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01/07/2019, 02:59 AM
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28 000 000 USD
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28 Feb 2019
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  • Roger Ver
    Roger Ver is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and the world’s first investor in Bitcoin and blockchain startups, including, Coinbase,, Ripple, Bitpay, Kraken, and Binance. Hugely influential in the blockchain world, Roger has been dubbed “Bitcoin Jesus”.
  • Lon Wong
    CEO ProximaX
    Lon is a past President and Advisor of Foundation. He spent close to 4 years - from 2014-2018 - in the development of the NEM project, helping to nurture it to become the top two performing cryptocurrency by market appreciation in 2017.
  • John-Paul Thorbjornsen
    CEO CanYa
    JP studied aeronautical engineering and is now founder and CEO of CanYa, a decentralised ecosystem for peer to peer services. He is also the founding director of MasterNode Ventures, a full-stack blockchain advisory services company.
  • Tony Stuart
    CEO Unicef Australia
    Tony brings 20 years of corporate experience in marketing, financial services and other executive and Board roles and is a member of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership.
  • James Mawhinney
    Director Mayfair 101
    James is founder of Mayfair 101, a boutique investment group with a portfolio spanning more than 10 countries. He has substantial experience in investment management, mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, ICOs and high growth businesses.
  • Michael Bacina
    Partner Piper Alderman
    Michael provides clients a valuable advantage in dealing with the legal issues around cryptocurrency and blockchain. Michael has a wealth of experience in commercial negotiations, litigation, construction, strata and insolvency.
  • Frank Camorra
    Owner Movida Group
    Frank is a renowned Chef in Australia where his restaurants represent Melbourne’s best expression of Spanish cuisine. Over the last decade he has retained an industry leading position and a reputation for excellence.
  • James Waugh
    Director BlueBlock
    James has been embedded in the cryptocurrency and ICO space since the Ethereum network launch. After contributing to 50+ ICO’s, James has been advising on ICO best practices, token economics, smart contract architecture and community building.


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  • William Wong
    CEO | Co-founder
    Having completed both Bachelor of Law and Masters of Banking and Finance, William spent 6 years in commercial law and consulted for hundreds of restaurateurs which provided deep insights into the hospitality industry. He has spoken as a thought leader for reputable institutions.
  • Grace Wong
    CMO | Co-founder
    Grace is the natural spokesperson of Liven, speaking as its representative at local universities, international conferences, and private investor summits.
  • David Ballerini
    CSO | Co-founder
    David completed his doctorate at Monash and was awarded a CTS Scholarship. David has authored more than 10 scientific journal papers achieving over 900 Google Scholar Citations, is listed as an inventor on 3 patents and has presented at international conferences.
  • Cheng Chi
    CTO | Co-founder
    Cheng is a talented full-stack developer with extensive experience in languages such as Java, Kotlin, Python, and JavaScript - graduating as Dux of a Technology (Computing Studies) degree and with a distinction in a Masters of Computing.
  • Shahrooz Chowdhury
    Chief Product Officer
    Former CDO of restaurant of the year, Guzman y Gomez & leading real estate app, Domain.
  • Qi Zheng
    Backend Developer
    Qi is an experienced back end developer working towards the integration of Liven’s existing infrastructure and the new blockchain functionality.
  • Hemant Bosamia
    Lead iOS Developer
    An experienced product developer and agile coach knowledgable in swift, react, and flutter frameworks.
  • Yanjie Jo Yang
    Lead Android Developer
    A native Java specialist with experience building consumer Android products for businesses of many different shapes and sizes in the world’s biggest Android market
  • Jiaojiao Liu
    Backend Developer
    Jiao Jiao is an expert on Java, Python and Scala with rich experience in Big Data field and backend applications.
  • Tom Nash
    Lead Blockchain / Solidity Developer
    Co-founder of Australia’s leading blockchain development house, responsible for leading the most reputable local projects in blockchain implementation and ethereum smart contracts. Tom is skilled in software architecture, solidity, IPDS and Web3.js.
  • Alexander Ramsay
    Blockchain Solutions Architect
    Co-founder of Australia’s leading blockchain development house, responsible for leading the most reputable local projects in blockchain implementation and ethereum smart contracts. Alex has deep knowledge of and experience in React, 3D Systems and start-ups.
  • Timothy Barrett
    Head of Operions
    From a construction project management and site operations background, Tim implements business process and automation based on agile methodology to optimise the business end-to-end from merchant solutions to retailer user customer experience.
  • Lucien Hopkinson
    General Manager, Sidney
    An accomplished sales and project manager with a notable career in both enterprise technology solutions and online-to-offline business platforms. Lucien speaks regularly at technology events and evangelises agile product cycle strategy for scalable business culture.
  • Alix Xiyu Yang
    Office Manager, Melbourne
    Alix is an economics major and an established E-Commerce entrepreneur. Alix manages staff operations and project timelines to ensure goals are met and results are smashed, while also coordinating much of Liven’s complex software backend and hardware implementation departments.
