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10 Sep 2018
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  • Jeremy Khoo
    E-Commerce & Retail Expert
    Jeremy Khoo is an international business operator, founder and blockchain entrepreneur who has successfully exited 3 venture funded companies. He is currently Group CEO of iFashion - a leading regional retail enabler and conglomerate.
  • Jane Thomason
    Advisory Board Member
    Experienced CEO and thought leader in the applications of blockchain technology for social impact. She is a frequent commentator and blogger on blockchain and social impact and conference speaker globally.
  • John Wellman
    Bleep Plc, Group CEO
    John is the founder and group CEO of Bleep UK Plc established in 1981.
  • Naviin Kapoor
    Blockchain Advisor
    Naviin Kapoor is a blockchain consultant and a business transformation leader with more than eleven and half years of experience in project management and business analysis.
  • Paresh Masani
    Platform Vision & Strategy
    Paresh is a Gold Medalist in Masters Degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious university in India, National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
  • Nicolo Stewen
    Media Partner, CEO of
    Nicolo has been a crypto-enthusiast since early 2014 and is the CEO and Founder of, a leading cryptocurrency and blockchain news website with a focus on international politics and the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.
  • Srinivas Anala
    Founder of Bloqwise
    Before becoming a true believer in Decentralised technology, Srinivas has a combined 10 Years of experience working for Industry Leading FinTech companies.
  • Kunjan Parmar
    Legal advisor


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  • Krutesh Shah
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Krutesh is qualified and experienced Business Analyst worked with investment banks like BNP Paribas and Barclays where he was specialised in developing and aligning business models, managing people and projects and developing new products.
  • Carlo Pascoli
    Co-Founder & CTO
    MSc in Computer Engineering, Carlo has been building software solutions and leading software engineering teams in world class companies like Shazam, IG and Thomson Reuters.
  • Dev Shah
    Dev has a Finance Degree from Kingston Business School. He is an experienced ex-management consultant having worked at Deloitte, TSC, Compaq, and J.P.Morgan.
  • Manan Jobanputra
    Lead Blockchain Developer
  • Roman Golovay
    Blockchain Developer
  • Dimpy Ladva
    Senior Mobile Developer
  • Jainesh Mehta
    Platform Developer
  • Sagar Jobanputra
    Web Designer/Developer
  • Stephen AO
    Lead Designer
  • Ami Shah
    Senior QA Analyst


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  • 1
    Araw Idea Born.
  • 2
    • Prototype Araw Platform. • Using Virtual Points without Blockchain.
  • 3
    Araw UK Ltd Company headquartered in the London, UK.
  • 4
    Araw Mobile Apps Launched in the UK Apple Store & Google Playstore.
  • 5
    • Improved Digital Loyalty & Marketing Solution. • Released customer Insight Dashboard.
  • 6
    Deals and Offers Implemented Paypal & Stripe Payment Gateways Integrated in Mobile Apps.
  • 7
    Araw Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain - MVP development.
  • 8
    • Araw Smart Contract & Contract ликвидности. • Platform Security Audit. • Whitelisting & Airdrop.
  • 9
    • The ARAW Token ICO Private & Public Sale. • E-commerce Marketplace. • Unified Reward System. • Peer-to-Peer Transfer.
  • 10
    • Araw Mobile Wallet. • Banking system integration. • Crypto Exchanges Integration.
  • 11
    • Open API Platform. • Araw Pay.
  • 12
    • Release Araw Platform in the UK. • Araw Card Licensing Process.
  • 13
    • European Expansion. • Araw Card - Touch & Pay Mobile Solution.
  • 14
    USA Expansion.
  • 15
    Asia Expansion.


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ARAW is a new decentralized platform for making payments in e-commerce via cryptocurrencies. It will have solutions for selling goods online, issuing a “Touch and Pay” card, which will be similar to a bank card, but using cryptocurrency, as well as on the platform will be a single remuneration system that is supported by the blockchain ethereum.


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