Ludos (LUD)

Computer Games & VR
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01/03/2019, 02:59 AM
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50 500 ETH
1 ETH = 13149 LUD
10 000 000 000 LUD
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1 Feb 2019
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  • Gregory Wornell
    Technical Consultant
    Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Director of the Signal, Information and Algorithms Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Prof. Wornell is a world-class expert in information technology and information processing.
  • Jia Tian
    Technical Consultant
    AI industry veteran and former Senior Developer at Baidu and Alibaba.
  • Peter Du
    Famous angel investor and outstanding entrepreneur of the 90’s.
  • Lily Wan
    Operations Consultant
    MBA, Yale University Miss Wan is a partner at a well-known blockchain fund. She focuses on research on blockchain technology and cryptographic economies.


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  • Joy Hao
    As one of the early participants in the blockchain industry, Miss Joy began to focus on blockchain technology in 2014 and developed strategic layouts for investment worldwide.
  • Tai Jin
    Bachelor’s in Science, Business Administration / Finance, Carnegie Mellon University; Investment Analyst and Senior Blockchain Investor.
  • Joe Meng
    Bachelor's in Computer Science, Beijng University; Experience game developer and successful entrepreneur.
  • Evan Zhang
    He graduated with honors from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mr. Zhang obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics, applied mathematics, and finance.
  • Rick Zhu
    Legal Consultant
    Master of Law, Columbia University. Mr. Zhu served as the senior legal advisor at ExxonMobil Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Marry Meng
    Data Privacy and Security Scientist
    Ph.D. in Cryptography, Boston University. After having worked at Microsoft Research, Apple, and Amazon, Mr. Meng started researching Bitcoin and blockchain in 2010.
  • Jinpeng Zhu
    Technical Lead
    Early researcher in the internet and blockchain industries.
  • Kevin Zhang
    Operation Director
    Mr. Zhang worked at Blizzard Entertainment as a game developer for the development of Overwatch, which is the company's core product.
  • Zoe Zhang
    Head of Marketing, VP
    Bachelor's in Fine Arts, Chongqing University. Ms. Zhang was one of the early members and the core leadership of PR Team in Tron, which at its peak, has a 16 billion USD in market capitalization.
  • Sakamoto Yui
    Director of Public Relations
    She is a senior media practitioner, with rich resources and relationships with Japan’s media industry.
  • Fenny Wang
    Senior Game Engineer
    Master of Computer Science, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Mr. Wang worked for the Japanese game company Gumi Co., Ltd.
  • Alex Wang
    Marketing director
    Mr. Wang obtained his master degree in business from Keio University with Glodman Sachs Scholarship and Cool Japan Honor from Japan’s government.


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  • 1
    Project starts.
  • 2
    Ludos Fund founded.
  • 3
    Ludos starts financing.
  • 4
    Ludos wallet and test network launched.
  • 5
    Ludos blockchain and map ERC20 token launched.
  • 6
    - Multi-sidechain concept tested. - Decentralized exchange launched.
  • 7
    Decentralized distributed platform and wallet that supports multi-sidechain launched.
  • 8
    Multi-sidechain solution and baas system launched switched to PoS.
  • 9
    Consensus mechanism of Ludos blockchain.
  • 10
    Continuous development of ecosystem.


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Ludos Protocol is a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming community. As only the third blockchain project to be backed by Japanese investment giant Softbank, Ludos addresses numerous shortcomings in the existing gaming landscape. Its main chain + multi-sidechain architecture allows games to run entirely on their own blockchain, preventing scalability issues that have plagued previous blockchain-based games. Additionally, the Protocol seeks to create a gamer-friendly ecosystem whereby game developers and gamers can come together to easily crowdfund and build on the platform. The use of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) within the ecosystem will allow gamers to swap assets in one game for assets in another. Finally, through their partnership with FullPay Japan, Ludos will give gamers the chance to use LUD tokens that are earned in-game to shop and buy at a range of retail stores in Japan and later the world.


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