  • Jan Uwlald
    Head of Marketing
    An end-to-end product and brand marketing specialist with experience in both tech marketplace platforms and national media businesses. Jan runs campaign strategy, retention optimisation, and leads brand and product decisions for major initiatives. A huge blockchain nerd actively engaged with the DApp space and always chasing innovation.
  • Hamish Buttle
    Growth Hacker / Head of Design
    Originally an industrial designer and 3D modelling specialist, Hamish is an accomplished designer and a talented Ruby, Javascript, and Python developer. Hamish applies these skills paired with a perpetual pursuit for knowledge to power the company’s growth initiatives.
  • Anna May
    UX / Graphic Designer
    Anna’s expertise revolves around experienced user experience and graphic design. She has experience taking UX projects from the beginning through end including skills such as research, user flows, personas, prototyping and testing.
  • Anastasia Sujana
    UX / Graphic Designer
    Anastasia is a talented and well rounded digital designer and illustrator largely responsible for Liven’s visual brand direction and unique presence in social and digital execution.
  • Sandeep Singh
    Financial Controller
    A Master of Accounting and former bank manager at a number of the many big Indian banks, Sandeep is responsible for management of finance, tax, budget reports, and expenses.
  • John Carmichael
    Senior Partnerships Manager
    John is an international salesperson with experience in business brokerage and commercial real estate. John leads the Melbourne office’s outbound sales delivery bringing in new business partners and ensuring they are nurtured for the duration of their client relationship.
  • Jackie Yap
    Senior Partnerships Manager
    Jackie is an international startup founder and experienced project lead in both travel and e-sports. She is responsible for management of all outbound business development, project management, and lifecycle marketing efforts coordinated out of the Sydney office.
  • Kristen Allen
    Social Media Manager
    A social media expert and performance marketing specialist, Kristen controls user facing brand and communications regarding the consumer product, with meticulous approach to performance optimisation and implementing new ideas, Kristen enables high acceleration for Liven’s business objectives through our effective use of social advertising.
  • Hanny Alison
    Customer Success lead
    Hanny leads process and implementation for Liven’s robust customer support and merchant success framework, managing end-to-end customer support representatives, merchant database systems, and troubleshooting/bug reporting.
  • Red Hutchinson
    Growth / Marketing Developer
    An enigmatic node/react native developer with a mind for business. Red works on all things performance marketing, product strategy, SaaS integration, and gamification.
  • Jason Mulholand
    Senior Partnerships Manager
    A process oriented marketing specialist with enterprise retention experience working largely on the bridge between partner operations and consumer communications.
  • Sam Pagano
    Brand Partnerships & Content Manager
    A relationship manager with executive experience spanning corporate, banking, and marketing business. As an avid content creator and blogger, Sam also leads Liven’s video and influencer collaboration initiatives.
  • Max Nightingale
    Partnershops Manager
    A dynamic sales and marketing leader with a deep understanding of emerging technology and how Liven is developing a product to benefit organisations and philanthropy through smarter business. Max leads outbound and inbound business development with key retail brands in Sydney.
  • Linh Tran
    Growth Coordinator
    A quick thinker, Linh’s role in Liven covers anything from marketing, data analysis to community management. Linh has an interest in tech startups and is always bringing new ideas to Liven’s table.
  • Bill Yao
    A target focused accounting professional, Bill is a well experienced accountant with proven hands-on accounting and administrative skills. He also has experience in MYOB client software and XERO for business services including tax and audit.
  • Mitchell Reeves
    Community Manager
    A retail experience professional with an obsession for the decentralised web. Mitch works largely on community building, content creation and administration, and management of day-to-day field marketing operations.
  • Carmen Lau
    Digital Marketing Assistant
    Responsible for Liven’s digital marketing strategy, Carmen has a background in Public Relations and digital marketing where she develops marketing strategies that enhance customer awareness, engagement and brand growth.
  • Dixon Wight
    Customer Success / Operations
    Highly detail-oriented, Dixon coordinates and implements Liven’s field marketing in the Sydney area. He liaises between Liven and all strategic partners to ensure information is received correctly to create and enrich both customer and merchant experiences.
  • Lisa Dujatdin
    Data Scientist
    Lisa possesses strong skills in solution prototyping along with programming languages and tools such as Python, C/C++ and Java. Lisa also has extensive hands-on experience in analytics and problem solving in data science.
  • Tomas Canale
    Account Manager
    An experienced retail marketing specialist with a background in launching hardware providers in South American markets, Tomas manages relationships with key accounts to ensure brand partners are having the best experience possible. Tomas is also a keen UX designer and videographer, and takes part in many discussions for product and experience design.
  • Zan Thompson
    Machine Learning Developer
    Zan is a machine learning and artificial intelligence developer with extensive experience in modelling and data analysis.
  • Yihao Shen
    Sidney Operations Manager
    Operationally sound, Yihao combines an ex-military background with a Law degree in order to successfully and concisely maintain the Liven ecosystem. His attention to detail and strategic mind assists Sydney's steady growth.
  • Eva Wu
    Product Associate ex FinchApp
    Eva is a social enterprise founder with a strong passion for financial technology. At Liven, she applies her deep product knowledge to business requirements, app testing and the customer journey.
