Gigzi (GZB)

End date:
01/01/2019, 03:00 AM
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24 000 000 USD
1 GZB = 0.0025 ETH
1 000 000 000 GZB
Start date
23 Nov 2018
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  • Dr. Daehoon Kim
    CEO & Founder of IriTech, leader in Biometric Industry
    Experts in Iris Identification for application in Mobile Device, IoT and Blockchain.
  • Mr. Buyngho Choi
    CFO & Founder of IriTech
    CPA in Arthur Andersen and Deloitte in 1982-2000. Securities & Exchange Commission in Korea.
  • Mr. James Brookfield
    Senior Project Manager at Costain, a technology-based engineering solutions provider
    Specialising in complex project delivery.
  • Dr. Nuha Brookfield
    Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurology at University College London
    Clinician and research scientist.
  • Jonathan Fianu
    EMEA Director at PredictX
    Providing cutting edge Machine Learning solutions to global companies including UBS, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, adidas, AIG, and The Carlyle Group.
  • William Bryant
    Director of Global Platform Solutions at American Express
    Delivering products into the hands of millions of AMEX users and merchants worldwide, with a deep specialism in developing and scaling solutions.
  • Eleftherios Jerry Floros
    Entrepreneur, advisor, author, speaker and influencer. CEO and founder of MoneyDrome Edge Ltd.
    BBN Times - Crypto & Blockchain guru - featured author on all things Crypto, Blockchain, ICO and FinTech
  • Savio Gomez
    Entrepreneur and top rated ICO advisor
    Specialist in VC, an incubator / accelerator, lending houses, exchanges, a market maker and more in the Fintech - Blockchain / AI space.


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Team: 12

  • Fahad Shiltagh
    Operations Director
  • Artyom Polyakoff
    Technology Director
  • Sergiy Zhemeytsev
    Blockchain Engineer
  • Vadim Kovalenko
    Frontend Developer
  • Slava Gornostal
    Software Architect
  • Adrian Drãgulescu
    Web Administrator
  • Zeljko Nemet
    Business Analyst
  • Roman Van
    Product Manager
  • Nick Belskykh
    Product Manager
  • Lera Konstantinova
    Brand Leader
  • Vlad Gavriluk
    Creative Director
  • El Asmar
    Founder & CEO
  • 1
    The idea and the team
    From the realisation of what distributed ledger technology can do and a great passion for decentralisation, Gigzi was born and the team was assembled.
  • 2
    Research and feasibility
    Analysing market conditions and assessing the feasibility of launching a commercially viable solution using distributed ledger technology.
  • 3
    System architecture design
    The initial system architecture was drafted and validated.
  • 4
    Smart contract development, application design & legal structuring, Gigzi S.A. company registration
    - The Smart Contract is developed incorporating the rules and regulations of the systems including fees, values and other important functions. - The outline design of the applications is completed. - Gigzi registered in Belize as an International business.
  • 5
    Iritech partnership signed, Smart contract audit by Ethereum Development community
    - Partnership signed between Gigzi and IriTech to develop biometric security for blockchain applications. - Security audit completed, following which the findings amd key points of feedback were incorporated into the solution.
  • 6
    Smart contract deployment and Crowd Sale
    Gigzi website goes live, followed by deployment of the Smart Contract and the crowd sale.
  • 7
    Beta testing and launch of treasury and wallet applications including Biometric security
    - Launch of the Treasury application enabling the purchase and redeeming of Gigzi Metal. - Launch of the Wallet application including 1st generation Gigzi Iris biometric security options.
  • 8
    Beta testing and launch of exchange Application, merchant tools and gigzi Gold card
    - Launch of the Exchange application enabling crypto to crypto exchange, and fiat money exchanges through a global network of local partners. - Point of sale software and multi-currency payment processing solutions for merchants. - Gigzi debit card enabling users to make payments to merchants on existing point of sale infrastructure.
  • 9
    2nd generation biometric security
    Release of 2nd generation Gigzi Iris biometric security device. Compact size, premium casing, superior features and built with an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).


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Gigzi is a financial system that addresses three principal challenges of cryptocurrency: hyper-volatility, account vulnerability and wealth diminishment. By harnessing the relative constancy of precious metals, Gigzi protects users against the unpredictability of market fluctuations. Introducing a reliable standard of measure, enabling commerce in tokenised precious metals.


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