P2P Global Network

End date:
19/06/2019, 02:59 AM
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Get money
2 000 000 USD
1 P2P = 0.05 USD
100 000 000 P2P
Start date
16 Dec 2018
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  • Jatin Kapadia
    Project Advisor
    Jatin is ICO Bench Advisor and worked as a Community Manager with various successful ICO good knowledge about Bounty Management and crypto trading, having a professional knowledge about Listing of ICOs as well as Coins for Exchanges.
  • Mykola Vdovychenko
    Legal Advisor
    Mykola holds a Master of Law from Comenius University.
  • Hamza Khan
    Marketing Expert
    Marketing Expert and advisor and working with crypto related projects from last 4 years. I am currently a ICObench reviewer and also focused on development of the crypto communities!
  • Asif Huddani
    Project Advisor
    Having 8 Year of IT exposure starting from July 2008 Worked as a Sr. Software Engineer in development, customization, testing, implementing and maintaining applications spanning various industry verticals.
  • Rajdeep Dhar
    Advisor & Business Development
    Rajdeepspent 11 years consulting large scale enterprises with digital adoption.
  • Shoeb A. Zahoori
    Experienced Associate Vice President Of Strategic Alliances with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
  • Anita Erker
    Investors and Exchange Listing Advisor
    As a seasoned marketer, Anita has a strong ability for identifying what people do, think, believe or buy.


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  • Keeley C. Wilkinson
    Founder and CTO
    Keeley, is founder of P2P Global Network system. He has a long history of success in online and offline business.
  • Kimmey Gholar
    Co-Founder and Chief Operations Manager
    I attended Southern University Baton Rouge, Louisiana Major Secondary education, my strength is product delivery and meeting deadlines, quality assurance, and marketing management.
  • Tapendra Shee
    Blockchain Architect
    Tapendra is Blockchain
  • Alexander Samardzija
    Smartcontract and Databases Developer
    My background is in the world of Microsoft ERP integration and custom ERP development, mobile and cloud app development on Microsoft tech stack.
  • Elza Hovhannisyan
    Social Media Manager
    Elza is a Social Media Manager with 3+ years of working experience.
  • Micah J. Matthews
    PR Manager & Content Engineer
    Sciences Degree from UT Austin. Specialist in professional content writing, technition- Key-Word Analyst.
  • Syed Hashim Jamal
    Hashim has experience in IT sales and business development, strategic management, brand creation, specifically in verticals of People Management & Outsourcing.
  • Imran Rahman
    Solution Architect - Blockchain
    Technology Lead, Software Architect, Full Stack Engineer, Blockchain Evangelist, and Ethereum Smart Contract Developer with over 12 years of experience in software development and front-end technologies.
  • Prat Sen
    Full Stack Developer
    Over the last 9 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using PHP, Laravel, MySQL, .NET, Angular, React +Redux, SQL Server, HTML and C# including sites for startup companies and small businesses.


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    Concept Generation
    - P2P Global Network Initial Thought Process, Business Plan, Strategic Plan. - Minimum Business Team Assembling.
  • 2
    Strategic Plan
    - Research & Analyses. - Tech Team Assemble. - Whitepaper Drafting. - Implementation & Coding. - MVP Product Design. - Application Development.
  • 3
    Initial Coin Distribution (ICD)
    - Partnerships. - Business Team Assembling. - Production & Beta Version of Product. - Launch & Product Marketing.
  • 4
    MVP Development
    - Product Enhancement and UAT Testing. - Continued Partnerships. - Continued Business Team Assembling. - Product Marketing.
  • 5
    Beta version of Product launch
    - Product Enhancement. - UAT Testing. - Continued Partnerships. - Product Marketing.
  • 6
    User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    - Full Scale Product Launch & Maintenance. - Continued Partnerships. - Product Marketing.
  • 7
    P2P Global Network in Operation
    - P2P Global Network in Full Operation. - Continued Partnerships.


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P2P Global Network is birthed with the aim to solve the burning financial problem that unemployment causes with these unavoidable and unfortunate life incidents. We realize that unavoidable circumstances can lead to unfortunate circumstances and problems. Peer 2 Peer Global Network specializes in solving those problems. We do just that with a network that utilizes trigger-executed smart contracts to assure delivery of payment in a decentralized blockchain environment when validated! We do this because we are a dynamic team who places a high value on problem-solving.



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