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  • Shyam Morjaria MRPharmS
    Superintendent Pharmacist & Head of Purchasing
    Shyam Morjaria is a versatile individual, with a background in the pharmaceutical wholesale business, who serves in a multifaceted role for UK Meds.
  • Samuel Ogunsalu
    Samuel Ogunsalu has a background in scientific research and has over 20 years’ experience in technological commercialization, licensing, and business development.
  • Patrick Curry OBE
    CEO, British Business Federation Authority (BBFA)
    Patrick Curry is CEO, British Business Federation Authority (BBFA), tasked with enabling the implementation of secure collaboration including federated identity & access management and privacy using new technologies, such as blockchains, DLT and AI.
  • Joe Soiza
    UK Meds Owner and Healthcare Visionary
    Joe Soiza has already built UK Meds into one of the UK’s largest private prescribing online pharmacies in just 2 years.
  • Chris Trew
    CEO and Founder of Stratis Group Ltd
    Chris Trew is the CEO and Founder of Stratis Group Ltd. and the sole visionary behind the .NET Blockchain Solution that Stratis Group Ltd. offers.


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  • Dexter Blackstock
    Mediconnect Director
    Dexter Blackstock had a 14-year career as a professional footballer, playing for Southampton, Queens Park Rangers, and Nottingham Forest.
  • Bobby Cato
    Operational Manager
    Joe Soiza has already built UK Meds into one of the UK’s largest private prescribing online pharmacies in just 2 years.
  • Gary Nelson
    PHZ Group Owner & Visionary
    Jason Timms has a proven track record growing healthcare businesses from the initial concept all the way to the market.
  • Harry Chathli
    Head of Investor Relations, Communications and Strategy
    Chris Trew is the CEO and Founder of Stratis Group Ltd. and the sole visionary behind the .NET Blockchain Solution that Stratis Group Ltd. offers.


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    Conceived Idea and scoped out requirements of a Prescription Drug Addiction Database.
  • 2
    Agreed blockchain platform partnership with Stratis.
  • 3
    Presented idea of a regional trial of East Midlands Pharmacies with newly formed Nottingham Addiction Safeguarding Committee.
  • 4
    - Jason Timms appointed chair of the official Prescription Drug Addiction (PDA) Working Group with the BBFA to tackle over prescribing, drug recalls, counterfeit drug reduction. - Agreed contract start date with ASC Nottingham for Q2 2019 and the onboarding of 2 Pharmacies to MediConnect. - Attended all Chairperson Meeting of the BBFA working groups to look at collaborative opportunities of the PDA on legal, identity, master data, assurance and Cybersecurity working groups.
  • 5
    - ICO Public Sale. - PDA Working Group meeting – Invites to attend to CQC, MHRA, GPhC, LPC, Pharma wholesale and retail industry.
  • 6
    - Commence contract with the ASC to support the Nottingham Trial and UK roll out programme. - Tower Pharmacy & UK Meds will be first 2 Pharmacies on the ASC blockchain solution from MediConnect. - 6 other Pharmacies will be integrated, including 1 NHS Hospital outpatient dispensing pharmacy.
  • 7
    - Collaboration with Local Pharmacy Groups and membership committee to inform on pilot and expand reach to 20 further pharmacies in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester. - Partnership with Pharmacy Wholesaler – implementation of drug recall and counterfeit medication system.
  • 8
    Publish trial research and outcomes – present at PDA meeting to CQC, MHRA. GPhC, LPC and Industry.
  • 9
    The MediConnect platform will demonstrate an improved duty of care and detection that will see a reduction in pharmacy insurance for Pharmacies.
  • 10
    Will see the recruitment of 500 UK Pharmacies join MediConnect through the expansion of the ASC membership in the UK.
  • 11
    Aim for MediConnect to be the Industry standard solution for traceability of drugs for recall and counterfeit medication detection.
  • 12
    The ASC achieves it’s goal of UK Pharmacies required to be members of the ASC and the MediConnect platform is used by all UK pharmacies.


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MediConnect is the only blockchain solution intended to revolutionize the use of medication in the UK. It will prevent the over-prescribing to patients of medication from multiple pharmacies, reduce addiction, provide traceability of drugs from manufacturers, wholesalers, prescribers and pharmacies all the way through to patients. This will enable the removal of false medicines and the easy recall of drugs within the Pharma system. The Safety Net for Patients, Prescribers, Pharmacies and Drug Manufacturers: With all the regulatory bodies within the Pharmacy sector recognizing and concerned about the growing issue of over-prescribing of prescription medication online, MediConnect can offer a solution to this growing problem almost immediately. Prescribers & pharmacies using MediConnect will have the confidence that by using our blockchain solution, the misuse and over-prescribing of prescription medication to potential addicts – who would normally shop around online for medication – will be eliminated.


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