Global Funeral Care (GFCS)

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04/07/2019, 03:00 PM
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101 d. 07:24:13
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57 000 000 USD
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370 000 000 GFCS
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1 Mar 2019
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  • Richard Kastelein
    ICO Advisor
    Kastelein has an Ad Honorem – Honorary Ph.D. and is Chair Professor of Blockchain at China’s first Blockchain University in Nanchang at the Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software and Technology.
  • Laurence Diederich
    Business Development Advisor
    Laurence Diederich is an executive level business development professional, notable in the blockchain industry.
  • Maryana Konobevskaya
    ICO Advisor
    Maryana Konobevskaya got interested in cryptocurrencies in 2017 and is an active crypto community member since then. Maryana has experience as community manager, crypto currency analyst and ICO marketing.
  • Zahid Ali
    Growth & Strategic Relations Advisor
    Zahid is a Law & European Business BA (Hons) Graduate & holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). He is a seasoned entrepreneur with many years of experience under his belt. The main focus has been on strategic development, strategy, partnerships, problem solving & researching. Using a wealth of knowledge and experience, built over the last 15 years of being an hands on entrepreneur. Combined with actual experience, knowledge and expertise of working within the blockchain space and projects more recently.


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  • Alex van der Wal
    Chief Executive Officer
    Experienced as Operational Manager and Communication Specialist, the CEO of the Global Funeral Care Foundation his primary responsibilities are making major corporate decisions and managing the overall operations of the foundation.
  • Francesco Ricci
    Founder and Chief Technology Officer
    Francesco has significant experience on blockchain technology. He contributed to the development of several cryptocurrencies and is highly interested in peer to peer technologies.
  • Freek van Leijden
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Freek is the connection with customers. He has many years of experience in the field of web development and marketing, has a background in international business, and in social media management.
  • Itamar Salomão
    Core Developer
    Itamar is part of the core Global Funeral Care Foundation development team.
  • 1
    Formation Global Funeral Care Foundation.
  • 2
    Release draft economic model.
  • 3
    Release draft white paper.
  • 4
    - Release white paper (v1.0). - Release economic model (v1.0). - Launch website. - Launch help center. - Start private sale. - Start pre-sale.
  • 5
    - Start final sale. - Launch forum. - Release framework platform. - Start development platform (pre-alpha version).
  • 6
    - Launch platform (pre-alpha). - Testing platform (pre-alpha). - Start development platform (alpha).
  • 7
    - Launch GFC (mainnet). - Release Windows wallet (v.1.0). - Release Linux wallet (v.1.0). - Release macOS wallet (v.1.0). - Release Android wallet (v.1.0). - Start exchange listing campaign. - Launch platform (alpha). - Testing platform (alpha).
  • 8
    - Start development platform (beta). - Launch platform (beta). - Testing platform (beta).
  • 9
    - Launch platform (release candidate).
  • 10
    - System-wide evaluation. - Platform (general availability).
  • 11
    - Release Windows wallet (v2.0). - Release Linux wallet (v2.0). - Release macOS wallet (v.2.0). - Release Android wallet (v.2.0).


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The Global Funeral Care Foundation offers a complete infrastructure by developing a decentralized platform together with a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency to support the funeral industry on a global level. The foundation wants to create economically productive relationships and play a key role in the advancement of knowledge and technology and become an important link in the innovation chain in the funeral industry. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing between funeral homes, suppliers, and customers through the Global Funeral Care platform will enable faster and more advanced global innovation and increase transparency. Moreover, the platform helps these organizations to reduce production and distribution costs. The platform will generate profit through the Proof of Stake mechanism, advertising, and through an online marketplace where wholesalers and retailers that operate in the funeral industry can sell their products globally to funeral homes and consumers.


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