Whisky Token

Crypto currency
End date:
01/06/2019, 02:59 AM
326 383 USD
Brief information
Get money
25 000 000 EUR
1 WHY = 0.80 EUR
28 100 000 WHY
Start date
1 Dec 2018
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  • Ian Scarffe
    ICO Advisor
    Ian Scarffe is a leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.
  • Nikolay Shkilev
    ICO Advisor
    Nikolay Shkilev has proved to be a crypto enthusiast and ICO mentor. He is rated as one of the Top 5 individuals demonstrating knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology.
  • Vladimir Nikitin
    ICO Advisor
    Vladimir Nikitin is a world-class professional and legal consultant with more than ten years’ experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries.
  • Timo Trippler
    Investor relations
    Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background.
  • Rouven Wiegard
    Rouven Wiegard is founder of the blockchain start-up chainbrain and also co-founder and Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Smavoo. Moreover he was managing director of Hannover Center of Finance e.V.
  • Moritz Stumpf
    Moritz Stumpf is an experienced IT specialist and the founder of BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS GmbH.
  • Sebastian Thelen
    Investor relations
    Sebastian Thelen has more than a decade of experience in data analysis and the start-up scene and is co-founder and CSO / CDO of BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS GmbH.
  • Stefan Winheller
    Legal / Tax
    Stefan Winheller is a german tax laws expert. He was the CEO of American Friends of Germany, Inc. and currently, he is advising the IOTA Foundation.
  • Veronica Amago
    Whisky advisor
    Experienced in strategic business development & luxury goods and, she has been involved in the spirits sector for over 15 years, working for global companies such as Beam Suntory and Whyte and Mackay, where she currently heads up the Greater Europe business
  • Johannes Moosbrugger
    Johannes Moosbrugger started to deal with the associated whisky market in 2015.
  • Ralph L. Warth
    Ralph L. Warth is the author of the book „Liquid Gold – Investing successfully in whisky“.


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  • Till H. Niebuhr
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Lasse Balzer
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Tobias Germer
    Chief Information Officer
  • Lawrence Nowak
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Alexander Schink
    Chief Analytics Officer
  • Hendrik Muntjan
    Digital Marketing Expert
  • Edgar Grüner
    Digital Marketing Expert
  • 1
    Website, Whitepaper, Token Development
    - Website Design update. - Whitepaper final Version. - Testing the Blockchain-code.
  • 2
    Pre-Sale, Portfolio Strategy, Token Security Audit
    - WHY pre-sale. - Functionality guaranteed by an independent test centre.
  • 3
    Token Public ICO, Portfolio Development
    - After completion: distribution of bonus tokens. - Purchase and development of the high-end whiskey portfolio.
  • 4
    Exchange Listing, Portfolio Management, Community
    - Partnership with wallet providers to offer WHY. - Active management to ensure the highest value. - Involvement of the community in strategic portfolio decisions.


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WHISKY TOKEN (WHY) stands for a disruptive new possibility in the crypto currency market due to the combination of High-End Whisky and Blockchain technology. WHY is a german based token, which lets everyone participate in the lucrative crypto market with minimal risk and effort through a high-end whisky portfolio as security.



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