ROMAD Endpoint Defence

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27/12/2018, 02:59 AM
5 000 000 USD
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13 500 000 USDT
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30 000 000 000 RBDT
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20 Aug 2018
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  • Richard Wang
    Partner at Draper Dragon Fund
  • Arthur Cheong
    Founder at Chaintech Ventures
  • Wu Yuanwen
    Co-founder and executive director of Jingtum Technology
  • Ryan Ma
    Jingtum and HonChain Technology Co-founder
  • Ismail Malik
  • Kirill Kazakov
  • Denis Dovgopoliy
  • Mr. Thomas Ng
    CEO of Blockchain Link Limited
  • Keda Che
  • Xiaoming Cheng
    Chief Economic Advisor


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Team: 44

  • Yevgen Melnyk
    CEO, Co-founder
  • Sergey Loshak
    CFO, Co-founder
  • Volodymyr Hrytsan
    CTO, Co-founder
  • Igor Zhukov
    CEO of ROMAD Security Holding Ltd.
  • Henry Gresthone
    COO of ROMAD Security Holding Ltd.
  • Francois Zhang
    CSO of ROMAD Security Holding Ltd.
  • Igor Kozachenko
  • Evgeny Tumoyan
    Senior researcher and manager
  • Elena Lusta
    Integration manager
  • Anatolii Sviridenkov
    Senior developer and manager
  • Dmitriy Rusin
    Senior researcher and manager
  • Vitalii Yeremenko
    Senior developer and manager
  • Andrii Ovcharenko
    Blockchain development manager
  • Nataliia Protsiv
    Head of Legal Department
  • Alexander Artemenko
    BDM Ukrainian office
  • Nadezhda Vasylieva
    Member of the supervisory board.
  • Andrii Yurchenko
    Country manager Malaysia
  • Illia Salata
    Sales lead Malaysia
  • Sergei Gerasimenko
    Bounty manager
  • Taras Rudenko
    System administrator; support manager
  • Aleksey Pavlov
    Senior developer for python back-end for XENs; ROMAD server back-end
  • Oleksii Duvanov
    Senior developer for ROMAD server front-end
  • Tigran Apozyan
    Senior AI developer (math apparatus)
  • Andrei Sydiuk
    Senior AI developer (math apparatus)
  • Alexander Sirenko
    System administrator
  • Anton Kurnosov
    System administrator
  • Aleksey Oleynikov
    Server maintenance
  • Mykhaylo Lyhyrda
    XEN factory maintenance
  • Svyatoslav Kolyada
    Junior QA
  • Gleb Lamm
    Senior system call interception platform developer
  • Yurii Zilinskyi
    Senior system call interception platform developer
  • Vitalii Siruk
    Senior QA
  • Leonid Sanopulos
    Intermediate QA
  • Ruslan Tsventarniy
    Senior Genetic sequences developer
  • Sergey Matushenko
    Intermediate Genetic sequences developer
  • Oleg Kalinin
    Intermediate Genetic sequences developer
  • Vitalii Liakhovyi
    Intermediate QA
  • Andrei Ivlev
    Senior developer, digital forensics division
  • Vadzim Liashenka
    Senior developer, digital forensics division
  • Ruslan Bogdan
    Senior developer, digital forensics division
  • Viacheslav Lukianov
    Senior QA
  • Andrei Chabina
    L1 support engineer
  • Viktor Dzobak
    L1 support engineer
  • Katya Semenova
    Country manager Ukraine


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  • 1
    - Morpher obfuscating compiler R&D. - Starting to develop the code obfuscation project: program code protection to prevent its illegal use.
  • 2
    - System call processing apparatus R&D. - Starting to develop a platform for analyzing system calls to identify the ones having a malicious potential. Identifying the system calls groups with the help of bioinformatics algorithms.
  • 3
    - ROMAD Analyzer memory digital forensic tool. - IT digital expertise software development: determining the presence of anomalies on the device left by malware.
  • 4
    - Starting to develop ROMAD EDR, the next generation antivirus for B2B market. - Starting to patent the idea.
  • 5
    - Testing ROMAD EDR and its functionality, confirming its effectiveness. - Profitable sale of the Morpher product.
  • 6
    - ROMAD is the winner at the SharkTank Cupertino competition. - Getting the status of "Key innovator up to 2021" based on the M&M research results.
  • 7
    - ROMAD is the winner at the SharkTank San Francisco competition. - Getting the certificate from The State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. - Obtaining a patent in the USA. - ROMAD EDR B2B release. - Starting B2B sales.
  • 8
    - ROMAD Endpoint Defense beta version release. It is the next generation antivirus, the result of 7 years company's research and development. - Beta supports top-50 malware families.
  • 9
    - ROMAD Endpoint Defense beta 60-days trial version. - Beta supports top-50 malware families.
  • 10
    - Secure ROMAD Cryptowallet based on the lightweight sandbox with the active protection for Windows. - ROMAD Cryptowallet and own ROMAD blockchain implementation based on a hybrid PoA/PoR-consensus on GitHub. - ROMAD Endpoint Defense integrates with the blockchain, supports top-250 malware families. - Investor’s cabinet for mobile platforms. - Tokenomics and the smart-contract for the revenue distribution on GitHub. - Start AirDrop campaign in China. - Cybersecurity conferences and meetups in China. - Chinese speaking support center. - An information exchange agreement with the Chinese CERT.
  • 11
    - Lightweight ML-classifiers to combat 0-day malware families. - Secure ROMAD Cryptowallet on Android. - Start AirDrop campaign in Kuwait and UAE. - Start selling ROMAD Cryptowallet in China. - Cybersecurity conferences in Kuwait and UAE. - Cybersecurity meetups in Kuwait. - Independent testing by SKD Labs, China. - Arabiс speaking support center. - An information exchange agreement with the Kuwait CERT.
  • 12
    - Heavyweight ML-classifiers and the BigData processing in the cloud. - Secure ROMAD Cryptowallet on iOS. - Stage II - the foundation for the smart-contract based data exchange. - Start AirDrop campaign in EU. - Cybersecurity meetups in EU. - Independent testing by some USA/EU providers. - An information exchange agreement with the EU CERTs.
  • 13
    ROMAD Endpoint Defense on Android.
  • 14
    Stage III - the foundation for the active data exchange.


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ROMAD Endpoint Defense Technology - The Frontier Antivirus. ROMAD Endpoint Defense fights malware families, not the individual strains. Thanks to the unique patented approach ROMAD is able to combat the malware “DNA”. ROMAD Endpoint Defense processes billions of the system calls in real time. It builds up the behavioral profiles of every program running on the PC. ROMAD Endpoint Defense compares the behavioral profiles of the programs with its Malware GenomeTM database. The database contains the malware families descriptions.


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