TradePlace (EXTP)

Trading & Investment
End date:
20/03/2019, 02:00 AM
Brief information
Get money
75 000 ETH
1 ETH = 2500 EXTP
500 000 000 EXTP
Start date
28 Jan 2019
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  • Jason Hung
    is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is Co-founder of Keyman Technology and IDACB advisor. He is the world top 3 experts ranked by ICOBench, help on more than 40 projects include PlayGame, CELE, IOTW, NHCT,, DEPO, CyClean, ICOMax, BitRewards, DateCoin, eCoinomic, USAT, EVENFOUND, and AllSporter.
  • Giovanni Casagrande
    Giovanni is notable blockchain industry figurehead, growth hacker and he is a co-Founder of Black Marketing Guru, a digital marketing and advertising startup based in Rimini, Italy. He is also an Icobench Top10 Expert and advisor in a lot of projects.
  • Giacomo Arcaro
    Giacomo is one of the most important European Growth Hackers featured on the Financial Times, Forbes, Wired and Los Angeles Times. Two Million € exits with the startup and +2,000 satisfied customers, founder of Black Marketing Guru.
  • ONG Jun Hao
    He is a top #20 advisor globally on ICObench (biggest ICO listing website). He is a partner of, one of the best hubs helping entrepreneur to develop their community.
  • Chris Wallace
    Famous personality in Crypto and blockchain enthusiast. Big twitter and owner of
  • Vanessa H
    Big twitter in the the Cryptocurrency and blockchcain industry. More than 27.200 followers.
  • Andrey Shypunov
    Andrey is a crypto enthusiast, trader and rising star in ICO advisory with more than 3 years of experience. He is currently working as Advisor at TradePlace and TySeven Group.

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  • Youssef NCIR
    CEO & Founder
    More than 12 years in Management, big investor in cryptocurrency and blockchain, good experience in relationships. Experience of 7 years in Forex (Fiat currencies), Crypto and Blockchain Enthusiast.
  • Amine AKKAR
    Chief Development Officer
    Amine AKKAR is CDO, our main development specialist and senior web developer, has 13 years’ experience in the software industry. Owns not only 11 scripting/programming languages, but also professionally owns information technology. Has innovative knowledge in the field of developer applications, tools, methodologies and best practices.
  • Mohammed ELLOUBANI
    Chief Platform Officer
    Entrepreneur and business for many years. He past a long time for analysis maket, pairs of crypto. Share his experience with the community of traders and holders. He is very passionate with Crypto-Exchange and blockchain enthusiast.
  • Oussama ZAHID
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Oussama has more than 15 years in customer servies, and 7 years in management of teams and communities. Ousaama is a passionate of cryptocurrency for more than 5 years, he is an investor and a good traders that have a good knowledge in blockchain enthusiast.
    Financial & Audit banker consultant
    Auditer and banker consultant. more than 16 years as a banker experience. Auditor since 2005, Having operated with Deloitte, Ernest Young and other renowned auditing firms. Having analytical mind and analysis member of the bank inspection in 2005. Good experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast for more than 5 years.
  • Brahim OUT
    Investment Relationship and Manager
    Big entrepreneur and Angel investor. passionate with the Crypto and blockchain enthusiast.
  • Jawad UI HASSAN
    Blockchain & Developer Consultant
    Each new experience is a new challenge for him, he loves coding, blockchain technology.
  • Daniel de Jager
    International Media Writer
    Daniël is a technical writer who specializes in technology and blockchain content. He has over four years' experience writing on various different platforms and for many different businesses around the world, and he is convinced that blockchain technology will form the future of the financial world.
  • Hamza Yassin
    Full stack and Blockchain developer
    A Blockchain Expert, Java and Full Stack developer having experience in Mongo, Node, Express, Swing framework, Java core, Solidity Smart Contracts, Masternodes Deployment, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cryptonote and Private Blockchain Development.
  • Fahad Aziz
    Full stack and Blockchain developer
    He is a result-oriented professional, proficient in Application Development and Scripting Languages to enhance the performance of Applications, venturing out to the field of emerging technologies starting with the Blockchain and Big Data.
  • 1
    – Searching, development. – First meetings of team management.
  • 2
    – Creating of the first design and form of the exchange with our partners. – First step to making a place for traders to share. – Partnerships with 3 big companies (for marketing, design and development, the exchange platform).
  • 3
    – Marketing actions (with our partners). – Starting the Pre-ITO project and sharing it with the community. – ITO starts for 4 main stages.
  • 4
    – Post-ITO and making a deadline to start the exchange. – Creating a KYC system for all users, and the distribution of the tokens. – Get two other exchanges to trade our token.
  • 5
    – Join CoinMarketCap, to be listed. – Starting the analysis services and publish the first analysis of pairs from our experts. – Starting the forum. – Live news sharing services starts. – Competition and vote for other coins. – Two new partnerships (with exchanges).
  • 6
    – First steps to be regulated (SEC/CTFC). – Make it possible to be an auditable exchange.
  • 7
    – Starting MasterCard project for all verified users (KYC). – First steps to create our own blockchain.
  • 8
    – Starting migration from ERC20 to our own blockchain. – New partnerships (with coins and exchanges). – Continue to create technology and innovate to be one of the best exchanges and blockchains in the world.


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TradePlace is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform. It will form a new innovative platform to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. Users will receive expert analysis of the current state of coin and token pairs, and they’ll be able to withdraw their money easily and receive alerts for scam cryptocurrencies. TradePlace will also have an awesome forum for users to exchange ideas and share experience with like-minded individuals. All of this in one simple yet powerful exchange platform.


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