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  • Xiaonan Song
    Expert at Distributed System /Grid Computing
    Expert at Unix and distributed system and grid computing. 10 years’ experience in the R&D and marketing of cloud computing, having in-depth study on operating systems, middlewares and cloud platform and practice in large projects. Worked in the cloud computing department of Huawei, responsible for product planning, business insight, and market promotion and technical cooperation in EMEA region. Chief cloud computing architect of Primeton.
  • Michael Meng
    Senior Vice President of Xinyuan Technology Group and Partner & CMO of RChaintech. A senior in the chain and currency circles and an early investor in the currency circles. Former Founder & CEO of Turingcat. 15 years’ work experience in IBM, as the general manager of a branch company and a general manager for smart city.
  • Zishang Wang
    Author of “Cloud Management 2.0”. Council member of China Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA). Founder & CEO of Topfun Media (835872), which has hosted TOP50 Golden Apple Award and TFC Global Mobile Games & Intelligent Entertainment Exhibition for 13 years in a row. Participated in multiple famous blockchain projects, such as TOPC, CSDN and POT “Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of Science and Technology” of China Women’s Development Foundation’s and “Her Entrepreneurship Mentor”, 2017 China Excellence Award for Scientific Management.
  • Peng Zhao
    Hyper CEO. A renowned expert in the cloud computing open source field. Hyperledger angel investor. Has served JP Morgan Chase, Quantum Fund, HSBC, Lehman Brothers, MUFJ and many other international financial institutions. Has rich background and experience in fusing blockchain and financial technology.
  • Xinhao Lv
    Co-founder of IoT Chain. Initiated a blockchain team in Xiaomi at the end of 2016 to solve the problem of data island. Participated in the translation of“Mastering Bitcoin” in 2014, which is a very good technical document about blockchain in Chinese.
  • Dr. Sheng Liang
    Technical Advisor, Chief Container Expert
    Chief Container Expert Master of Computer Science, the University of Science and Technology of China. Ph.D. in Computer Science, Yale University. CTO of Citrix CloudStack in 2011-2014. Founder & CEO of CloudStack, acquired by Citrix in July 2011. SEVEN Networks VPE. Software Engineering Director of OPENWARE. Founder and CTO of Teros Networks. Staff Engineer of Sun Microsystems Inc and a main contributor to java virtual machines.
  • Liren Chen
    Technical Advisor, Chief Scientist
    Master of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University / Master of Computer Science, Tsinghua University;Co-founder and CTO of Hubat, researched and developed a search engine for the entire network. Worked for Google for seven years, mainly engaged in the R&D of search in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, big data and large-scale systems, academic and legal search (Google Analytics, Google+, SRE, etc.). The startup company vivisimo was acquired by IBM in 2011. The Principal of 360 Mobile Search, and CTO of Pangu Search. The startup company yunyun.com was acquired by Sina in 2013. The startup company Passion Technology was acquired by Meituan in 2016. Co-founder & CTO of an AI and blockchain company.
  • Haining Zhang
    Technical Advisor, Chief Cloud Computing Advisor
    Master of Computer Science, Simon Fraser University, Canada;Expert at cloud computing and blockchain technology. Founder of Harbor enterprise-level container image warehouse. Technical expert at open source PaaS cloud platform Cloud Foundry. A contributor of super account book projects. An author of “Blockchain Guide”. Workedas a senior architect for IBM. Smart Cloud and a senior solution architect of Sun Microsystems.
  • Dr. Haiming Yang
    Technical Advisor, Chief Large Scale Resource Platform Management Advisor
    - Master of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University - Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), United States - Worked for Cisco for 5 years, responsible for the R&D and O&M of the unified resource management platform for Cisco Global Data Center - Chief Architect in Cloud Computing and OpenStack Technology, IBM Greater China, responsible for the R&D of IBM's OpenStack technology in China, IBM cloud platform IaaS, and the implementation of end-to-end technology integrated with business - Chief Architect of CTO System of Jingdong Group, responsible for the technical strategies of Jingdong Group, R&D of blockchain underlying technology, and technology integration
  • Zhou Shao
    Technical Advisor, Chief Financial Technology Advisor
    Certified software architect and information security and risk management expert of TOGAF. A pioneer of IoT technology. An explorer of blockchain technology and its commercial application. An active organizer and contributor of open source technology communities. Chief Financial Technology Architect of AIIB Headquarters. Served many of the Fortune 500 companies, has more than 10 years’ experience in the international financial technology industry and rich experience in building and managing efficient development O&M teams, involving investment, asset management and insurance sectors, and has led and developed several large trans-regional cross-business line complex projects.