  • Colin Xu
    Marketing / Operations Associate
    Colin is a highly motivated individual with experience in multiple industries including logistics and operations. His role in Liven is to handle everyday operations and customer support where he responds quickly to escalated queries from Liven merchants and users.
  • Maggie Zhou
    Social Media Officer
    A passionate writer and social media expert, Maggie spends most of her time creating content and blog writing. Her responsibilities at Liven is to provide digital solutions including Facebook and Instagram monitoring, edm, and content creation.
  • Rachel Lim
    Parnerships ex MadeComfy
    Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge about Asian markets, social media and customer service. At Liven, she leads the charge to acquire new users and strategic partnerships.


Suggest news
  • 1
    LivenPay Beta Launch
    - Beta launch of fiat mobile payment product (LivenPay) enabling consumers to make incentivised mobile payments at point of sale in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.
  • 2
    Major Brand Partnerships and Milestones
    - Signs partnership with major Australian and international retail brands (300 stores). - Major product update - new payment flow, one-tap quick payments, curated discovery system, and GPS enabled payment security features.
  • 3
    Beta Completion
    - Completion of LivenPay beta payments trial with retail brands. - Commence development on full product release.
  • 4
    Blockchain Transition Announced, POS Integration
    - Announcement of blockchain-based network cryptocurrency - LVN, to replace the existing Liven Cash. - Liven integrates with several of Australia’s most prominent point-of-sales providers to further increase our technical merchant reach, improve the smoothness of the payment experience and increase our data gathering capabilities.
  • 5
    Alpha Launch
    - Major product release featuring new codebase, entirely rebuilt user interface, alpha ‘LVN Wallet’, bluetooth iBeacon proximity sensor for payment security maximisation. - More brands join. - Development of functional cryptocurrency wallet commences.
  • 6
    Test Net Development, 20,000 Venues: POS Integration Milestone
    - An implementation of our smart contracts on an Ethereum test net is created which outputs the internal exchange rate based on the balance of a test reward cache. - Achieve technical reach of 20,000 retail venues via API integration partners. - Completion of LVN wallet beta test and begin rollout of payment rails to entire network. - LivenPay wins the awards for Sir Richard Branson's 2019 XTC Challenge, Crypto-Currency and Blockchain Verticals.
  • 7
    XTC 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show, LA
    - LivenPay Co-founder Grace Wong pitches to a panel of experts and wins the Bitfury sponsored awards for the Crypto-Currency and Blockchain Verticals of Sir Richard Branson's 2019 XTC Challenge
  • 8
    Token Sale
    - Conduct a token sale on the back of major success with over 1,000 business partners and a user base surpassing 400,000, beta testing crypto-payment solution.
  • 9
    Reward Protocol Activation, Self-Serve Portal, City Expansion
    - Conduct a token sale on the back of major success with over 1,000 business partners and a user base surpassing 400,000, beta testing crypto-payment solution. - Reward Protocol Activation Completion and integration of the Reward Protocol smart contract into the Liven Platform. Dynamic LVN internal conversion rate becomes active with the LVN purchasing power set by the Reward Curve. The balance of the Reward Cache is publically visible through the smart contract, and users can verify that the internal conversion rate is free of manipulation. - Release of full-scale merchant and enterprise portal enabling businesses to create accounts autonomously and begin processing transactions with LivenPay Reward Protocol and wallet integration, with deep behavioural analytics and insights plugged directly into their sales - Launch product in a third AUS-PAC city.
  • 10
    US Expansion
    - Launch product in 3 US cities over a 6 month period. - LivenPay ecosystem expanded to over 40,000 venues.
  • 11
    International Expansion, Dynamic/Gamified Rewards
    - Launch product in 3 international cities over a 6 month period. LivenPay ecosystem expanded to over 40,000 venues. - Full release of Liven 7.0 redesigned from the ground up as the world’s first real world incentive based transactional ‘game’ - meaning dynamic incentives, rewards, achievements, unlocks, Gacha, and many other key mechanics at the core to maximise user and business engagement.
  • 12
    Travel, South East Asia, and Software Integrations
    - Introduction of own designed fiat payment architecture, socialised financial services such as peer to peer lending or staking of funds held, and integration into larger business and marketing platforms such as CRM, Mulesoft, and accounting softwares. - Expansion into further markets including more US cities, South East Asia, South America, and Europe. - Expansion into travel industry with integration to native and third party booking and accomodation services.


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Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gateway and ecosystem purpose-built for the lifestyle and dining industries. Hundreds of thousands of people use Liven to discover thousands of restaurants, process millions in instant mobile payments, and earn LVN - The Digital Currency for Food. Since 2014 Liven has grown to service 350,000+ users transacting at 1,000+ venues in Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, with international expansion beginning in Q1 2019 with London, UK. Processing millions in payments Liven rewards users with our network currency for every transaction they make. Liven is already integrated with a number of key Point of Sale (POS) partners allowing it to each more than 20,000 venues.


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