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1 Nov 2018
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  • Prof. Dusit Niyato
    Ph.D., IEEE Fellow. School of Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering
    Dusit Niyato (PhD, IEEE Fellow) has extensive research experience in mobile computing for more than 20 years. He has published more than 400 technical papers and five books in the topics related to mobile networking and cloud computing
  • Dr. Niracharapa Tongdhamachart
    Principle Investigator for
    Deputy Director of Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA, Currently known as DEPA) in Ministry of Digital Economy and Society Thailand.
  • Dr. Rujee Lorpitthaya
    Research Scientist, Consultant and Entrepreneur
    Research on advanced science and engineering of structured materials at the micro and nanoscale, which support key industries in chemicals, medical, automobile, semiconductor, foods, and lifestyle technologies
  • Thomas Schibli
    Blockchain Advisor, and Founder of cBanQ - Crypto Banq International
    Previously, Thomas enjoyed 15 years in various fields of finance including consultant to European banks, with particular interest in the interface of insurance and banking. As strategy consultant to financial institutions his focus was fund valuations and crafting tax efficient global investment strategies in forex, asset backed securities & commodities funds.
  • Viren Gandhi
    Blockchain Advisor & Strategist
    Helping Startups Grow - White Papers, Marketing and Investor Relations DLT IoT & AI. An early cryptocurrency adopter and strong believer in the power of decentralized applications and blockchain technologies.
  • Pongsakorn Sutantayawalee
    Fin-tech/Blockchain Investor
    Fin-tech/Blockchain Investor. As a professional business consultant for competitive advantage, corporate development, he is interested in deep technology, blockchain and innovations will improve the world
  • Songkran Wajanasathian
    SETPointer, Bitcoin and Litecoin Entrepreneur
    Deep tech/Blockchain Investor. Founder of SETPointer Co., Ltd., SETPointer, Bitcoin Thailand and Litecoin Thailand. Over 230K Followers on Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Line, Reddit. Writer of the book “Diamond in Stocks Market” that become Best Seller.
  • Puuwamate Akkachairin
    Financial Advisor
    Highly experienced finance advisor for multinational companies. A stellar and nation-wide recognized top financial consultant/advisor in Thailand.
  • Charaslah Bhumiwat
    Legal Advisor
    Thai barrister at law. Highly experienced Lawyer with more than 30 years experience in Law both Thailand and overseas. Currently, I am a Legal Advisor for multinamtion companies (Pepsi, Shell Oil Company, Tesco, Land & House, etc...).
  • Worawut Worawittayanon
    Editor-in-chief, more than 20 years and have been working in the magazine, newspaper, comics, and game media. Vibulkij Printing Press has long been knowing as number one for the game magazine and comic books, collaborated with "Famitsu" the all-time number one game magazine in Japan.
  • Lim Hongzhuang
    Chief Executive Officer for XSQ
    HongZhuang Lim is a serial entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer for XSQ Pte Ltd. He has spent over 10 years in the food and agriculture industry building businesses from bottom up in diverse environments especially in South East Asia.


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  • Nuttapong Wong-aree
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Highly Experienced in HPC (High-Performance Computing) software such as Platform Computing, SUSE HPC, RedHat Compute, IBM General Parallel File System, Cluster Resources Moab Adaptive HPC Suite and Moab Adaptive Computing Suit.
  • Samret Wajanasathian
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Experienced complex physic algorithmic computational developer and a highly experienced game developer for mobile and console (Sony Play Station / Nintendo).
  • Eakkarach Pusuwan
    CTO / Co-Founder
    C/C++ Specialist and Entrepreneur. Focusing on the logic behind the combination of analysis tools, neural networks and genetic algorithms for optimization. An all arounder who can work in any role in IT software development starting from UI/UX, multi-tier Web Application, complex databases handling or even creating the mobile applications in both iOS and Android
  • Dr. Nguyen Tan Dat
    Data Scientist
    Experienced in data analytic, deep learning and Augmented Reality. Obtained PhD from National Univeristy in 2011 and previously worked as researcher at NUS / Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Lead data scientist, specialized in applying machine learning on unstructured data such as video, text, and medical signals.
  • Chaiyapong Lapliengtrakul
    Data Scientist
    Highly experienced in analyse Big data and develop sophisicated machine learning program. He has been actively working in internet technology industry since 2007. Currently focusing on embracing data analytic techniques on big data together with complex machine learning and apply to digital marketing.
  • Chanon Yaklai
    Blockchain and fullstack Developer
    Experienced UI/UX and blockchain. Specialize in UX/UI (React, Angular, Vue), Cloud solution on Firebase and Unity3d for 2D/3D game development. Also a founder of "EOSIO Developer Thailand" community, and lecturer at King Mongkut's University@Dept.Media Technology and Kasetsart University@Dept.Computer.


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  • 1
    - NATEE accepted by StartupSG's AMP.
  • 2
    - NATEE Beta SDK released. - Exhibited at Innovfest Unbound, e27, SWITCH.
  • 3
    - Research started. - Algorithm Design of Mobile Decentralized Computing Systems.
  • 4
    - NATEE Smart contract deployed. - Pre-sale starts.
  • 5
    1st year - Q1
    - Computing donation for Medical/Astronomy research.
  • 6
    1st year - Q2
    - Fully commercial SDK for Smart NATEE node.
  • 7
    1st year - Q3
    - Cloud crypto mining for cryptocurrencies.
  • 8
    1st year - Q4
    - AI / RI Deep learning on NATEE nodes.
  • 9
    2nd year - Q1
    - 3D computer Graphic imagery / VFX Rendering.
  • 10
    2nd year - Q3
    - NATEE decentralised Cloud storage.
  • 11
    2nd year - Q4
    - NATEE - InterPlanetary file system (IPFS).
  • 12
    3rd year - Q4
    - NATEE on its own blockchain.


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The ability to share computing resources, merging computers and their processors (CPU/GPU) from the widely distributed global location. NATEE project pragmatically harnesses and liberates substantial portions of the collective powers from 8 billion mobile devices around the world in a coordinated and optimized way. NATEE will launch a specially developed workload management system to maximize the efficient use of underutilized mobile devices, smartwatches, and IoT devices (Internet of Things), while minimizing overall costs.


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