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05/05/2019, 03:00 AM
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40 d. 19:27:15
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13 900 000 USD
1 NEXI = 0.01 USD
1 000 000 000 NEXI
Start date
22 Feb 2019
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  • Neo Wang
    Support CFO, Adviser and Financial Analyst
    Neo Yideng Wang is a Chinese born and raised in the city of Fuzhou. He is a passionate of data science and financial markets. He studied finance in China and had the opportunity to spend a few semesters in Germany so as to discover the German approach to finance.
  • Wole Ogunmusire
    Project Devolopment
    Bsc. Economics, Babcock University and MA Business and Financial Economics, University of Greenwich. Wole is currently a procurement officer in a World Bank Assisted Project.

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  • Lionel Mbopi
    Co Founder, CFO, Market Strategist
  • Muyiwa Samson
    Co Founder, Developer, Project Co-ordinator
  • Saso Drobnic
    Co Founder, Market Manager, ICO & PR Manager
  • Shunterio Wilson
    Co-Founder COO
  • Sean Kola Yusuf
    CTO, Full Stack Developer
  • Rukky Ujara
    Developer (web apps)
  • Suryadi Suryadi
    Community Manager and Marketing
  • Tope Idowu
    Content Developer and Assistant head of PR


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  • 1
    Preliminary drafting of the trade nexi idea: - Development of a business plan, technical blueprint and feasibility study for the trade nexi idea.
  • 2
    Initialization of development
    Team and development: - Development layout is made. - Consultations with blockchain developers. - Assembling of the Trade Nexi Team. - Start of primary Coding for Token, Xcrow Pay and Xwap smart contracts.
  • 3
    Domains hosted
    - Comprehensive Business Plan developed for Trade Nexi Continued. - Coding and testing of smart contracts and hosted.
  • 4
    Smarts contracts DEV
    Token and core smart contracts written and deployed: - Deployment of the Trade Nexi Token Smart Contract Review of Xcrow. - Pay and Xwap smart contracts
  • 5
    Tests and launching
    Web portals opened and tested - Deployment of Xcrow Pay smart Contract. - Deployment of Xwap contract Project. - Announcement Publication of Whitepaper Partnership drive launched
  • 6
    Connecting key investors and partners: - We start reaching out to partners that would benefit our project both financially and strategically.
  • 7
    Token sales begin: - End of Pre-ICO Start of ICO.
  • 8
    Market is opened for use
    Trade nexi ecommerce is opened for use: - Auctioneers and retailers can begin puting upproducts on or market place and buyers can begin to make purchases
  • 9
    End of token sales
    End of token sales: - Focus shifts to the improvement of our products and services. - Giving users the best experience using them.
  • 10
    Listing on exchanges
    Listing on key exchanges: - We get listed on several key exchanges and to enable our users trade our tokens for value.
  • 11
    Launch of our exchanges
    Launch of our token exchange DAPPS: - Exchange Listing Launch of Xwap Development of Trade Nexi DEX
  • 12
    Mobile apps launched
    Mobile apps for trade nexi market place launched.
  • 13
    Reviews and upgrades
    Reviews of our products and upgrades for our products.
  • 14
    Dedicated blockchain development and local banks intergration
    Dedicated blockchain development and local banks intergration: - using our experience from our marketplace and business through the year 2019, we would be creating a blockchain just like the ethereum blockchain. With a protocol that would focus on supporting ecCommerce based smart contracts. THIS IS A LONG TERM PROJECT. We would also look into partnerships with local backs where our users come from as much as is legally permitted for use. This is aimed at making convertions easy for our users.


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Trade Nexi is a total eCommerce project focused on creating commercially viable on-chain – off-chain linked solutions. We are not just creating Dapps that would be useful in the eCommerce sphere, we are linking up existing and new blockchain based trade-centered products.


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