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07/12/2018, 12:00 PM
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40 000 000 USD
1 VGW = 0.000714 ETH
100 000 000 VGW
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17 Sep 2018
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  • Shawn Murphy
    Operations advisor
    30+ years of project management. Operations professional skilled in Point of Sale and Financial Management, Systems Integration, and Cybersecurity
  • Jennifer Verge
    Communications Advisor
    With 15+ years of experience Jennifer specializes in communications management and executive public relations
  • Alae Khalil
    ICO & Marketing analyst
    With 16+ years as a Solution and Production Expert Alae brings experienced technology management to VegaWallet.
  • Thomas George
    ICO consultant
    Operations Manager at Antier Solutions. Thomas brings the knowledge of successfuly operating ICO’s to VegaWallet
  • Vikram Singh
    ICO consultant
    Founder & CEO of Antier Solutions. His experience with blockchain technology and ICO’s helps VegaWallet during fundraising and production.
  • Saoussen Sarraj
    Financial Advisor
    Saoussen has the financial experience VegaWallet needs for implementing our secure platform into traditional financial services
  • Fred Cecere MD
    Healthcare advisor
    A physician with more than 40+ years of experience. Fred participates in process redesign in commercial and Federal healthcare settings
  • Brenda Waiter
    Legal advisor
    Co-Founder of Ascella Health and Experienced Business Counsel. Demonstrated history of working in the pharmacy benefit managment industry
  • Dhouha Sarraj
    Legal advisor
    Exemplifies a strong background in international business law. Dhouha helps VegaWallet stay ahead of our legal obligations


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Team: 13

  • Tarek Hajri
    Founder, CEO
    A highly experienced Operations Executive who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries
  • Jacob Ballou
    Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer
    Jacob’s major talents involve the communication of ideals through speech and tastefully designed graphic marketing
  • Dea Belazi
    Board Member, Lead business advisor
    Dea currently serves as President and CEO for AscellaHealth in the greater Phiadelphia area
  • Bill Oldham
    Board Member, Lead business advisor
    With experience bringing fintech to the PBM space and building two $100m companies from scratch
  • Nizar Awledomara
    Backend Security Developer
    An experienced full stack developer with a Master’s Degree in Science. Will help VegaWallet stay ahead of malicious attacks.
  • Amine Chehaider
    Security Architecture
    More than 14+ years of managing advanced systems and security architecture. Amine s pecilializes in server security development.
  • Mahaman Sani
    Security Architecture
    PhD in Advanced Artifical Intelligence Systems and experience implementing state-of-the-art KYC and technical solutions.
  • Radhouani Mejdi
    Developer / Designer
    A prolific web developer and content manager with advanced knowledge of Angular and other design languages.
  • Maher Sakka
    Director of Engineering
    11+ years of advanced systems creation in everything from website to mobile applications.Specializes in optimizing user interface platforms.
  • Hamdi Bntiba
    Developer / Tester
    Hamdi has experience as a back-end developer with specializations in Node.js , RoR, and SQL implementation.
  • Ian Bowman
    Digital Marketing Expert
    Ian expertly creates new content to spread brand awareness across several social platforms. 5+ years of Production Management.
  • Issam Osman
    Customer Service Manager
    Issam has 11+ years as General Manager of Optima North America and provides only the highest level of customer rapport.
  • Jacqueline Foust
    Creative Assistant
    Jacqueline assists our creative team by performing market research and completing tasks for our creative team


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  • 1
    • Ideation of VegaWallet Platform. • Create Business Plan. • Secure and Fund Development Team. • Start Talent Acquistion.
  • 2
    • Development of Phase One Begins. • Secure Angel Investors. • Establish VGW Blockchain Using ERC-20. • Debug and Test Platform Before Launch.
  • 3
    • VegaWallet Goes Live, Exchange and Wallet Available for Download. • Begin Initial Coin Offering. • List VGW On Several Exchanges. • Development of Phase Two Begins.
  • 4
    • Add More Coins to VegaWallet Through the “List-a-Coin” Program. • Development of Hardware Leasing Begins. • Secure Partnership for Credit Processing and Mobile Pay.
  • 5
    • Start Testing Process for VegaWallet Point of Sale and Security Updates. • Beta Test Partners. • Secure Initial Clients for Real World Application of POS System. • Continue To List More Coins and Tokens.
  • 6
    • Hardware Leasing Begins for VegaWallet. • Launch of VegaWallet’s Point of Sale System. • Release of VegaPay Features Allowing Users to Pay With Cryptocurrency Anytime and Anywhere.


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VegaWallet Platform - Our Wallet, Exchange and VegaPay provide a complete and secure solution to streamline a customer’s crypto journey. No other company offers a solution to identified problems as thor- ough and all encompassing as VegaWallet does. VegaWallet integrates the latest security technology and focuses on maintaining a clean user interface.


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