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02/05/2019, 02:59 AM
17 400 000 USD
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17 400 000 USD
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2 400 000 000 JOY
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20 Jan 2019
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  • Othman Mirzan
    Othman Mirzan has been a crypto currency investor since 2012, funding small-medium scale mining and node facilities in eastern China, North America and Norway. Additionally, Mr. Mirzan has provided consultancy services for 2 successful ICOs, raising approximately 21m USD, as well as developing 3 pattern learning arbitrage trading algorithms utilizing USD-T and three major crypto currencies with over 21 input variables.
  • Sebastian Klumpp
    A graduate in business administration with a focus on marketing, he was already involved with IT technologies in his early childhood and worked in various areas of IT. Among others in advertising agencies, telecommunication, market research and media networks as well as in eCommerce for B2C and B2B. In 2006, he co-founded Die Rollenden Friseure and built a franchise system with online scheduling including route calculations etc. into DACH.
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael is a finance professional that co-founded and manages “FinanzierungsExpert”, a residential mortgage broker company.
  • Achim Löwen
    After completing his studies in Tübingen (Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark), Mr. Löwen founded his own law firm and has successfully practiced labour, contract and corporate law for 15 years.
  • Edin Dedovic


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  • Vladislav Kiselev
    Founder, CEO
    Vlad is a successful serial entrepreneur and crypto investor. He is owner and founder of entertainment company Plan B Escape Game GmbH, which is now spread across multiple cities in Germany. Beyond that, he has extensive experience in commodities trading.
  • Bogdan Nekhoda
    Co-founder, CFO
    Bogdan is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with background in IT, finance and business administration. He previously worked for 1&1 Internet AG and Siemens AG, where he focused primarily on business process optimization, project management and business analysis.
  • Emil Khafizov
    Co-founder, CCO
    Emil successfully managed projects in hospitality industry, introduced and brought a lot of new opportunities and foreign companies to local governments in Russia.
  • Lex Anselm
    Lex is a serial entrepreneur and crypto investor with 15+ years experience in marketing strategy, international expansion and growth hacking. In addition, Lex has an extensive experience in product development of community based digital platforms and user experience design.
  • Sergey Kutyr
    Sergey is a co-founder and owner of development & design studio Fresh Design. He is a web development guru with more than 12 year experience with main field of expertise in high-loaded platforms and business process automation systems.
  • Maskim Mishchenko
    International Business Development
  • Ihor Bohun
    VP of Business Development
  • Melanie Müller
    Sales Area Manager
  • Resul Yilmaz
    Sales Area Manager
    Victoria is a highly passionate, young expert in social media marketing area. With work experience in strategic planning, operational implementation and international media campaigns creation.
  • Victoria Ivakina
    Community Manager
    Manager of client projects with experience of about 8 years. He combines excellent organizational skills and change management principles.
  • Sergey Yurchenko
    Business development manager
    Arsenii is a coordinator of the team and specialist in planning and project management systems. There are a lot of detailed calculations and roadmaps of different projects, which he brought to the successful completion.
  • Arsenii Nohin
    Project manager
    Lidia is a young specialist who is not afraid of complicated tasks in UI / UX development and has high level of attention to the details.
  • Lidia Dogadkina
    Specialist with work experience over 6 years. Fields of compentence — business process management systems, UI / UX, system analytics and business process automation.
  • Julia Ushakova
    System Analyst
    Ruslan has over 5 years of development of front-end applications. He participated in the development of several marketplaces for goods and services.
  • Ruslan Bratenko
    Front-end developer, AngularJS / VueJS developer
    Vitaliy has over 7 years of experience in development, design of content management systems and high-loaded databases in the financial sector.
  • Vitaliy Khomenko
    Back-end developer
    Sergey is a specialist in quality assurance of web projects. He worked on a variety of projects in all fields: from e-sports to healthcare.
  • Sergey Gorbulya
    QA specialist
    Denis is a fintech-expert with deep knowledge of blockchain technologies, smart-contracts, crypto and other digital assets.
  • Denis Panov
    Denis is a fintech-expert with deep knowledge of blockchain technologies, smart-contracts, crypto and other digital assets.


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  • 1
    Start of research and concept development.
  • 2
    Start of The Joy platform development.
  • 3
    Official setup of The Joy GmbH in Germany.
  • 4
    - Ready beta app for Android. - Conclusion of preliminary agreements with advertising partners. - Inventory for on-demand orders and offline advertising has been developed.
  • 5
    - Seed Round start. - Early access launch. - Platform test phase.
  • 6
    - Token Sale start. - Office setup in Berlin. - Commercial launch of the project (in-salon bookings only). - Adding functionality for on-demand services. - Start of expansion to other German cities.
  • 7
    - Addition of advanced settings for practitioners and salons. - Addition of business optimization tips. - Addition of the discount module. - Addition of the client management module. - Addition of The Joy widget for websites. - Addition of functionalities for regional partnerships. - Start of expansion to Austria, Switzerland, France.
  • 8
    - Setup of the first regional partnerships. - Addition of the Big Data module. - Addition of the sponsorship module. - Addition of the resource planning module. - Start of expansion to USA, Belgium, Netherlands.
  • 9
    - Setup of The Joy online store. - Addition of the automated advertising module. - Start of expansion to Japan, South Korea, Great Britain.
  • 10
    - Addition of the survey module. - Integration of POS terminals. - Addition of the community module. - Start of expansion to the China, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.
  • 11
    - Diversification of business activities (other types of services). - Start of expansion to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Qatar.
  • 12
    Start of expansion to India, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine.


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The Joy – is the first ecosystem for the consumers and providers of wellness and beauty treatments. Using the services of The Joy, one can book the arrival of the practitioner to any place (your home, your workplace or the hotel) as well as make an appointment in a beauty salon or spa. The Joy provides freelancers and salons with orders, while consumers on the other hand get high quality beauty services at a time and place that is suitable for them. Advertisers can place targeted offline and online advertisements, and companies can arrange promotional campaigns and get big data statistics within the platform.


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