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21 Jan 2019
Terragreen blockchain
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  • Arturas Svirskis
    I have worked in the Crypto field for over 5 years. During these years I have worked with 20+ successful projects, including 8 ICOs which have raised approx. 200M USD combined.
  • Anthony Abunassar
    Anthony built his experience within the most prominent companies, starting in PWC and then Rotschild & Co, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, before tackling the world of crypto trading and ICO investing. His pedigree in finance is unparalleled.
  • Krystelle Galano
    Krystelle has more than 5 years of experience in social media management, such as facebook and twitter marketing.
  • Benedict Okole
    Benedict Okole, is an ardent speaker on cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, a passionate preacher of cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology adoption, and had served as a consultant to various institutions in Nigeria on how they can apply the new Technology in their organization.
  • Meshach Ishaya
    Full stack blockchain Engineer at titaproject.io ,a cryptocurrency enthusiast and an expert advisor with AIO Rating.
  • Marie Victoria
    Been a business development manager for ICO reviewers in years.
  • Kerwin Cabreza
    Entrepreneur, Senior Board Level Management. Loves Start-ups. Specialties: Start-ups, Product Development, Product Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Technology.
  • Hamza Khan
  • Hugo Jaques
    Hugo is an entrepreneur, bringing his 20 years of business strategy consulting experience into the blockchain industry. He is a crypto market analyst, ICO Bench Expert, writer, speaker, investor and connector in the crypto ecosystem.


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  • Brad lee
    Founder & CEO
    With background in research and development in power industry, Brad has extensive and specialised knowledge of all aspects of renewable energy, from project planning, design, construction, commissioning and its market and technologies.
  • Hannes Klobe
    Co-founder & CTO
    Hannes has an extensive experience & knowledge in designing & commissioning for different gasification units.
  • P. Nahak
    COO & Blockchain Developement Specialist
    I am blockchain and cryptocurrency developer for world private and public blockchain.
  • Sabina Abdul Aziz
    Biomass Waste, Energy Crop & Smart Contract Developer
    Define strategy to streamline technology roadmap, improve IT infrastructure efficiencies and increase product portfolio.
  • B. Viresh
    Sabina has background in techno-economic evaluation of bioenergy systems.
  • Tejaswi P.
    UI / UX Designer
  • Hiren Gamit
    Digital Marketing Expert
  • Terry T. Robinette
    Apps Developer
  • Joylin F. Telagen
    Joylin F. Telagen, is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and Certified Securities Representative, with 10 years combined experience in Audit, Accounting, Equity Research and Blockchain.
  • 1
    R&D on Energy from Bio-mass Gasification project. Start Implementation on Biomass Gasification project
    - Idea Conceptualization. - Organization Formation, Technical Study and Survey. - Organization Structuring, Market Survey and Brainstorming.
  • 2
    Starting of Biomass gasification project
  • 3
    Research on cryptocurrency & blockchain technology
  • 4
    Research and Planning for TGN
  • 5
    TGN Proof Of concept
    - Platform Feasibility Test, Outcome Audit and code revision. - Collaborations with technical advising partners.
  • 6
    Planning of TGN blockchain technology
  • 7
    Starting development of TGN platform
    - ICO Announcement, ICO Campaign targeting Social Media, Blockchain, Algorithm development. - Proof of concept test, Presale, Patent process initiation. - Main ICO, Coin Distribution, Market Recognition and Expansion Strategy. - Partnering with Energy manufacturers, Industry tie ups. - TerraGreen Centers Review Report and Model Revision.
  • 8
    Project Implementation
    - ICO closing & KYC verification. - Platform Development, Finance Disclosure and Annual Report. - Protocol development for first Deployment. - Test Net Launch, Trial Verification, Overall System Integration, Alpha release. - Prototype Pre-deployment Testing. - Initiation, Iterative Revision Implementation and Verification.
  • 9
    Launching of Wallet, Land acquisition for plantation, Request for approval in world’s popular exchangers
    - Web Wallet. - Mobile Wallet (Android & iOS). - Blockchain Platform. - Paperwork. - Government approval.
  • 10
    TGN listing on various popular cryptocurrency exchanger, Cultivation Operating
    - Own Exchange platform. - Man power. - Harvesting. - Maintenance. - TGN Blockchain platform can be implemented in Renewable energy and various other sectors like Banking, Finance, IT, Agriculture, Education & Healthcare,
  • 11
    Aspects for financing power plant proposed by IPP; Starting Development of own programming language.
    - Hiring consultants for project monitoring. - Equipments sourcing.
  • 12
    Fund dispersals for financing power plant by IPP
  • 13
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • 14
    Code Testing and Trial of Programming language
  • 15
    R&D on activated carbon
  • 16
    Terragreen Utility Platform
    Finalize Programming Language beta version
  • 17
    Implementation of pilot plant for activated carbon
  • 18
    Development of programming language, Development of token creation platform
    - Code writing. - Debugging & Machine readable. - Coding module. - Debugging module. - Publish module.
  • 19
    Implementation of full-scale plant of activated carbon
  • 20
    R&D on cellulose & hemicellulose extraction for paper pulp
  • 21
    Marketing of activated carbon
    - Implementation of pilot plant for cellulose. - Hemicellulose extraction for paper pulp.
  • 22
    Implementation of full-scale plant for cellulose & hemicellulose extraction for paper pulp
  • 23
    R&D on hydrogen gas enrichment for use in vehicles, trains and Aeroplan
  • 24
    Implementation of pilot plant for hydrogen gas enrichment for use in vehicles, trains and Aeroplan; Marketing of paper pulp
  • 25
    Implementation of full-scale plant for hydrogen gas enrichment for use in vehicles, trains and Aeroplan
  • 26
    Marketing of Hydrogen Gas for use in Vehicles, Trains and Aeroplan


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TerraGreen – Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform. TerraGreen founders and team members have been involved in renewable energy industry for more than 2 decades, during which time there was remarkable increase in demand for cleaner and safer life and the demand was growing exponentially. Our prime goal is to develop an energy saving cryptocurrency that focuses primarily on a sustainable economic system. The purpose of TerraGreen is to facilitate the so-called Energy Transition and move the next generation towards renewable sources for more efficient use.



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