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  • Roger Ver
    Founder & CEO
    Roger Ver is most well known for his work promoting Bitcoin. For this he even received the nickname \"Bitcoin-Jesus\". In 2011, his company,, became the first mainstream company to start accepting Bitcoin as payment. He then went on to create, the first website in the world to accept Bitcoin as payment for hundreds of thousands of items, and was the impetus for the future wave of merchant adoption.
  • Mate Tokay
    Currently, together with Roger Ver, Mate Tokay manages the top source in the world of Bitcoin - He is also a Co-Founder of one of the leading Bitcoin news and review website called Bitcoinist. Moreover, Mate is a former wakeboard world champion. Being a COO, Mate focuses on a larger vision and communicating that vision to others while staying on top of the major trends in the industry. His goal and passion is to make cryptocurrencies as popular as possible.
  • Giovanni Lesna Maranetto
    Giovanni is a blockchain strategist, entrepreneur, speaker and ICO specialist. His background is in traditional finance, international business and trading systems. He spent his years in mutual fund sales before moving to implement tactical and strategic solutions for financial institutions. He gained exposure to crypto through trading and seeing the potential of blockchain technology. Giovanni is an evangelist for blockchain technology and its value adding use-cases and sees the next wave of disruptive mass adoption technology emerging from the blockchain start-up scene. He is a top 30 ICOBench Advisor and brings a fresh yet critical perspective to the team.
  • Stefan Bergstrom
    Business Strategic Advisor
    Experienced blockchain advisor, private angel investor, serial entrepreneur based in Sweden. Invested in 18+ tech start-ups mainly focusing on Privacy by design principles, GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation - and compliance.
  • Mickey Choi
    CEO and founder at Mickey Global Business
    Mickey Choi is a prominent representative of the Korean private investor community. He has 11 years of financial experience. He has been presenting his experience as a small shareholder in various business fields since 2007. Today Mickey Choi is a prominent business angel and an early investor in ICO and STO. He is an experienced market and financial analyst and also a successful manager. Mickey Choi is a recognized consultant and expert both in practical use of business technologies in blockchain and in practical use of blockchain technologies in business. He was involved in a number of successful Fintech start-ups and he participated as a business development and blockchain advisor.
  • Max Selyuk
    CEO at
    10 years in internet marketing, brand-building, PR, investing and developing complex internet projects. Plays an active role in developing projects linked to the cryptocurrency market.


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  • Max Zmitrovich
    Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
    Maksim Zmitrovich is a highly skilled marketing senior executive with a successful background and proven track record in International and Domestic business development. His latest projects include participation and directing business development of projects around the world, to include cryptocurrency exchange, International trading companies Veles Limited, Poliphone SIA, largest UK estate agency Connells, manufacturing company EELL, Rivera.
  • Prof. Alex Siow
    Enterprise Risk Manager
    Alex has a fundamental 38-year experience in the sphere of Strategic Planning and IT. He was at the forefront of the IT sphere development and thanks to almost 4 decades of successful work in leading corporations he has become a living legend of the Asian business community. Alex was honoured to be appointed as the Secretary General of the South East Asian Computer Confederation. Today he is a Professor (Practice) in the National University of Singapore.
  • Lam Riki Pham
    Head of Strategic Planning
    Lam is a highly experienced leader in financial industry with over 10 years’ experience specializing in start-ups, maximizing sales growth and distribution expansion. Moreover, he partners with various turnkey agencies and investors in many blockchain projects. Lam graduated with a Masters degree from Leeds University (UK). He has been working with the State Bank of Vietnam as a Government Officer for Strategy planning for the banking industry. This gave him the experience necessary to understand the bigger picture of Macroeconomics.
  • Andy Yeo
    Blockchain Lawyer, AML-specialist
    For more than 20 years, he has specialised in financial investigations and is a top expert in the area of securities and banking regulatory compliance. He has a wide experience in consulting in the sphere of international law, anti-corruption (FCPA & UKBA), corporate governance, risk management. An authoritative analytical portal, Global Investigations Review, featured him as one of the leading AML experts. He works with a wide range of premium clients, including international financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds and listed companies. Andy’s longterm experience and professionalism have been fully realized in the sphere of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. At the current moment, he is a recognized advisor in the issues of fintech regulation and cryptocurrency
  • Joachim Arthur Sorgho
    Development (Project Manager)
    Significant experience in software development and team management of IT professionals in the field of Fintech and Internet industry. Has a good understanding of strategies applied to Agile and Scrum project management.
  • Dmitry Gursky
    Chief Business Development Officer
    Alexander is an experienced manager and analytics in the sphere of integrated content strategy development according to marketing and business purposes of projects.. Economic and technical background as well as deep understanding of peculiarities of fintech and blockchain online services enables him to build an impeccable strategy that corresponds to relevant demands of the target audience even in the constantly changing crypto environment. Alexander has gained rich experience in interviewing top experts and crypto specialists which allows him not only to be the first one to react to key information trends but also to create info trends himself
  • Alex Moroz
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Alex has 6 years of experience in marketing and development of communication strategies. Since then he has evolved from an internet marketing specialist to a director of his own advertising agency and a private marketing consultant. Thanks to such a diverse experience, Alex has an understanding of all marketing processes at different stages: from web analytics to the development of an advertising campaign media plan. In 2017, he became a private marketing advisor on blockchain projects and ICOs. Alex developed his own exclusive methodology for ensuring an effective promotion system, which he has successfully applied in several Fintech startups. He is one of the leading European analysts in the sphere of global blockchain project research.
  • Yulia Gushchina
    Business Development and Investor Relations
    Yulia has 7 years of diverse experience in business development, communication management, and investor relations. In 2015 she started to work as a Strategic Development Manager and a Pre-sales Manager at Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd. Being a qualified specialist in international and diplomatic relations Yulia was responsible for building new communication with top level businesses and State local Government customers. She possesses such highly demanded skills as marketing concepts creation, sales strategies planning, organization and holding negotiations with top level businesses.
  • Azam Khodzhaev
    Chief Communications Officer
    An active speaker and communicator in the blockchain sphere. One of the first people in Eastern Europe to start mining cryptocurrencies and sell mining farms
  • Nikolae Kukuta
    Director of the Partner Department
    Excellent familiarity with the trends of technology and marketing in the blockbuster sphere and financial markets, including the forex market. He believes that the Crypto-currency market is just beginning its rapid growth.


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    Payment Institution license obtained in European Union.
  • 2
    - Whitepaper beta publication. - Azbit announcement at Consensus 2018 conference in New York.
  • 3
    - Strategic Partnership with Bitcoin Cash announced. - Roger Ver, founder of, joined Azbit Advisory Board.
  • 4
    Azbit IEO campaigns.
  • 5
    - AZ token listing on major exchanges. - Azbit.lD secure identification platform launch. - Azbit Exchange platform launch.
  • 6
    AZ.Wallet launch.
  • 7
    - Electronic Payments and Banking service launch. - Traditional financial markets (Forex, Stocks) trading platform launch.
  • 8
    Algorithmic trading and algo market support announcement.
  • 9
    Azbit Blockchain Mainnet launch.
  • 10
    - Launch of the European traditional bank. - Start of fiat payment processing and acquiring services.


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All financial instruments with all kinds of assets in one platform. The main objectives of the project are to meet the needs of cryptocurrency projects and users for traditional financial sector services, and to provide access to investment products and to the crypto trading markets.


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