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11/02/2019, 02:59 AM
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14 Jan 2019
Ethereum, Bitcoin
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  • Daithí Gearóid Ó Murchú
    International Consultant and Advisor in Education, Business and Technology
    Despite the high development of information technology, until now there have not been really reliable tools to verify the use of the author's work without permission. And the idea of Brain Space is a good opportunity to protect the object of your creativity from abuses, not only for professionals, but also for “amateurs”.
  • Chen Si Yuan
    Financial Advisor, Securities trader
    The time has come when the strongest teams remained in the ICO and Blockchain market. Technologies develop and do not allow experts and developers to stagnate.
  • Zoltan Istvan
    Transhumanist, Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur
    The potential of Blockchain is only beginning to unfold, but there are already hundreds of projects in the world using this technology. The loudest and most successful projects are still ahead. And I am sure that BRAIN SPACE will be one of them.
  • Renato P. Dos Santos
    Co-Owner & CEO
    The technology of Blockchain is relatively new, but with its proper use, you can solve real problems facing the business. Convenience and reliability make this technology potentially interesting and profitable. The “Brain Space” platform will be a good example of implementing Blockchain in everyday life.
  • Joppe Sikma
    COO / CFO of Crypto Rating Desk
    Blockchain is the most promising technology of all. It is modern and transparent, it helps the participants in transactions to see “the whole inside story” and correctly build up business processes. Projects based on Blockhain-technology is not just a tribute to trends. This is a tangible future, and "Brain Space" try to show it in full!
  • Qusai M Sharef
    ICO Advisor & Expert / Member of the Board of Directors & Advisors (IDACB)
    "Blockchain is like a scientific discovery. Technology, which will always be confirmed by the study, development and implementation. In common words - evolution. "Brain Space" is a project being developed in the course of this evolution with global perspectives on the 1st place. The number of its benefits to the user allows you to create a reliable ecosystem for talented people on the planet.
  • Ivan Kadochnikov
    The development of technologies imposes increased requirements for the protection of copyright on the content. Here and now it is proposed to solve a large complex of problems through blockchain technology, the use of smart contracts and data decentralization.
  • Anatoly Alekseev
    Intellectual property protection is a complex process that requires a lot of time and effort from scientists, inventors, musicians, writers, etc. The BrainSpace platform, offering proof of authorship for a particular intellectual property product, is unique in its functional purpose.
  • Alexander Repnitsky
    An expert on licensing
    The need for licensing and imposition of ownership rights to intellectual property is one of the most pressing issues today, contributing to the proper regulation of the relationship between property owners and the commercial sector. I am sure that in the near future, we will implement a project that can completely change the course of the history of the "market of talents and owners of creations."
  • Carlo Buonpane
    ICO Advisor & Expert | Blockchain Consultant | Crypto Investor | Digital Evangelist
    Blockchain provides a unique opportunity for countries to make a huge economic step into the future. This technology will be able to turn the idea of the reliability and transparency of transactions, and I am glad that I am among those who see how this story is born, among the team of the project Brain Space.
  • Quentin Herbrecht
    CEO & Co-fondateur, ABC Company | IMMO | Top 100 Expert ICObench | Manager france Golden Currency
    There is a certain category of professions, such as photographers and musicians, which most often faces the problem of copyright enforcement. To help people of such creative professions realize and defend their ideas, this project “BRAIN SPACE” was created!
  • Savio Gomez
    Entrepreneur and an independent active Advisor / Consultant to organisations, a VC, an incubator, #12 on ICOBench
    The idea of the project "Brain Space" makes it possible to most clearly and efficiently solve most of the problems associated with modern creativity and the violation of the rights of authors. We are moving in the right direction.


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Team: 18

  • Shcherbakov Evgeniy
  • Storozhilov Anton
  • Vorobyev Vladimir
  • Yurchenko Kirill
  • Sokolkina Olga
  • Adam Ibrahim
    Backend Senior Developer
  • Shirokov Igor
    Frontend Middle Developer
  • Rak Maxim
    Frontend Middle Developer
  • Smetanin Igor
    Frontend Junior Developer
  • Sotikov Valery
    Backend Junior Developer
  • Vorotilkin Dmitry
    Software Middle Developer
  • Gareev Timur
    DevOps Engineer
  • Dyugaev Maxim
    WEB-Designer, 3D creative designer
  • Tokmantseva Darya
    WEB-Designer, Illustrator
  • Dimitriev Denis
    PR Manager (Bounty, ICO)
  • Italiev Oleg
    SMM, Administrator, PR Manager (Bounty, ICO)
  • Kudryavtseva Alena
    Office Manager, PR Manager (Bounty, ICO)
  • Neklyudova Anna
    Designer, illustrator


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  • 1
    - Data collection and analysis. - Consultations with lawyers. - Expansion of the team for project implementation. - The beginning of work on the development of the concept and mechanics of the project.
  • 2
    - Self-financing. - Imperivm Change Prototyping. - Prototyping "Brain Space". - Collection of data analytics, online surveys. - Study of competitive services implemented without the involvement of technology Blockchain. - Developing LightPaper.
  • 3
    - Self-financing. - Preparation of an advertising campaign, design. - Development of PR strategy. - Completion of working prototype creation. - Study of competitive services implemented without the involvement of technology Blockchain. - Developing WhitePaper. - Development of reporting documentation.
  • 4
    - Preparation of an advertising campaign, design. - Organization of personal meetings with potential investors. - Preparation of data for publications at ICO sites. - Branding. - Developing WhitePaper. - Preparation of publications in the mass media.
  • 5
    - Start Bounty.
  • 6
    - Starting the ICO. - Registration in the project, limited functionality and testing with users. - Location of headquarters in Estonia. - Online product presentations to the online community. - Development of technical documentation for the development of data center. - Conclusion of partnerships with media resources, IP banks and products.
  • 7
    - Conclusion of partner relations with the countries participants of IP registrations.
  • 8
    - Completion of ICO and summing-up.
  • 9
    - The launch of a neural network integrated into the network of partners
  • 10
    - Official product release.
  • 11
    - Running the datacenter.


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“The creation of an infrastructure that will become a strong foundation for the intellectual property market in the world, as well as reduce the process of identifying and developing the potential of authors to the level of access to the international arena at times”. Brain Space team works to solve this task, because without the accessible, convenient and understandable procedures for registration and recording of the results of intellectual activity, and without the necessary and understandable tool it is difficult to imagine the achievement of the goal indicated in the strategies of a multitude of institutions scientifically technological development of the cultural sphere.


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