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  • James Jiang
    Chief Executive
    - Master of Mathematics, Texas State University / Master of Operational Research,Nanjing University of Science and Technology. - Senior Researcher at Bell Northern Research, USA, owning six US invention patents. - Vice chair of the U.S. National Communications Standards Organization TR45.5.2. - Established ZTE’s subsidiary Shenzhen ZTE Integrated Telecom Ltd./ Shenzhen ZTE Mobile Telecom Co. Ltd and serving as General Manager and Board Chairman. - Vice President of a subsidiary of VIA Group, and Assistant to the President of the Group. - Established an enterprise-level desktop cloud company, leading the Chinese market.
  • Fei Li
    - Founder of China Virtualization Technology Forum;Chief Editor of “China Desktop Cloud Standardization White Paper”. - Technical Manager of Realor Information & Technology Co., Ltd. /Beijing Gintel Technology Co., Ltd. in North China. - Virtual Product Line Product Manager of ISoft Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd. - CPO of an enterprise-level cloud computing/desktop cloud company.
  • Mingbo Li
    Software Architecture and Algorithm Expert
    - Master of Electronic Information Engineering, Communication University of China. - Manager for Application Virtualization Software Architecture, ISoft Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd. - Manager for development of remote display protocol algorithms for 10 years. - Expert at remote protocol peripheral redirectioning.
  • Yaowen Chen
    Blockchain Expert
    - Expert at machine learning. - Focus on industrial scenarios for deep learning of NLP. - Focus on blockchain+AI. - Deep learning of Chinese participle project kcws (github 1700 star).
  • Cheng Zhang
    Senior Expert at Blockchain
    - Master of the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 10 years’ experience in engineering architecture. - Expert at large-scale search engine technology. - Expert at big data. - Senior expert at blockchain, intensively studying mainstream public blockchains and the economic and ecological planning of blockchains.
  • Dr. Yi Tang
    Dr. & Professor of Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou. - Presided over/participated in the completion of a number of national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects and won the second prize for progress in cryptologic technology. - Published multiple cryptology-related papers. - Visited Hong Kong Baptist University & Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina, USA on behalf of Sun Yat-sen University.
  • Chao Chen
    Distributed System / Grid Computing Expert
    - Master of Computer Science, Jiangnan University;15 years’ experience in enterprise-level system architecture consulting, design and development, an Augmentum system architect, leading the design and deployment of Motorola's American 911 system, and the integration of gas dispatching SOA system of China Resources. - Senior R&D Manager of Cisco China, completing the development and definition of Edge300 series, Fanuc ZeroDownTime project, and the development and definition of Lora IoT gateway. - Co-founder of Yilujia Network Technology Co., Ltd - Youaqu, E+ and Jinwangyigou system architecture and team management. - Founder of iweihu smart platform.
  • Shishuang Wang
    Software Architecture and System Architecture Expert
    - Bachelor of Computer Science, Beijing Jiaotong University. - Dell-wyse engineer, responsible for linux OS architecture and device driver. - Senior development manager of linux system architecture and virtualization algorithms for 15 years.
  • Andrew Dong
    Distributed System/Grid Computing Expert
    - A development engineer of Amazon, responsible for rear-end authentication and authorization service of Amazon.cn.A core development staff of IBM Labs WebSphere Commerce, which was released in WebSphere Commerce 7.0. - A researcher of distributed consensus system, blockchain and distributed system of the University of Sydney, and a member of a distributed system research team ranking top in Australia published patent applications relating to blockchain consensus protocol based on GPU common resources on IEEE Cloudcom. - Chief Blockchain Architect of Fujitus Australia, successfully developed and delivered multiple banking and financial projects.
  • Zhen Xing
    P2P Transmission Technology Expert
    - Bachelor of Computer Science, Jilin University. - P2P transmission technology product manager for 8 years. - Product manager of enterprise-level cloud computing/distributed computing desktop cloud platform. - Product manager of enterprise-level cloud computing/file P2P sharing and backup.
  • Yongqiang Yue
    Distributed System/Grid Computing Expert
    - Master of Mathematics, Dalian University of Technology. - Manager for the R&D of Windows system architecture and applications for 10 years. - Six years’ experience in the architecture and development of cloud computing application platform. - Eight years’ experience in the management and development of ubiquitous terminal devices, and the management of more than 10,000 concurrent terminals. - App R&D Manager of Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Xiliang Ma
    Distributed System/Grid Computing Expert
    - Bachelor of Computer Science, Hebei University of Engineering. - Manager for the R&D of Linux cloud computing platform system architecture for eight years. - Six year’s experience in front-end development of cloud computing platforms. - The developed products have been successfully utilized by more than 1000 enterprise-level users.
  • Halley Han
    Chief Architect
    - Master of Automation, China Agricultural University - Expert at virtualization and cloud computing, Linux kernel engineer and expert at open source technology - Expert at distributed virtual computing security delivery and audio and video algorithms, serving clients including the United States Department of Defense, Federal Ministry of Defence (Germany), the Turkish Navy, Citibank, etc.Co-founder & CTO of Beijing Aner Kechuang Information Technology Co., Ltd.;LINUX LEADER&ARCHITECT of Wyse Technology LLC - Chief System Architect of ISoft Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd. - Established an enterprise-level desktop cloud company and leading the technical architecture and product development
  • Kevin Wang
    Chief Marketing
    - Deputy Manager, CSS Department, Taiyuan Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. - Alibaba B2B Business Unit for the sale of the Iron Army - Midea's domestic marketing company e-commerce business division (Jingdong & Tmall) - Yumi Network National Operations Director - COO of New Foods Division of New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. - Xinyuan China's Beijing Love Relay Technology Development Co., Ltd. Operation VP - Co-founder and COO of Beijing Xiaolu Express Consulting Co., Ltd. - Chain Smart Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Operation VP


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  • 1
    Community Version
    - Complete closed beta test and release a community version. - Users may register their own computing power devices and use a small number of verified applications.
  • 2
    Commercial Version
    Release commercial versions V2, V3, and V4 in accordance with the number of users (in the order of 10,000, 100,000, 500,000 users). After the computing-power resource pool reaches a commercial level, the involved industries and application scenarios will be further enriched, and computing-power resource contributors will obtain more revenue. At the same time, with the further maturation of the platform and increase in trading volumes, trading income will be generated.
  • 3
    Ecological Version
    As platform contributors and users grow in number, the Uranus project will become increasingly prominent. During this phase, a comprehensive ecological strategy will be launched that enables more industries and collaborators to participate in application creation and contribution, engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with the Uranus ecosystem.


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The Uranus system is a decentralized-computing, power-sharing platform based on blockchain technology and cloud native/microservice. It establishes a new intelligent computing-power resource-delivery system as well as value-exchange system. The core technology of the Uranus system lies in the extension of its public blockchain and the distributed-container technology.



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