home, their car, ect. It will allow everyone to share and use all that can imagine, today possible to be exchanged or shared. In return, users of ShareMeAll will receive eSwitch that will allow them to take advantage of services, objects, accommodations, etc. offered by other members around the world.


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