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31/03/2019, 12:00 AM
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1 Jan 2019
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  • Sean Brizendine
    Blockchain Advisor
    Sean Brizendine has over 7+ years of experience researching bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • Dr. Raymond Winter
    Technology & Business Advisor
    Raymond is a technologist and commercial director with many years of hands-on operational management experience. He has a well established network of international contact, has extensive negotiation skills and successful marketing experience.
  • Bryan Doreian
    Business Advisor & Strategic Partnerships
    Bryan is a highly sought after strategist, business developer, networker and recognizable presence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realms since 2012. He shares his experience, insights and energy with projects of high resonance that make lasting impacts on their communities while tying into the global landscape.
  • James Macdonald
    Strategic Partnerships
    James is a North America based facilitator working with global groups of the Awakening that is sweeping humanity at this time in history.
  • Jane King
    Media Advisor
    Jane King is a 1991 graduate of Purdue University, with a degree in Communications. Jane began her television career at WLFI-TV in Lafayette where she was an anchor and reporter. During that time, Jane also taught a few classes at Purdue in broadcast journalism. After WLFI, Jane began to specialize in financial and business reporting and went on to cover consumer issues at WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, and the stock market for both CNN and Bloomberg Television.
  • Francisco Mcdougall
    Technical Evaluation
    Francisco is an entrepreneur, technologist/engineer and social activist. Over the last 10 years he has been involved with several start-up companies relating to health, technology, and agriculture.
  • Fabrizio Zampieri
    Financial Analysis
    Economist and Financial Analyst. Areas of expertise: Corporate Finance and Foreign Markets, with the following specificities - analysis and study of financial markets; exchange rate risk and financial instruments management; cryptocurrencies and ICO markets analysis and advisoring.
  • Guido Parchi
    Technical Advisor
    Guido is an entrepreneur, technologist/engineer specialized in environmental engineering and clean energy technologies.


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  • Robert J. Reich
    CEO - GAIA Energy Projects
  • Roberto Reuter
    COO - GBI Power Units
  • Heiko Erxleben
    COO - Mining Container
  • Andreas Fr. v. Brandenburg
    CCO - All Projects
  • Robert Atkin
    Head of Blockchain development
  • Christian Steiner
  • Christoph Beiser
    Head of Hydrogen Technologies
  • Raphael Kury


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  • 1
    - Establishment of GAIA association / Austria. - 6 founding members.
  • 2
    - Establishment of GAIA-Energy / Germany. - Commercial Departement of GAIA.
  • 3
    - Developing criteria for project search. - Starting to search, test and verify projects. - Project count: 3. - Public test with +700 people watching. - Promotion of kinetic power plant.
  • 4
    - Kinetic Powerplant project cancelled. - Search for new projects.
  • 5
    +35 cooperating partners. +20 projects tested. - 5 energy projects passed our examination. - 18 employees. - About 3300 members.
  • 6
    - Projectcount: +20. - Start of project: GAIA Mining Container. - Finishing first prototype of container.
  • 7
    - New whitepaper. - Tokensale preparation. - Controlling project progress.
  • 8
    - Establishment of GAIA-Energy-Projects. - Tokensale preparation. - Smart contract development.
  • 9
    - Presale. - GBI progress control. - Preparation for further tests. - Crowdsale.
  • 10
    - On-going token sale. - Inspection of a new device in Russia. - Inspection of Container-production. - Inspection of a new device in Turkey. - Public test of GBI by Infinity.SAV.
  • 11
    - Building the test-room. - Receiving more distribution-rights for GBI. - Transport and test preparations GBI. - Public test of GBI in test-room. - Verification of GBI by certified body. - (SGS/German. Lloyd/TÜV).
  • 12
    - Start of GBI production. - Release of GBI-BETA devices. - Transport and test preparations Yildiz-Motor. - Prototype test Yildiz-Motor. - Transport and test preparations HHO-Cell. - Prototype test HHO-Cell.


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GAIA-Projects are the products of painstaking research and development for the most promising and exciting energy inventions and innovations — unique products, devices, and processes that help the world step away from its reliance on fossil fuels and other harmful energy resources of the past.


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