International Sky Group (ISG)

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15/05/2019, 12:00 AM
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150 000 000 USD
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350 000 000 ISG
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15 Feb 2019
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  • Oleg Sirotkin
    Chairman of the Board, President of the National Technology Chamber. Academic, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Member of the Academy of Security, Defense, Law and Order. Member of the International Engineering Academy of the Russian Federation, and the Scientific Council on the Mechanics of Structures from Composite Materials Sciences. Chairman of the Scientific Council of Rosaviakosmos.
  • Vladimir Bubela
    Vice President of the National Technology Chamber. PhD in Technical Sciences. General Director TECHCOM - Electronic LTD.
  • Yuriy Kubarev
    Epoch person. One of the most significant figures in the field of aerospace research. Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, a member of the International Association of Authors of Scientific Discoveries, Honorary Professor of Shanghai Aerospace Academy, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor. Author and co-author of about 300 scientific works and inventions.
  • Serguei Bedziouk
    Leading engineer at Innovation technologies management at National Institute of Aviation Technology JSC. PhD in Space Human Engineering. More than 40 years of experience in technical and business development of the International Aerospace Projects. Member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. Developed and conducted robotics training for the ISS crews. Designed programs and methods for pre-flight and on-board cosmonaut training.
  • Scott Larson
    Co-Founder & CEO of Helios Wire, an IoT start-up. Years of experience in technology start-up / entrepreneurship sector, as well as in corporate finance. Co-founder and CEO of UrtheCast, a tech company hired by the Russian Space Agency, to install two cameras outside the ISS.

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  • Timur Kilimov
    Chief Executive Officer
    University of Essex, in finance and banks. Russian State University for the Humanities with a degree in finance and credit. Has a huge experience in managing and implementing projects in various sectors of the economy. Board memeber and co-founder of a number of successful business projects in the B2C segment.
  • Vladislav Boykachev
    Chief Technical Officer
    Technical Director of the Center for Design of On-Board Computing ANO STRC New Committee. Moscow Aviation Institute, faculty of Aircraft control systems. Degree: candidate of technical sciences. Developed the ideology and technology of building a satellite communication system ISG and spacecraft. Supervises the team of specialists who create the ISG CAS.
  • Yuriy Bogdanov
    Chief Industrial Engineer
    PhD in Technical Sciences. In 1965 he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Technology Institute. Since 1976 - candidate of technical sciences, «Inventor of the USSR». Many practical works have no analogues in the world. Supervises a team of specialists who create the design and technology of manufacturing units, systems and spacecraft for the ISG CAS.
  • Oleg Chernikov
    Chief Structural Engineer
    PhD in Technical Sciences. Kazan Aviation Institute. He has a huge practical experience in the development of on board radio-electronic equipment for spacecraft, including Yamal-100, Yamal-200, Meteor-M, Luna-Glob, Luna-Resurs, GLONASS-K, GLONASS-K2. More than a hundred types of instruments and various equipment have been created. He was awarded the medal For Services to the Fatherland.
  • Yakov Ostrovskiy
    Sector head
    PhD in Technical Sciences. Since 2004, he has participated in the development of a number of on board computers and interfaces for a number of spacecrafts. The structure of these products includes developed system controller, multiplex channel controller, instrument interface controller, inter machine exchange controller and other devices.
  • Andrey Risin
    Head of Radiotechnics Department
    PhD in Technical Sciences. Moscow Institute of Electronics and Automation. Highly qualified specialist in the field of development of specialized algorithms for high-speed information processing. The method of reception, which he created, for satellite communication, has no analogues in the world. Author of a significant number of scientific papers, publications and books.
  • Sofya Arkusskaya
    Head of Software Department
    PhD in Technical Sciences. Moscow Aviation Institute. Specialist of the highest qualification, in the field of software development. Has a rich, many years of practical experience in creating system software, special and applied. At the moment, it manages a division of specialists implementing real-time system software for the ISG CAS. The winner of the prize is A.S. Popov.
  • Vladimir Dubrovskiy
    Chief Engineer
    PhD in Technical Sciences. Ryazan Radio Engineering Institute with a degree in Electronic Computers. A significant number of implemented developments successfully perform their functions in a number of systems and complexes for various purposes. Leading developer of the ISG SCS creation in the part of the specialized processing of communication message packets.
  • Valeriy Dmitrov
    Head of Aviation Technology Department
    PhD in Technical Sciences. Head of Department of the National Institute of Aviation Technology JSC.
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    Whitepaper about our project is published.
  • 2
    Will last 3 months for a narrow circle of companies and investors.
  • 3
    Will last 3 months and anyone can buy tokens by exchanging them for crypto-currencies.
  • 4
    Implementation of the 1st stage of the project
    The implementation of space experiment (SE): the production of satellites, launch and adaptation in real space conditions. This phase will take from 18 to 24 months.
  • 5
    Implementation of the 2nd phase of the project
    Systematic deployment of the system, during the next 2-3 years, which will occur as part of the creation of a joint venture with large states. Covering the information space of their territories will be the beginning of the gradual withdrawal of the ISG system to large-scale commercial operation.
  • 6
    Launch of the ISG satellites system in commercial operation
    Large-scale commercial operation launching procedures of the ISG satellites system, start of the services provision and sales.


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International Sky Group Company (ISG) presents Satellite Communication System (SCS) with highspeed broadband access to Internet, which is more superior to analogues. The system is developed based on low-orbit, mobile, small-size satellite constellation. This is the only system, combined with high speed of data transmission, functionality, reliability, security and economy. Unprecedented intersatellite and interorbital communication is able to provide broadband access to Internet, high-speed multimedia communication with subscribers located anywhere in the world. This system is not comparable to any other SCS in the world.


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