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End date:
15/02/2020, 12:00 AM
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Get money
40 000 000 EUR
240 000 000 ORBS
Start date
15 Dec 2018
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  • Giovanni Casagrande
    Marketing Advisor & Growth Hacker
    Giovanni is notable blockchain industry figurehead, growth hacker and he is a co-Founder of Black Marketing Guru, a digital marketing and advertising startup based in Rimini, Italy
  • Giacomo Arcaro
    Marketing Advisor & Growth Hacker
    Giacomo is IcoBench Expert, co-founder of Black Marketing Guru, one of the most important European Growth Hackers featured on the Financial Times, IlSole24Ore and Los Angeles Times
  • Sanem Avcil
    Marketing / Media & Communications Advisor
    Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the emerging technology industry. Skilled in development holds patents. Sanem has enormous worldwide connections. Very well known influencer on Crypto, Ar and VR.


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  • Mihail Tudoroiu
    CEO & Founder
    Gaining lots of experience and skills, working over 9 years as an entrepreneur in the fields of Blockchain, Banking, Marketing, Management, Distribution and IT, Mihail desires to change the world bringing new visionary technologies in the Financial Sector.
  • Orsika Vitos
    Operation Director & Project Manager
    Being a passionate and hard working person, Orsolya Vitos has shown her experience and skills taking part in projects at FU International Academy Tenerife and SEOintheSUN as Project Manager, Digital Marketing Trainer and Social Media Specialist.
  • Marcel Arsenault
    Business Consultant
    Marcel Arsenault wears many hats with over 17 years’ experience in IT, Information Management and 18 years’ experience as a public school and community college educator
  • Brenda A-Chieng'
    Business Strategy Consultant
    Founder & CEO at Forbes & Henry Consultancy. Brenda has gained experience and skills, working as a Business Consultant in the field of Financial Technology (FinTech)
  • Ronnie Lekond
    Project Manager
    Ronnie is the Founder and CEO of Lekond & Co., an investment and advisory firm focused on Technology, Renewable Energy, AI, and Blockchain based startups.
  • Alexandru Zamfirescu
    Web Developer
    A self-taught IT developer, Alex is creating unique websites, software packages and apps since the age of 13 for Banks, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, MU game community and Bloggers.
  • Brian Zermeno
    Blockchain Developer
    Brian is a Blockchain developer with more than 3 years experience. Specialist in utility and security token smart contract development on Ethereum platform,working with Solidity, Web3.js, Truffle framework, Parity and various tools including Metamask, Remix, Mist, etc.
  • Ujjwal Sahay
    Blockchain Developer
    Ujjwal is a blockchain enthusiats and developer, CEO of software development company CodeZuke Incorpotations in India. Being backed by over 100 employees Ujjwal is an important contributor to many blockchain exchanges and projects.
  • Jaume Casas
    Design, Multimedia & Creativity
    Co-founder at Lovemos Creative, Jaume is a visionary designer and creator of fantastic publicity projects. A great reliable web designer, and developer for more than 500 popular international corporations.
  • Marina Arjona
    Design, Multimedia & Creativity
    Co-founder at Lovemos Creative, Marina is a specialist in video/animation creation and web design. A visionary that has grown the popularity of more than 500 companies worldwide.
  • Alexander Ionescu
    Blockchain Developer
    One of our lead blockchain developers, Alexander an IT specialist and blockchain enthusiast, has over 6 years of experience in blockchain and smart-contract development. Being part of more than 10 successful ICO projects.
  • Anton Rusnov
    Integration and Security & Web Developer
    Anton is a self-taught front-end developer and computer hacker, working in an introverted way only at night like the Orbis Owl. He is part of a white-hat hacker community maintaining security for more than 20 financial companies worldwide.
  • Eduard Joseph
    Support Manager
    An MBA technology specialized graduate, Eduard has over 4 years of experience in coordinating the IT department at GE company and a great set of skills in creating technical solutions for many domains.
  • Cataleen Johnnson
    Financial Director
    Having 7 years experience in finance, working for 2 different banks and other companies as a financial consultant, accountant and advisor, Cataleens experience can grow any business from scratch.
  • Shanshann Inocencio
    Community Manager
    Shanshann is an experienced community manager for many cryptocurrency projects. An open minded person that can handle many channels at once, solve problems, answer questions and forward them to the team. Being a specialist in customer service, Shanshann does a great job in quick decision taking and solving problems.
  • Grace Isidro
    Community Manager
    Grace is a reliable community manager, that is advertising and supporting Orbis Project, one of many blockchain projects that she is involved in. The customer and project support are important jobs to handle, Grace being backed by many social skills.


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    Start of ORBIS Project
  • 2
    Project design and team development
  • 3
    Successful Orbis blockchain platform testing
  • 4
    ICO and marketing project complete
  • 5
    Orbis Wallet available for Purchase, Exchange and Transfer of coins
  • 6
    Pre-STO start
  • 7
    Pre-STO finish
  • 8
    STO start
  • 9
    STO finish
  • 10
    Stage B Funding start
  • 11
    Release of Orbis Mobile app and debit card
  • 12
    Listing and trading ORBS and ORBSi coins on most of big exchanges
  • 13
    Release of Orbis Debit card to customers
  • 14
    Presenting Orbis Invest
  • 15
    Presenting the Orbis Branches project (self-service cash dispensing machines VR customer service)
  • 16
    Stage B Funding finish
  • 17
    Orbis franchising released to public
  • 18
    Presenting Orbis philanthropic projects


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ORBIS has been built using a unique blockchain solution, with two coins available to users that allow them to withdraw, transfer, spend, and invest fiat money or cryptocurrencies with no fees, no wait times, and no middle man. With mobile app, desktop software, debit card, and eventually in-person branch options, ORBIS represents a truly all-encompassing transaction solution. Our team is solving all the banking and cryptocurrency problems, developing the first price-stable cryptocurrency, ORBS – utility coin.



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