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16/03/2019, 12:00 AM
14 000 ETH
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465 000 ETH
1 LEVL = 0.02 USD
500 000 000 LEVL
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1 Feb 2019
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  • Mike Templeman
    CEO Foxtail Marketing
    Mike Templeman is the CEO of Foxtail Marketing, a digital content marketing firm specializing in B2B SaaS. He is passionate about tech, marketing and small business.
  • Randall Lee Pires
    International Chairman, Government Blockchain Association
    After graduating from Georgia Tech with an engineering degree, Randall Lee Pires spent the next 10 years working internationally, mostly in Africa. Randall started his career as a project engineer helping to build the largest LNG plant in the world in Angola.
  • Theo Muhumuza
    CEO KoinKloud - ICO and Tokenomics Expert
    Theo is a Serial Entrepreneur and Investor with an expertise in Fintech and Blockchain Projects. After graduating from Georgia state university with finance and marketing degrees he founded his first company, Toffi real estate in 2014.
  • Chris Carter
    Managing Director, BEA
    Chris Carter is CEO of Atlantide Capital Partners and Managing Director of Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors. He resides in Atlanta, GA where he completed his degree in Architecture at Georgia Tech.
  • Dominic Bacon
    CEO - The Collective Community & Development Co.
    Dominic has a varied background covering a vast area of expertise in finance, real estate and blockchain projects. Over 12 years in an Offshore financial sector in the Channel islands Dom then head up the local implementation of the financial structure within Airtel -Vodafone in 2009 - 2011.

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  • Renato Schumacher
    Director & CEO LEVL Token, CTO Levolution Platform
  • Konstantin Lichtenwald
    Financial Advisor LEVL Token, Chief Financial Officer, Levolution Platform
  • Selvan Saha
    Business Development Europe LEVL Token, Levolution Platform
  • Patrick Schmitt
    Founder & Managing Partner Levolution Platform
  • Alexander Sierich
    Co-Director of Business Development Levolution Platform
  • Mickael Blin
    Co-Director of Business Development Levolution Platform
  • Martin Szulecki
    Head of Development LEVL Token, Levolution Platform
  • Christian Victor
    Development LEVL Token, Levolution Platform


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  • 1
    - Private Sale.
  • 2
    - Create Levolution Platform Concept. - Create Levolution Platform Architecture. - Concept Gathering with Advisory Team. - Launch Levolution Platform Blog.
  • 3
    - ITO. - Issue ERC20 tokens to ITO participants. - List Levolution Token at Crypto Exchanges. - Start Levolution Platform Development. - Feedback Gathering for Platform Optimization.
  • 4
    - Exclusive Access to Levolution Platform Preview. - Feedback Gathering for Platform Optimization. - Offering Levolution Advisory Services. - First Service Partner Announcements.
  • 5
    - Announce First Listed Campaigns. - Launch of Android App. - Launch of iOS App. - Launch Levolution Platform BETA.
  • 6
    - Launch Levolution Platform. - Launch Complementary Service Provider Marketplace. - Launch Web Based Wallet. - Launch Platform API BETA. - Integrate Custodial Services. - Integrate Post ITO Services.
  • 7
    - 1st Levolution Keynote. - Announce Exclusive Campaign Listings.
  • 8
    - First Finished Campaign Offering. - Launch of B2B Platform API.
  • 9
    - 2nd Levolution Keynote.
  • 10
    - Reach 60% Market Share. - Support All Major Currencies.


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Levolution is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for blockchain entrepreneurs to create, develop, market, and optimize ITO projects. In addition to showcasing ITOs and connecting projects with global sales teams with whom Levolution will develop working relationships, the platform helps entrepreneurs in the areas of service provider procurement, campaign creation, campaign management, and post-ITO execution.



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