Zimrii (ZMR)

Trade and advertising
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01/10/2019, 12:00 AM
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20 000 000 USD
1 ZMR = 0.15 USD
200 000 000 ZMR
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16 Sep 2019
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  • Francois Le Page
    Board Advisor
    François is a Senior Manager with solid international experience in managing and developing organizations with a track record that includes two successful IPOs and selling the company to a large worldwide IT Group
  • Michael Rom
    Board Advisor
    Michael is a highly experienced entrepreneur having co-founded several successful online companies both in Australia and the US. Currently he is the CTO/COO of an Australian Fintech company
  • Rico Soto
    Board Advisor
    Management role in the Entertainment Industry Successful career in Artist Management and Music. Director of Australian Blockchain Music Association Over 9 Years in Music Industry: - Management & Talent Development roles. - Over 4 Years in Studio management roles. - Over 10 years in Management & Business Development roles. - Over 16 years of marketing/ advertising experience
  • Glen Giffen
    Board Advisor
    A driven and motivated sales and managerial professional with a high level of technical proficiency in treasury, financial market risk management and hedge accounting. Shares a strong passion for music
  • David Chung
    Creo Legal Law Firm
    David is a corporate, commercial and property lawyer. He is passionate about changing how legal services are delivered. He advises startups and early stage ventures, with a strong focus on the rapidly growing blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
  • Mehdi Zerouali
    Sigma Prime Blockchain & Cybersecurity
    Mehdi's expertise in ethical hacking is revered by his clients and colleagues alike. During his previous career as a penetration tester at Ernst & Young's advisory arm, he performed hundreds of penetration tests of corporate networks and applications across a range of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, and the public.
  • Raj Dhonota
    Entrepreneur / Investor
    An angel investor and entrepreneur. Has founded many businesses and learnt as much from the failures as the successes. Has an investment portfolio that now extends to over 100 companies.


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  • Mo Jalloh
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Mo had a successful former business and technology career in the City of London. He was instrumental in establishment of 3 startups in the UK and Australia and successfully closed seed investment in Zimrii. He’s passionate about music and film and for making a difference in people’s lives. He’s also not a bad tennis player!
  • Paolo Gava
    Co-Founder & CTO
    A software engineer with over 20 years senior experience in the technology sector. Paolo has worked across range of sectors including financial services, and media leading teams of developers and engineers to deliver cutting edge technologies.
  • Denisa Cerna
    Product Manager, Zimrii Film
    Denisa founded her own film production company in 2011 and successfully raised film investment from Hollywood. She has previous feature production experience from the world famous Barrandov film studio “the European Hollywood’ in Czech Republic.
  • Amy Gates
    Product Manager, Zimrii Music
    Amy is an experienced music industry professional and has worked with many prestigious music organisations such as Rolling Stone and PRS for Music She has developed and executed many advertising and marketing campaigns for Australia Guitar Magazine as well as Partnership Manager for prestigious music conferences such as Australian Music Week and HiFi Days Festival
  • Hamza Askari
    Developer / Tester
    A Software Testing and Developer professional with over 9 years of experience in delivering outstanding projects for various industries (health, e-commerce and Banking/Financial Services). A passionate musician with focus on Blockchain technology in the Music Industry
  • Tharaka Manawardhana
    An innovative full stack developer having 10+ years of experience in developing diverse solutions across a broad section of industries.
  • Ranga Fernanda
    12 years in Systems design and development. Extensive expertise in current web and windows application technologies and development tools. Self-motivated, responsible, and thorough; equally productive in collaborative and independent work environments.
  • Danushka Perera
    Security Risk and Compliance
    A security and risk professional with expertise across a broad section of information security risk assessments, design and development of security audits and preparation of related policies and procedures for information security standards.
  • Jamie Brasco
    Marketing / Brand Strategist
    Brand Strategist with over 10 years experience identifying and shaping a company’s DNA in the music, fashion and lifestyle industries.
  • 1
    Zimrii Business established.
  • 2
    - Music Industry liaison and validation of music industry and artist pain points. - Establishment of team and buildup. - Closed Seed Investment.
  • 3
    Platform Development and Marketing: - Design and development. - Marketing and Community Building. - Music conference speakers.
  • 4
    Release of Alpha version.
  • 5
    Release of MVP/Beta version of Music Platform.
  • 6
  • 7
    Digital Assets Exchange Product Development.
  • 8
    Product Development – Zimrii Music: - Development of music streaming capabilities. - Development of iOS / Android Apps. - Development of Music video features.
  • 9
    Global Launch of Platform and Exchange.
  • 10
    Development and release of the Zimrii Blockchain.
  • 11
    Zimrii Film: - Design of Zimrii Film product. - Development of Zimrii Film platform. - Release of Alpha version.
  • 12
    Global Launch of Film Platform.


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Zimrii is a music and film platform and global digital assets exchange It introduces a better way for music and film creators to realise more value from their creations, while deepening relationships with their existing fans and attracting new fans through innovative engagement mechanisms.



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