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01/07/2019, 02:59 AM
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1 Mar 2019
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  • Julia Korobkina
    Strategic Advisor
    Julia is our Strategic Advisor from Germany and an expert in ICO Startups, with solid background in Marketing and PR. She has co-founded a number of fintech companies in Russia, US and Europe.
  • Arun Sachdeva
    ICO Advisor
    Arun is our ICO Advisor. He currently handles Business Development at Code Brew Labs in India and has been advising blockchain startups and ICOs from concept and development to launching.
  • Anurag Gautam
    Marketing Specialist and Advisor
    Anurag is our Marketing Specialist and Advisor in the field of Information and Blockchain Technology. He is currently working with Bient Technologies in India as Senior Business Development Associate.
  • Eric Allen
    Blockchain Consultant
    Eric is our Blockchain Consultant and CEO of Knox Fintech in Tennessee with core services in software and mobile programming, blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange development.


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  • Larrimar Tia
    Founder, Creative Director, Project Architect and Developer
    Larrimar is the Founder, Creative Director, Project Architect and Developer at Indigen with more than 20 years of experience in designing and building mobile, web and application systems.
  • Tom Weg
    Blockchain Developer and Network Administrator
    Tom is a full time Blockchain Developer and Network Administrator based in Poland whose main expertise revolves around PoS protocols and masternode-based cryptocurrencies.
  • Daoud Hichem
    Community Development Manager
    Daoud is our Community Development Manager for the Arabic and French speaking communities. He is from Algeria and is responsible for the translation of our materials to Arabic/French.
  • Code Brew Labs
    We have initiated our discussions with Code Brew Labs, an app development group in India. We will work with them to ensure our products are delivered with the highest standards and world class quality.
  • 1
    Indigen 1.0 Web Wallet and Web Site Launched.
  • 2
    Indigen Mobile 1.0 for Android with built-in Merchant Tools.
  • 3
    Indigen 2.0 Masternode Blockchain Upgrade and Web Wallets Migration.
  • 4
    - Merchant Connect Tools. - Launch iAM Indigen Products.
  • 5
    - Launch Indigen XT (IDGX). - Launched Indigen Mobile 2.0. - Started development of Indigen Blockchain Identity (i.BID) System which is a pre-requisite of BUILD and other future projects.
  • 6
    - Continue development of BUILD and research / documentation of indigenous languages in the Philippines. - Establish partnership with various indigenous groups. - Launch Indigen iAM Scholar Programme for indigenous children.

Full description

Indigen is the very first blockchain project designed to preserve indigenous cultures and languages; to protect the identities, rights and properties, and to uplift lives of the poor indigenous people. We incentivize our users and investors who contribute to our projects, and portion of the sales are used in various outreach programs.


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